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DNA Groove Clothing

Now for the fall when other designers are betting on the gray and gloomy colors make DNA Groove exactly the opposite. With an obvious wink to the 60 ‘smodsera and a color spectrum as wide as imaginatively, none allowed to be charmed by the brand’s playfulness. Behind the design for the Swedish market, says the Italian Alessandro Detassis, who runs the shop Igor the Dog in Gothenburg. Homayra case with DNA Groove is to put a little more color on the Swedes and have had their clothes worn by, among other things. drummer in the Soundtrack of Our Lives and Sebastian.

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The Needle Fishing – Complete Manual and Fishing Equipment

Today at PescaCosmar we teach you the fishing of Needle, a very particular species that represents great moments of fun for the novice fishermen, and a perfect specimen to use as bait of great predators to troll. Here you will find basic tips and small tricks to ensure the successful capture of elusive needles, as well as information on the species and the best fishing equipment to catch them. Continue reading

The Perfect Tea Party

Today I want to tell you the story of a perfect tea party. Yes and where stories begin normally? Right at the beginning. Continue reading

Law Requiring Bicycles in Public Places in Brasilia

The law has been in effect for five months now. They made the bicycle lanes but did not provide bike stands or supports to store the bicycle. Continue reading

Formal Womens Pant Suits

Especially in today’s business world women or women want to seriously be taken than ever. A simple and effective support while providing the correct choice of clothing. E twa the pantsuit. This leaves a wife in no time to Lady are and helps compared to male clothing habits to a equivalent dress. A dress often looks to read for iv and casual. In a business environment can be a big impression with the garment “pantsuit ladies” made ​​and influenced such important decisions and projects are moved.

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Android M: First Update For Developer Preview

The developer preview 2 improved details of the new permissions management and fixes some bugs. It is available for some nexus devices. At the same time, Google confirmed to lie in the schedule and in the autumn to release Android M.

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23 Jewels Inspired by Harry Potter You Want

You’re a fan of Harry Potter and you’re tired of the jewels and trinkets sold around common? How about be inspired and get their own pieces inspired by the most exciting ever released to date? Continue reading

Keep an Eye on Nail Polish Trends Spring/Summer

It’s always like that, come this time, we were elated to find out what happened in the major catwalks around the world, the trend that will turn at the next station, between what has been seen in past parades. From clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, make-up and, of course, our beloved glazes, they won’t be out! Continue reading

Lyrics As Featured in an Apartment of 50 M ²

I don’t know about you, but to me every day I like most of the letters in the decorating. Large print to put in some strategic place home, loose or bundled together. In the apartment of today lyrics are the highlight. Continue reading

All about Sepia Fishing from Shore and Watercraft

Welcome one more day to PescaCosmar, today we are very excited to present our report today, as we will talk about the fun fishing of Sepias, we will teach them to capture them from a boat or directly on the coast. Continue reading

How to Sleep Well in the Summer: Tips

Many love the summer no matter what. The heat is an invitation to spend some time on the beach, Club, Villa and is still prone to do outdoor festivals. But, not everything is cause for celebration. Because of the warm weather too much, some people can’t sleep. For this group that has difficulties to rest at night, especially in summer, broke up some tips. Continue reading

Backpack 30 Sprint: the Forgotten Jewel

It is August 31, waning moon. It sounds the alarm when still has not left the Sun. Light breakfast and I head to the living room.Last night I left everything ready, so I grabbed my backpack and I’m going to the car, heading to the Pyrenees. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Touch 5-In The Hands-On

The new Bill is chic and elegant than its predecessor, also it gets the fast S6 series hardware. Note Writer and traveling artist be be there angry, that comes the Samsung Galaxy-note 5 not to Germany for the time being.

At a press event in New York, note 5 has unveiled its new high Phablet Galaxy Samsung. Pen fans will be disappointed: not only has the note 5 – the new design guidelines from Samsung next-a MicroSD slot, nor a spare battery. In Germany, you will not even get the note’s successor. Samsung wants to focus in this country on the edge series, which was very popular in Europe, it says. heise online has looked at, if you missed something.

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Commenting – Salve Jorge

I haven’t a code here on the blog. Continue reading

Trip and Rain Combine?…

When we drove certainly the last thing we want is a rainy day, dark, which we can’t even walk right on the street, or hitting good shots, right? Well, let’s just say the best is that it is a beautiful day of sunshine, but rain on our travels was never an obstacle to ride and enjoy. I decided to write here on the blog a few basic tips on how to enjoy your trip when St. Peter doesn’t cooperate. Continue reading

Recipe: Thai Fish & Thai Curry with Fish

Looking For Something Spicy From Asia? Our Thai Fish Curry Is Spiced With Fresh Ginger And Red Hot Peppers.

Fresh ingredients and exotic spices – the Asian cuisine is exceptionally popular for a good reason.” Our Schlemmertüte” has given us a recipe for Thai fish curry that fulfills all these requirements. Here fresh ginger meets creamy coconut milk, coriander on lime leaves and red peppers on refreshing lemongrass. Continue reading

Housewife without Mysteries: Tips for the Thermos

I don’t know if you’ve thought about it, but knew the thermos has his tricks?

Well, I don’t know, but the thermos must always be filled to be able to handle the heat. I mean, you think about having a beautiful bottle and great for use when the family grow, if only you drink coffee! Do coffee and let the bottle will let it cold…or is it better to make enough coffee, but here comes the weight of the waste. Continue reading

Openwork Leggings and Heat Wave

After light for hot weather leggings, to the Blog to pantyhose, one turned squarely to the leggings openwork! Continue reading

Learn Yoga: But How?

Although there are many different styles of yoga with different focuses, asanas(physical exercises), pranayama(breathing techniques) and relaxation exercises play a role. Whether as sun, cobra or tree-the asanas are kept for a certain time, for example several breaths long, or as a dynamic series of movements synchronized with the breathing rhythm.
Yogastags end with a final meditation, in which one goes on a mental journey through the body, directs attention to images or thoughts, repeats a sequence of movements or concentrates entirely on the breath. Continue reading

Office Apps: Microsoft Released Final Version For Android Smartphones

End of January, Microsoft launched its Office apps for Android tablets. As of today, there is also a final version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint app for Android smartphones.

In his Office blog, Microsoft has announced the availability of the final version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android smartphones. The release of Android versions of familiar Office programs took place in

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Collection Summer Capodarte

Capodarte-Collection Spring/Summer 2014

In times of releases of new collections, came the time of Capodarte announce what are your news for next season. The new collection of the brand come inspired by the beauty and sophistication of Italian jewelry, a luxury for your feet this summer.Check out: Continue reading

Modern Classics in a Wedding Dresses Collection

The autumn collection of Julie Vino is a real eye-catcher every year, but even at the “Roma” collection last season, the talented designer really amazed me. But now the young Israeli woman has put one in the eye for style again. Continue reading

Handmade Ties from E.G. Cappelli

The tie has been conspicuous by his absence for a while here at the Manolo. So we felt that it was time to do something about. Therefore we thought today tell us more about a hidden gem from Naples in southern Italy in the form of E.G. Cappelli. A firm that produces some of the world’s finest neckties in the small Studio on Via Cavallerizza 37. Continue reading

A Charming Girl Room with Touches of Color

I haven’t shared a transformation, and today I got one that is perfect since it’s very inspiring. First, because it is a small space, very similar to what we mortals have in house. Second, because it was made with simple changes and creative solutions, low cost (i.e., what we all want). Third, the result is incredible. Continue reading