Motorola Moto Hint-Wireless in-Ear Headset

Motorola has unveiled the Moto Hint-a mini Bluetooth headset that is placed inside the ear.

If you would like to look like an agent, or one of the actionfigurerne from the Person Of Interest or Intelligence, so Motorola has maybe a must-have gadget.

Motorola has unveiled the Moto Hint, there is a mini bluetooth headset that is placed in the ear, and listen to your commands.

Moto Hint can be paired with Moto X, and the user can then, without lifting a finger, asking questions like: “How is the weather today?” and “How do I get home?”, after which the answer will be given directly in the ear.

Moto Hint is, according to Motorola designed to be discreet, but completely invisible is not.

There is, however, thought about the details, as the pouch in which Moto Hint will be stored. The pouch is designed as a kind of power bank where there is enough power for two genopladninger. It provides up to 100 hours of standby or 10 hours of speech.

In addition, turn headset even when taken out of its case and placed in the ear-no worries about whether the device is on or off. When That is taken out of your ear off it again, so saving on power

Moto Hint connects via Bluetooth, and therefore it can be used for all smartphones, as long as they have the ability to use bluetooth.

The new headset Moto Hint, according to Motorola’s website gets a price on 149.99 $ (860 dollars)-whether or not it comes to sale in Denmark we do not know yet.

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