Nokia and Microsoft Presented the New Accessory During IFA

Nokia and Microsoft showed new wireless charger and Mira cast receives under the IFA fair in Berlin.

Nokia and Microsoft showed off both a Lima, 830/30 and a new software update. But to get all the way around, missing just a little accessories. However, Nokia will not disappoint, so they have also launched a new barns and a Mira cast receiver, as we look a little closer at here.

The charger says something as sexy as DT-903 and replaces the current wireless charger which came as Nokia Lumia 920 was showcased for exactly 2 years ago.

The wireless ladeteknologi has, however, evolved, and therefore will Nokia move with the times. In august showed Qi, which stands for the development, to the next generation of wireless charging is now even better with Qi 1.2. Qi 1.2, of course, is also the base for Its new wireless charger.

Qi 1.2 comes with a number of improvements that you can read ovenfør, but it is primarily ladeafstanden, which has grown from 7 mm to all 45 mm if both devices have Qi 1.2.
Do you have a Lumia 920, you will still get the benefit of a new loader, since ladeafstanden is about 30 mm, so anything better than the current 7 mm.

Nokia DT-903 also comes with NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. You connect your Windows Phone with plate and so will the Chargers led tell you when you should leave. At 30% battery on your phone, will the led will blink slowly, as if the breathing, to signal that you should consider letting your mobile.

The price is € 59, approximately 450 Danish crowns, but whether it is with tax and VAT, remains to be seen. It comes on the market in October.

Do you have a Nexus 5 or similar with Wireless charging, so you can also use the Nokia DT-903 and benefit from 300 mm ladeafstand.


Connect your phone to your TV with Mira cast

Microsoft, which, as we know, the owner of Nokia, has for some time been playing with a feature called Mira cast. It is roughly speaking a function which means that the content you have on your smartphone, you can stream to your computer or TV.

With Microsoft’s “Screen Sharing HD-10”, you can with a single tap on an NFC record, send photos, videos and songs to your TV from your Windows Phone.

HD-10 consists of a remote bar NFC record, and a base unit that send content to your TV. In other words, you can have the plate lying around the NFC on the base, or on her living room table, so that more people can connect and share your holiday experiences with pictures and video.

However, not only shows pictures cast Mira, but can also be used for Office presentations, internet browsing and gaming, so there is ample opportunity to all types of users can use the Mira cast and HD-10.

Since Microsoft does not only have Windows Phone in mind, so can other Mira cast units also use the HD-10. So Android devices with 4.2 and up have the opportunity to use the Mira cast. However, it is typically only top models such as HTC One (both M7 and M8), Nexus 4, S3, S4 and S5 Samsung Galaxy which has gotten Mira cast.

Sony, however, is also at Mira cast-cart and you have a Xperia Z, ZL, T or V, so supports the official Mira cast.

A number of Windows computers and tablets have also Mira cast support, so there is ample opportunity to share content to big screens.

Mira cast uses Wi-Fi Direct, and therefore can stream 1080 p and 5.1 surround sound.

The price of the HD-10 is € 79, so 600 bucks, but excluding VAT and taxes.

Are the accessories from Microsoft and Nokia, which you can use?

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