LG G Watch R-the First Impression [Web]

G Watch R is the world’s first round of Android Wear watch. The combination of traditional design and modern smartwatch clock system appeals, but lacks the last finish.

Google’s newly developed operating system for wearables trickles slowly forward on a number of devices. LG’s G Watch R merges the advanced operating system with a classic timepiece design with round slice, and as the first one, a round display.

As soon as it tightens clockwise on the wrist, it is clear that LG is not a watchmaker. Design elements such as the classic round dial with analog pointers is otherwise in place-the feel is just not good enough: the clock is moulded in plastic rather than metal.

FIX: the front is made of stainless steel with PVD coating.

Forget material choice for a while, the Agency otherwise comfortably in both size and weight. A replaceable leather strap completes the impression of the classic men’s watch. Display on 1.3 inch suitably large to give room for both information and a wide range of different clock types from classical to modern LED-chronograph imitation.

A waterproof exterior, down to a meters depth, and a built-in heart rate monitor provides the necessary robustness and Watch G functionality for sports and active lifestyle.

The other features are shared with its predecessor LG G Watch, but meet a new set of challenges when they square off in a short notifications must be crammed around the display. In some cases the text and the image will be cut off, and shows that Wear-developers ever need to customize some content to the round format.


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