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Motorola Confirms Officially The X Phone under The Name Moto X

Interesting headlines that are leaving us the D11 Conference organized by All Things Digital. If Tim Cook was previously that revealed us some news in the short term by Apple, in yesterday’s sitting Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola Mobility, it was commissioned to tell us a little more his company plans. And care, because it confirms something important: the Motorola X Phone exists, it will be called Moto X and this summer will be launched into the market. Continue reading

Baby Carriage – The Best Choices

It’s not always easy to choose which stroller to buy, is not it? In this post you can take some doubts to not miss the time to choose the cart that will accompany your little one over the years. Check it!

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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact out: Small and Awake Water Dog

However pure to Sony’s popular Z1 Compact skips a generation over and need to be replaced now by Z3. Everything is now upgraded-except for the size.

Sony’s brave little Warrior, Z1 Compact, has arrived at the top of the mobile page’s monthly top 10, only surpassed by the popular iPhone 5s and Samsung S5.The sequel, Xperia Z3, must now do the art after joining the same high quality in a pocket-friendly exterior.

The first, most obvious improvement is to be found in the screen which grows with 0.3 inch up to 4.6 inches.An increase which, however, does not mean that the fixation target is broken. Z3 Compact can, as the name suggests, ever squeeze into the tightest pockets, and is extremely easy to operate with one hand.  Continue reading

Motorola X Phone, What Moves Across The Network

What Motorola you have to get more phones is something logical, you need to update the catalog, and that’s going to do under the strict supervision of Google, also is somewhat expected. We have quite some time speculating on how will be those phones, and it seems necessary that there must be something different in them so that they seek the attention of a too-competitive market. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z3 Launched: Sony Refines Z-Flagship

Fourth Edition of Z-flag ship sees the light of day. Here’s Sony’s finest mobile year 2014.

They run fast at Sony. Unlike rivals with, among others, Samsung and Apple offers Sony on two flag ships a year. One in spring and one in autumn. Forever faithful to tradition, promises Sony today revealed 4 generation of Z-series, the successor to the Xperia Xperia called Z2, Z3.

With the frequent refresh rate will make it hard to keep up with Cadence, but it means at the same time that Sony can keep forever its design to date. Therefore there is no revolution in waiting with Xperia Z3, but rather a gradual evolution towards the perfect mobile. Continue reading

Is Filtered Data from The Motorola XT1055, Would Be The Future X Phone Motorola and Google?

There is less weeks so it reaches the Google I/O 2013, and, as you might expect, previous rumors are appearing every day, such as the of that is will be Android Key Lime Pie, or this other information that reaches us today itself.

We know that Google and its acquired manufacturer Motorola they work in own devices, especially in one very mysterious so-called”X Phone”. The NET there are all kinds of rumors about its appearance and characteristics, and today, to increase the “hype”, this comes: a leak of an unknown called terminal features Motorola XT1055. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Official: See Price and Specifications

Fourth generation of Samsung’s pioneer phablet has landed. Tradionen faith is the stuffed up with topkomponenter.

Note-series founded his own hybrid-genre somewhere between phones and tablets. Fourth generation of Samsung’s topmobil therefore do virtually no longer any introduction: Galaxy Note is always a phone to superlativerne.

With Galaxy Note 4 when Samsung new heights.

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Motorola Bet on Pure Android and Smaller Terminals

Jim Wicks, responsible for the design of Motorola section, has given an interview in PC Mag that talked about what the company is preparing for the 2013, and it has given some important clues of what We can expect of those future smartphones.

Although he did not give specific data models as the rumored Phone X, it was confirmed that These new smartphones will arrive in the second half of the year. But the really interesting thing is the intention of Motorola’s failure to follow one of the most important trends of recent months: the taste for increasingly large screens. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge’s new Phablet

Samsung has a really great product portfolio where you can quickly get lost, but now there will be another phablet.

Samsung has very many products, but now comes there once, in the phablet class. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge stands somewhat apart from the crowd, by having an additional monitor on the right side of the phabletten, which is dedicated to a series of buttons and information.

