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The Video of UNICEF Which Will Put You Hair Stand on End (And If You Have More Daughters)

Sometimes, the reality can be very misleading. And more terrifying than any novel of fiction you can read. The video that has made the United Nations Children’s Fund is entitled “looks like a fairytale wedding, except for a small detail” and is carried out in collaboration with Bridal Musings, one of the most influential blogs about weddings. And you anticipate that nothing romantic in it there is. Continue reading

Performed The First Transplant of Uterus in USA, a Step Important to Solve Problems of Infertility (Update)

A woman in Texas (USA) has undergone successfully to the first transplant of uterus in your country, an experimental operation in hopes to get pregnant someday. It is an exciting first step to solve the problem of infertility for thousands of women. Attention: this news has been updated. Continue reading

No Return to Have The Rule, Is Possible? and Healthy?

More or less all women have had or have one relationship a bit complicated with our menstruation. In some cases, directly, the relationship is of Supreme hate (and mutual). Intense pain, swelling, discomfort, Moody, abundant flow. Each one know which of these gifts we carry. Some lucky ones, none; others, all together. And, I say, is it really inevitable? Continue reading

How to Stand Up in a Good Mood in The Morning (And Studies That The Show)

It seems that the grunts, yawns and our dear friends the crust are exclusive heritage of morning. It should be an iron will to jump out of bed, especially now that you’ve just seen a Penguin going through your bedroom and part of your body has been on strike of fallen members. But We have some ideas to make the thing not so, so, so up the Hill and you get up better than ever. Continue reading

Permit of Menstruation? a Company Announces That Is What Will Give Your Employees

It is the first company in the United Kingdom that It has taken into account the physical and psychic state of their workers During her menses and has created a special permission exclusive for those days. Continue reading

The Best Remedy against Depression? Sweat Gorda

A new scientific study, published in Journal of Neuroscience, he has found that high intensity exercise may be super also for make mental fitness and most importantly, a good solution to get rid of depression. Continue reading