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Ask Manolo: Stylish Palestine-Wrap?

MARITIME PARADE – FOLLOW THE SUN || 43ª MODALISBOA – LEGACYPlease Manolo! Can you help me? Continue reading

Meet Filip, the Intelligent Watch Specially Made for Criançasconheça

Filip, the Intelligent watch specially made for children

Filip is a smart watch with visual and features made precisely for the children’s audience. The gadget is a more suitable option for children, compared to the most advanced Galaxy Gear or Sony Smart Watch. With the novelty, parents can even monitor their child’s activities in a very efficient way. Continue reading

How to Make Your Eyebrows Perfect for the Big Day

Every woman wants to reach the pinnacle of her beauty on her wedding day. Rightly so, this is a great day, one of the most special days of your life. In addition, all the attention will be focused on. You really need to look beautiful.

For this, many brides invest in diets and aesthetic treatments, take care of hair and nails and choose the most beautiful dress they can find. Continue reading

Queen of Mangueira Displays in Bikinis and Speaks of ‘Rival’

Renata Santos showed off some bikinis from her collection in an exclusive rehearsal for EGO. The queen of drums at Estação Primeiro de Mangueira, which two months after the carnival is intensifying her workout routine and body care, showed that she is in great shape for the summer and left those who passed by the beach of the Reserve, in the West Zone of Rio, where he photographed for the EGO, his chin dropped with his curves. Continue reading

Huawei Is Also Working on a Smartwatch

According to Huaweis Director will have a Huawei Android Wear device on the market next year as is nicer than Samsung Gear S.

Huawei took its first steps in the market for wearables in years with their combined fitness tracker and bluetooth headset called TalkBand B1, but the company is certainly not finished with the product category.

Director Richard Yu has told Engadget that Huawei is preparing for a launch of a device with Android Wear next year. Much more they could not pull out of him, but he said that it would be both “innovative and beautiful”.

Yu would not out with whether it is a square or round the clock, but was, however, slipped into that it’s going to be nicer than the newly launched Samsung Gear S, and when he compares with just Gear S, we can speculate on whether or not there is also a clock that does not necessarily have to be paired with a phone to call.

No Net! Curious Sim Lock on the Iphone 6 Plus

So a new iPhone 6 is already great. I thought to myself. Until I sat insane in the train and the SIM card suddenly with a short message on the display is useless. Is the unexpected SIM lock in the iPhone 6 Plus a curious individual case? Continue reading

Dress by Claudia Abreu – Vintage Dresses

Check Out ClÁUdia Abreu’s Dress Options And Get Inspired For Your Next Party! Continue reading

Mouthwatering Cheese Bread Maker

Is there anything hotter and more practical than cheesecake?And preparing several versions of this recipe so dear is easier than you think

Few foods are so dear that they reach almost unanimity.And cheese bread comes easy on this list.This typical Brazilian recipe comes from the state of Minas Gerais, which left the whole world with mouth water and shared this easy and very delicious snack. Continue reading

Ask Manolo: Shorts and Shoes

Summer approaching by leaps and bounds (if there will be no summer in this weather u-land). I have begun to reflect a bit on what to take for shorts in summer without looking like a jock or a teenage wannabe-surfers in knee-length bermudas. How do they really do when you want to combine the shorts and shoes while keeping some sort of rating? Manolita had a post about summer shoes but it was ultimately the most about what shoes to wear to the costume, and on holiday weeks, I hope that there will be some kostymfria weeks…
With kind regards
Jonas Continue reading

[iWatch] Apple Hires the Sales Director of TAG Heuer

A long time ago is speculating that Apple is working on a smart watch, talk about it here in iPadDicas at various times, the last time was exactly one week when we told you how the company had hired Alex Hsieh, an expert on dress up accessories. Continue reading

Magic Motto Wedding Cards with Forest Fairy and Elves

Holla die Waldfee: Mademoiselle Fée takes us today to an intimate and in front of us humans actually hidden marriage in the heart of a fairy forest. With magical decoration, seductive sweets and a romantic atmosphere that is not quite of this world.

When a forest fairy marries a forest elf, a very special spell resonates.
Be there when the fairy Liloé and the Elf Finleón give the yes-word. Continue reading

Samsung Gets Help in the Patent Dispute with Apple

About the patent war between Samsung and Apple is in fact already much, if not everything has been said. Time wins the one, sometimes the other. But how things are developing now is really interesting, and we do not want to deprive you of any way. Continue reading

HTC Dropper Smartwatch Plans

HTC has previously been linked with a smartwatch, but rumors are reported now that they have dropped the plans, among other things due to the economy.

