Nokia Unveils Upcoming “Lumia Denim” Camera Update

At the IFA fair shown Nokia and Microsoft new phones, but also new software updates, which gives more features.

Nokia showed off Lumia 830 on today’s IFA trade fair, as well as new Chargers and Mira cast receivers. But Nokia also unveiled the next update for Windows Phone operating system.

The update will especially benefit Nokia Lumia 930 and 1520 users who get update first. The update should come in Q4 2014, and roughly the same time to persons who acquire a Lumia 830.

People with popular Nokia’er as 925, 1020 and the like must, however, wait. Whether or when “Lumia Denim” update coming, remains to be seen, but it is clear that it will be either close to Christmas, or a time in the new year. The various models must first be tested internally by Nokia, and afterwards by telecommunications companies.

This update is clearly focused on the camera part and it is not by chance that Nokia calls the Denim. It should be easy and quick to shoot pictures as a Gunslinger who draws his pistol from his jeans.

Nokia shares the new update up in four bites

Speed: Nokia Camera app has been overhauled to improve the startup time of the app, såp you after 1.5 seconds is ready to take pictures. The speed of how fast you can take pictures of each other, also gets an overhaul. Nokia says that the new app will have the opportunity to take several pictures, with only some millisekender in between each picture.

High definition: With Torque Capture function can be with a long press on the camera button to start 4 k recording at 24 frames per second (930 and Lumia 1530 only). Each image is with 8.3 megapixels, which should allow that one can always pull images out of a movie and use as normal still images.

User interface: “Rich Capture” is a new feature that simplifies capture images and allows for auto HDR and dynamic flash. Rich Capture should be seen as an auto function, which does not need to be adjusted so much, but just take a lot of pictures, and then you can edit the images afterwards. This is in sharp contrast to the last software update, which Nokia provided an opportunity for a wide range of advanced options such as photo enthusiasts can dive in and really geek out.

Quality: high-kvalitetsbileder get the shot in low light with the latest image-algorithms.

Nokia has for a long time been focusing at the camera in their phones, and with Lumia Denim, get photo enthusiasts now faster camera startup, multiple and simple functions, but also improved low-lighting images.


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