Samsung: Screen Change for a Plow Man

Should the incident be out, there is help to be had in Samsung’s Service points.

It must be said that Samsung pipes on it in the past, being the products or teasers. Now create the attention through their newly opened Service Points at amagertorv by Stork fountain.

If you do not intend to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is expected to be presented tomorrow, but just have been unlucky with your current Samsung phone, is there help to download.

On Samsung Danish Facebook page advertised that as for a screen change to puny 500.0-crowns – a service that can easily cost double or triple.

It is, however, for a limited period of time to the 5. September, and as the image indicate it as long as stocks last, so hurry to renew your cell if necessary.

Applies to Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5 and Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3. If you can not reach it, you can always visit our new repair service page, to find the cheapest workshop for you and your situation.

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