All self-respecting companies must have a smartwatch on the shelves, how it works at least if you look around on the market these days. Apple apparently working on a watch, Motorola has just launched theirMoto 360, LG has G and R Watch, Samsung has even more.

HTC has also been rumored to have a smartwatch in the pipeline, but according to reports from Pocket-Lint’s plans, now dropped at least temporarily. HTC has been associated with Qualcomm’s Mirasol display as used in their Toq smartwatch which are very energy efficient and has a incredibly nice picture in sunlight. Continue reading

Inspirations from Masculine Looks for João Rock

Hey guys, all right with you guys? Week closing with the golden key here, huh! Do you remember when I posted HERE on the blog some Masculine Looks for Lollapalooza 2017 ? This type of post was so well accepted by you that I decided to bring some Inspirations of Masculine Looks to João Rock 2017 today , so know more? Continue reading

Wedding Gown Dresses Garment- Models, Buy, Price

Where to Buy, Price and Models of Bridesmaid Dresses

The dress of a maid of honor can not be fair, transparent, have a light color or too strong not to dazzle the glow of the bride’s dress. But it also has to have charm and elegance, of course. Continue reading

How to Make a Toy with an Egg Box

Patcamargo and I are we with life so that even stopped to celebrate the birthday of 2 years of Tempojunto. One of the main reasons to celebrate is the fact that our children are growing up (increasingly beautiful!) and we can closely monitor this growth. They have grown so much that now I start doing with Gabi play the Patcamargo recommended me when we started the project and their children had the age Gabi has now. You know what’s best: everything works! Today I will show how to make a toy with an egg box, one of these tips from Pat. Continue reading

Fashion Executive, a Fashion within Fashion

When it comes to executive fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the clothes we wear to work or to advise a company that is usually large or more formal. Continue reading

Champion Watches Jelly Bracelets

The Champion is one of the most famous brands of watches in the world, present in several countries the brand makes success wherever he goes and could not be different here in Brazil. Innovation is one of the strengths of the Champion, so the company has just launched the line of your Champion watches jelly bracelets accompanying all this wave of clothes and colorful visuals rescued the years 80, follow follow our information and be sure to be in fashion with another accessory to compose your look. Continue reading

How to Get a Softer Lips and Seductive

Soft lips and seductive are a sought-after and attractive physical trait both in men as in women. Some nice lips give us greater confidence and more reasons to smile.

But are not always easy to get and some essential care are needed to let them well hydrated and beautiful. If you want to end up with lips parched and makes them more tender and seductive, then check out our upcoming beauty tips . Continue reading

Trend Bags Advertised

Remember that time that the maxibolsas had priority in the hour of the purchase of a  new bag? They have long been preferred to fit everything in and a little more, but, things change and one of the changes seen in parades, and soon in the windows of several stores, are the size of these accessories . Continue reading

Motorola’s New Lineup Followed by an Extra Promo Video

Get a look behind the façade on the setup that should be made to shoot the four promo videos of the new Motorola launches.

Now we have seen the promo videos for the four new products presented by Motorola, as the phones Moto X and Moto G, agency Moto 360 and the headset Moto Hint, this new video is also about a minute long and is presented under a tagline that reads “Choose Choice”.

It provides some small insight into the genesis of the other four videos behind the scene as well as part of the construction work necessary to create the scenes that were used. The course also contains links to the other videos at the end if you should not have seen them.

Models of Espadrilles

The alpargata, is a unisex footwear that can be of cloth or canvas and rubber sole or rope. Its origin date of Spain and France and was exclusively used by employees. In the Decade of 80 emerged as a trend but soon got sideways, back again around the year 2010 with new collections and many models. Continue reading

Vintage Dresses

29 December 2015 interview & film tip “Legend” just a few of the cliches, which many in the “swinging sixties” think the mods and pop, hippies and the sexual revolution, mini-skirts and psychedelic patterns-which are. But the image that we have today of the revolutionary 1960s, is only one side of the Decade, sometimes only a small, revolutionary aspect, which defined the aesthetics of the time. Also the London of the sixties had a dark side: it shows the film “Legend” dealing with the Kray brothers (both brothers played by Tom Hardy), who were the rulers of organized crime in East London in the 1960s. We have spoken with costume designer of Caroline Harris on dress codes in nightclubs, coveted vintage fabrics and wide and narrow suit shapes Continue reading

Hair Roll Is a Great Toy for Baby

And one more Thursday in which I (Oh, I’m Patcamargo) bring activities and games for babies. If you arrived here by this post, every fifteen days, always on Thursdays, has new activities for babies between 0 and 24 months here. But you can register for free to our Newsletter and receive weekly e-mail with our games, so there’s no way to forget! Continue reading