Whether the additional monitor and its buttons, will actually provide increased ease-of-use or features we find out in the next few days, where the mobile site is in Berlin to the IFA Exhibition Center.
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Motorola X Phone Could Go Down Even More The Price of Terminals Android

Many very pleasantly surprised when we found out that the Nexus 4 would begin to sell for 300 euros. A good hardware at an unthinkable price then. It can be improved? The rumors they say yes, and that the Motorola X Phone get it.

Will do it by significantly lowering the price to the $200 of departure for the most basic model, a 33% decrease in the price of the Nexus 4. Can hardware we expect this phone? A priori very simple one. As the contrary, rumors indicate that it will include a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, 2 GB of RAM and a display of 4.65 inches that surely won’t be FullHD, but nor do we ask with that price so seductive. With 720 p (1280x720p) would be enough. Continue reading

ASUS ZenWatch-Smart-Watch for More Than Poor Rob

ASUS volunteers into the Smartwatch-race with ZenWatch. With Google’s new Android Wear as system and delicious details offers a lot for the money.

ASUS volunteers into the Smartwatch-race with ZenWatch. With Google’s new Android Wear as system and delicious details offers a lot for the money.

It was rumored in advance to Asus bid on an Android-compliant smart-watch would undercut its competitors. How much you would get for the money was to be seen. Until now. Continue reading

ASUS IFA-News: Will Provide Extreme Value for Money

ASUS takes up 25 years, and it is with renewed ambition to Asus augments their mobile portfolio with a rethinking of everything from laptops to smartwear.

Should it be so expensive?

As part of Asus’s new strategy, they will offer high quality, at a price everyone can understand. The first expression of the mission could be experienced in the Zenfone series. The success was to feel in, and now the Lange 1 million Asus smartphones over the disk every month. Good numbers, since that Asus is far from covering the entire world market.

During the IFA fair, which kicks off, Asus has unveiled a new Android tablet and Windows laptop. Continue reading

An Unknown Motorola Appears on The Scene, Influence Google?

A new Motorola phone has appeared on stage, images and video discover us a high-end device, which we doubt it is expected X phone, but we also consider that it begins to have influence Google.

Filtering is done by the boys of Tinhte, some Vietnamese who in the past have found us a good amount of gadgets, usually important, including Apple products. The more interesting it is to check that they are appreciated developments in relation to the line followed in previous products. Continue reading

Follow Samsung Unpacked 2014

Samsung goes on stage at 15 to present the next generation of its phablet-segment.

In a few hours runs Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 of the stack, which Samsung will showcase the next marvel of their productive Note-series.

On this page you can follow the presentation through the following window that will later become a Livestream.

The following teaser places great emphasis on the importance of nets, and that the well-known S-pen now would be even better. Note-series has made an impression worldwide, so it will be exciting to see what Samsung has created in this place. Continue reading

Motorola X Phone, The Latest Rumours That Are Moved by Network

Once presented major from HTC and Samsung Android phones, little, it seems that it is moving in the other manufacturers in regard to rumors. We could say that the next phone that will get regular information is Motorola X Phone.

Today we woke up with a new battery of rumors about the mysterious phone from Motorola, under orders from Google, in fact it will be the first product to create together, the former, despite the proven quality, were not the taste of the search engine company. Continue reading

HTC Is Generous with Google Drive

There is space to download for nykøbere or holders of some HTC phones.

If consumers do not be persuaded by the phone alone, the producers must resort to other means.Samsung lures with Dropbox-space, and now plays HTC with muscles.

With the purchase of HTC One (M8), One Remix or One Max, you get not only 50 but 100 GB of storage in Google skytjeneste: Google Drive.

Other models have to look happy with respectively 25 and 15 GB.

Sitting you already with an acquired model that qualifies for the 100 GB of space to romp in, you can follow this guide in order to redeem this offer: Continue reading

Motorola RAZR D1 and D3, a Different Approach with Destination Brazil RAZR

They are the Motorola RAZR RAZR D3 and D1. Two phones with a profile other than what we now dependent on Google manufacturer had used. We will change the high-end products by entry and midrange terminals, keeping the seductive aesthetics of the previous models but reducing your screen size and some features.

