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Excellent Action with Recording Camera

The cameras action or action cameras

they have become indispensable for all those who are considered action sports lover. Especially if the view includes landscapes and perspectives of those who take the hiccups. Continue reading

Showers For Bathrooms, A Good Choice

Always we talk about the need to win meters in the interiors of our homes and the need to save meters using our decorations only the necessary elements. And in the bathroom there is an element with which we can win many meters: the shower. Continue reading

From 55 Hours to 218 Days: These Are Lightning Marriages of Celebrities

Moving from the “Yes, I want” to the “No, did not want to” is not so rare nowadays. But there are celebrities that not only to mark the records in number of divorces, also change your mind and return to their partners as who returns some pants that has been bought in the sales. Continue reading

My Perfect Boyfriend Is a Mixture of Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and JustEat

I always try to have a number of responses to my modern life easier but I never remember and I just improvising badly. I guess I’m not the only one that when asked ‘how is your ideal guy?’ only miss to say NORMAL. And we were so wide. As if that were an acceptable answer! Immediately after is usually hear a «buf… ‘ as if were asking for an ice cream flavored Unicorn newborn. Continue reading

The Tattoos of Brad Pit Have Firm and Cost a Lot of Money. Meet The Artist

Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, Mickey Rourke, Angelina Jolie… What do say you those names? Obvious, are a respected Group of actors. And if the equation adding names of the show as Lana del Rey, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and season it’s personalities as Lapo Elkann, Nicole Richie and Fearne Cotton? If we beat the mixture well we will get the reputed and envidada Mark Mahoney portfolio, the most respected tattoo artist from the face of the Earth. Continue reading

Fishing Until The Last Moment

We had organized with my cousin: Santiago Vazquez, a fishing trip for Sunday, April 2, but see the Outlook decided to change it to on Saturday since the rain was going to be much more weak…

Once we enter at the entrance to Paranacito we did approximately 13 kilometres and there bend in a dirt road. We got to stay where we left the car (previous days gave us permission to enter) and then walk over 3 km until you reach the stream that we choose. Continue reading

Tray Size XXL

I desperately needed a big, square tray. And in addition to a particular size. Right of an open napkin, like this, I’ve got thanks to my dear friend Coral, Coral cornerblog, that brought it me no more and no less than Portugal. Continue reading

Top Green Lingerie, White Skirt and Beige Boots

Hi! How are you? I hope it’s phenomenal! I am still amazed because I see from afar without glasses or contact lenses! Amazing! Continue reading

Plus Size Fashion Weekend

Bogota.-the “Plus Size Fashion Weekend” is a fashion fair in the style of the traditional gateways and presence of brands, but with an inclusive vision, it was born with the idea to promote the industry of large sizes for those eternally marked by suffering overweight in Colombia. Continue reading

Vintage Fashion Through Its Concept And Functionality

by: Miroslava Landeros

Alexia Ulibarri is fashion through its concept and functionality. After forming as a designer at The London College of Fashion, Marangoni and some courses at Central Saint Martins, he returned to Mexico in 2008 looking for generating a brand with which to identify itself to today’s woman. Continue reading

10 Basic Tips to Illuminate Your Home

Did you know that light can do to make your home look more attractive and better decorated? Not only lighting is important to perform your daily tasks, also is the basis to make your home look incredible.

Follow these 10 tips to have a light that really lights up your home! Continue reading

Women’s Ties

Of course. The tendency to masculinize the figure and the aspect of the woman is more present than ever. At Madrid Fashion Week we saw how many of the proposals revolved towards the masculine style, where oversized garments like pants were a constant. Continue reading

Electronic Cigarettes: The First Step That Is Recommended in The United Kingdom to Leave It for Ever

It’s a shocking news, the truth is that until now we only had some encouraging reports associated with electronic cigarettes, but the prestigious Royal College of Physicians of United Kingdom has published the recommendation that the smokers choose better for them than traditional cigarettes If they seek release of nicotine addiction. Continue reading