3 Most Essential Clothing Items

1) The Gross Jeans

The jean is man’s best friend. It is the piece that accompanies him everywhere through time and seasons.

A nice jeans can dress up an outfit or add a casual touch to a stricter dress.

3 Most Essential Clothing Items

The problem is that most men do not know how to choose a good jean. Just take a look in the streets to see too shapeless jeans washout too pronounced.

PAP mainstream shops offer only very rarely well cut jeans with a nice solid canvas.

How to Choose:

There must be between € 100 and € 150 for having a beautiful basic jeans with raw canvas. The ultimate in fabric remains the Japanese denim that you can find in Renhsen eg canvas mounted on old machines qu’utilisait Levis.

Opt for raw canvas (color = “dark blue”, natural).

It is best to wash out yourself.

The ultra light blue faded jeans should be avoided.

Better a good farm jeans at the beginning and work his fading naturally.

A tip when trying jeans: it is to your size if you are little tight in the buttocks and waist. If you have a little trouble putting your hands in your pockets, do not worry this is quite normal. Jeans will take a half-size or a size working. So you have to buy tight. After two weeks of port, it will perfectly fit your waist. Do not forget that the jeans must “break”. It must become wrinkled due to its length. Jeans can be worn that way, it’s not a suit pants.

The editing becomes necessary if the jeans are too long and it forms an accordion around your legs. Count € 100 for a decent jeans and € 250 for a premium Japanese denim fabric. Choose simple cuts: low waist and straight or slightly right fittée (narrow at the ankles).

To avoid :

  • jeans washout too strong
  • too skinny jeans
  • back pockets too large and showy
  • investing a crazy amount in one room

2) A Beautiful Black Pants

Often badly worn, black pants can be a centerpiece of your look. You must choose a size with not too high, it takes you though the crotch and good mold your buttocks. The legs should be rather slim, especially not too loose.

You can take the mat, although there are black trousers extremely beautiful and elegant waxed. Denim or cotton, the key is the shape and depth of black.

This black pants will marry perfectly with your white shirt, but with most of your clothes because the black pants are very versatile: it is easy to wear clothing with style and different colors.

3) The Costume

Any self-respecting man should own at least one suit in his wardrobe. It may make use of during important times or to go to work.

You can find costumes quite honorable for € 500. This is the kind of suit that goes everywhere will do if you do not have enough budget to buy you more and beautiful.

We often recognize a man of taste in his dress and in his own way to wear it.Just go to the La Defense district in Paris to see that 90% of men wear suits low-end or too large. It is displayed his ignorance and lack of good taste …

How to Choose:

The first pitfall will be purchasing a suit too.

Look at the picture: observe the shoulders and fell of the jacket (the sleeves are to resume).

Whatever happens you will still tinkering with the purchase of a suit. The hem of the legs, sleeves and possibly bending will be adjustments to make, unless you’re built like a supermodel.

For your first suit, choose the simplicity in terms of color: black or anthracite gray.

Choose a suit with a button or two, beyond that is too traditional and informs.

The other side should not be too thick and tie the same width as the back to meet the aesthetics of costume.

When you close your jacket, button only the first button is a basic rule of elegance. Unbutton your jacket when sitting.

Regarding prices, you find beautiful costumes for € 500 at Melinda Gloss, € 600 for the line to thunderous Dandy Parisien in the Saint Germain in Paris and € 700 at Paul Smith. All with fine materials, delicate cuts.

To avoid :

  • buy a suit in general as ready to wear Hugo Boss
  • buy a suit with a light colored sand, white, ecru ….
  • buy a three buttons

The Final Word

Here, we have listed and presented the clothes in which you invest in priority to build a strong and durable look. It’s worth putting a few euros more, because you will keep these clothes long as they do not go out of style, and quality you will enjoy it longer.