We will start talking about the simplest of them, the Motorola RAZR D1. We can qualify as an entry phone, very simple and basic, and even that might seem small: 3.5 inches with a low resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. Finally the day is what is: a simple phone that, in principle, be sold pretty cheap. Includes a mononucleo a 1 GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera (not specified manufacturer), 4 GB internal (expandable via microSD) and a surprising 1 GB of RAM, It seems the most outstanding feature of all. Continue reading

McDonald’s Will Introduce a Payment before the iPhone 6 Smartphone Launch

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food restaurant, and now they will introduce payment using NFC.

McDonald’s is the world’s largest family restaurant, but most visit the restaurant on his way from a city tour or day after. Fast food chain will now be on payment for goods, using smartphones.

An internal McDonald’s MEMO has been leaked, and the timing of the introduction of the smartphone payment is hardly coincidental, as it shows that the system must be clear 15ende September. We can remind the Mobile page’s readers on that Apple holds an event 9ende September where it is expected that Apple presents an iPhone 6. Continue reading

Motorola NXT, The Name and The First Possible Image of The X of Google and Motorola Phone

“Rumore rumore”. If today we woke up with the first possible image of the imminent Samsung Galaxy S4, it is clear that competition, in this case the own Google y Motorola, they should put the batteries if you want to steal some attention.

Just filter the image, with official appearance on a terminal called Motorola Motorola NXT, Although the quality leaves much to be desired and not shown in great detail. Possibly we are facing the future X Phone that the company plans to launch. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z3 Pictures Leaked Ahead of Time

Sony’s third generation of Xperia Z3 continues his predecessor virtues with elegant design, but get new colors.

Today starts the IFA trade fair in earnest, and here all the major manufacturers will present a series of product and service news. One of them is Sony, which at 16 shows new products to the world’s press.

We expect that Sony presents both new smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, but people at Sony have been a little too eager, for now there will be leaked photos from Sony, which look very official.

The prematurely leaked images show Xperia Z3’s new design, but also demonstrates Sony’s smart band, Xperia tablet and smartwatch.  Continue reading

Google Will Dismiss Another 10% of The Staff of Motorola Mobility

Google is releasing ballast with Motorola. The American company suffered significant cuts during 2012, among which we highlight the close division in Spain, today, we learned that he will dismiss 1,200 employees, 10% of the workforce.

An amount that must be added to the 4,000 layoffs aunciados in August at Motorola Mobility. On this occasion, the delegations involved in the new casualties are those of China, India and the United States, countries where it will continue to operate. Continue reading

Look at Asus’ Presentation

The taiwainesiske electronics manufacturer Asus has supposedly a smartwatch in sleeve.

Gadget-world pipe major on it these days, and will be filled with several electronic marvels.

Asus is one of one of the first on the agenda, and will today introduce the world to its invention. With Scripture “Hour has been transformed and we have changed” puts a strong focus on the latest Asus great interest in smartwatches, and how the wrist attendant no longer only tells the time. Continue reading

Motorola Droid RAZR M HD, Return The Steroids

Although Motorola has decided to stop distributing its new terminals in Spain, their movements and new terminals are still truly attractive. We not only talk about this superphone prepared but also of a new Motorola RAZR M HD whose first data are beginning to come to light.

Motorola Droid RAZR M HD would be a RAZR M on steroids. The original model presented in September would win screen and resolution up to the 4.5 inch and 720 x 1280 pixels, a common figure in certain high-end phones. Also improve the processor (it would still be a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 but it would double to quad-core) and would hold 1 GB of RAM. Continue reading

Moto X + 1: Topmobil with Leather Living Room

Motorola is trying it with new materials in their upcoming flagship. This time will be it leather.

Motorola is not afraid to try out new materials when a topmobil should be cut. Buyers of their current Moto X flagship, among other things, got 3 types of wood to choose from. In the successor becomes the palette expanded to include leather.

The coming Moto X + 1, also rumored to be called Moto X 2, will maintain the MotoMaker concept. Here you can choose what material there as a buyer must hold back when you order the phone online. Continue reading