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Diesel Uffie Jeans

The fashion brands are always looking for new partnerships which enrich their collections and among them there is also clearly Diesel. The Italian brand’s esteem incursions of celebrities and young talents and has among other things a good nose to recruit future stars and ride with them the wave of success. That’s why Diesel chose Uffie, rapper electropop in the ascendant, as a special partner of a capsule collection consists of 12 pieces that will surely soon be snapped up.

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Day 7: Won …

So we come today to Saturday to the draw of door 7 – Drachenfels design. As also at the other door, we wanted to know in which gallery image hides the selected image section, the solution was: image 02! We have decide the lot among all participants and congratulate warmly and with some envy: Silke Stoll

but her other since not sad today 10 has already with door – Kerstin Henke opened a new opportunity! Also you can still at door 09 – Quinn and today midnight at door 08 – TI Sento win! We wish you lots of fun and all much happiness in the Bridgat advent calendar

Day 8: Has won …

A beautiful 3. advent we want you coming today to the draw of the winner by door 08 – TI Sento. No. 14 was searched by us – charm shiny star in 925 Silver and pearl bracelet in 64.90 euros. Sabrina Günther after had rattled a little congratulations to this piece of jewelry! The winner has been notified by us.

We wish you all lots of fun and happiness continues at our this year’s advent calendar. You have 11 on our today’s door – TeNo just watched? Also at door 10 – Kerstin Henke you have still a chance to win. Hurry up you have to you but when door 09 – Quinn, closing today at midnight!

Day 9: Won …

Today we are early with the draw, is also the beginning of the week since her also eagerly forward who of you is the present day winner? Now, want to let you wait times do not keep :-). As always we wanted even when doors 9 – know Quinn: what image from the Gallery hides the image? The Zebra ring as shown in the title image to this article was sought. Therefore the 2 possible answers are: image 18 / 05! All the correct and complete answers we have passed then as always and hereby sincerely to congratulate: Ute! You’re friends on the Web site of Quinn your desired combination C.C.C.. ring together make one!

We wish good luck and fun all continue with our this year’s advent calendar and you put our today’s door 12 – Julia Funk to the heart. If you want to stand out and have the prospect of a very different and special piece of jewelry, then try your luck – it is worth! By tomorrow night, you even the opportunity at door 11 – TeNo to snag a great piece of jewelry! At door 10 – Kerstin Henke is still to have a chance, you have to hurry, the door closes today at midnight!

Day 10: Won …

A beautiful good morning to all today we loose door 10 – Kerstin Henke out. Because some answers were so easy was not unfortunately incomplete, to win, we need the right image and a statement about which piece of jewelry the best liked you. Both answer and favorite piece of jewelry, had among other things: Saskia! Congratulations from us to you, you may be happy klein & fein on the pictured necklace from the collection valued at 314 euros!

As always, we’ve notified the winners / the winner via email. We wish you all the others continue to have fun and happiness in our advent calendar. A look at our current door 13 – Saami crafts, there are handmade to win. Forget not door 12 – Julia Funk there finds her unconventional jewelry away from the classic. Until midnight, you even the opportunity to great jewelry Teno behind door 11 – TeNo. So, as you can see, join worth it!

Day 11: Won …

A beautiful good morning everybody, or better a beautiful morning little friendly competition, the number of participants, between Drachenfels design and TeNo Drachenfels but also decided if TeNo yesterday but still a little could reduce the distance. But who can count himself today from you the winners? As always we let decide the lot among all participants and used good luck fairy! To win, there is a trailer KenDo in stainless steel with ceramic and diamonds (2 x 0.012 ct and 3 x 0.008 ct.) TW/si) worth of 275 euros and a rubber necklace NeRo dreihreiges with integrated steel rope in the value of 75 Euro. We congratulate wholeheartedly Melanie Dörner!

, The winner has been notified by us! We wish all our this year’s advent calendar continue good luck! Are you already our present door 14 – Lassy fair opened? Also door 13 – Saami crafts is of course still open, but it includes already tomorrow night. Even less time to try your luck you have with door 12 – you have Julia Funk, the chance of this extravagant jewelry only until today at midnight!

Brigitte Adolph: Boho de luxe

Photo Felix Matthies, hair makeup Catherine Jasinski, model Pinar – Graaf MD management, Hamburg Elbe bridal dress, styling Roma Matthäi

A little hippie, kinda ethno – and lots Tip: New jewelry by Brigitte Adolph play with current trends and show up in the trendy Bohostyle. Oversize earrings with Oriental ornaments, cool Knucklerings at the top look and extravagant Slavebracelets – bracelets, that are connected through the back of the hand with a ring – add a touch of elegant collections 70 s feeling. The key recognition feature is the illusion of delicate lace craft perfectly implemented by means of gold and silver. How – that like don’t like to reveal the designer. A little secret must be finally! Absolutely no secret this year especially on the pulse which is time is the fascinating charisma of the pieces with which Brigitte Adolph.

Photos: Brigitte Adolph

Winner in the advent calendar 2012 – day 16 / 18 / day 17

Already know the winners, but you’re determined still quite curious to who could now dusting off the wonderful pieces of jewelry from our advent calendar

Day 12: Won …

On Thursday, we come to a very special prize draw. Julia Funk has donated something special for us on day 12 of her collection – Collier harness strap with leather, silver and a Swarovski gemstone valued at 147 euros. Thus it is guaranteed! It was also not easy as 2 similar jewelry pieces were in the gallery which differed only a minor detail. But many had the right answer, including Nicole Pichler! Congratulations from us to you!

Has now teamed up with door 15 – ring thing opened a new chance on jewelry profits! Also door 14 – lasy fair offers a great chance until tomorrow! Hurry up you have to you at little door 13 – Saami crafts, the prospect of hand-made leather jewelry includes today at midnight!

Winner in 2012 – advent calendar day 19 / 20 / day 21

So, now just before the turn of the year finally even the announcement of the winner of day 19 – 21! The winner did it of course already long ago but now also the rest of the world we congratulate hereby finds out welcome and as often happens with some envy:

all others we would still fix our raffle-special to the film „ the Hobbit “ on the heart, there are to win something!

Cover photo: twinlili /

Day 13: Won …

This blustery and rainy Friday morning. Today we come to the draw of the coveted piece of jewellery by door 13 – Saami crafts where also designers of other Bridgat-advent calendar door are then crazy as always we have decide the Los and congratulate: Franziska Gulewitsch! You won the bracelet leather vegetable tanned reindeer with a braid of Tin thread and leather, lock knob made of reindeer horn worth 149 EUR!

We wish you all continued luck in the advent calendar! A look at our current door 16 – sence Copenhagen past! Or how about 15 with jewelry of silver work behind door – ring thing? Quickly should you do on every case for door 14 – Lassy fair, this door closes tonight!

Winner in the advent calendar 2012 – day 22 / 24 / day 23

After we have moved spontaneously for a week on a short vacation, we announce the last three winners of our advent calendar (which are of course already aware and maybe even already running their new jewelry proudly) today finally! Congratulations

Day 14: Won …

A nice Saturday everyone! The storm is over, it’s cold, we come to the draw of the winner’s of door 14 – Lassy fair. The image we were looking for hidden in picture 04 and was actually too easy to find, right? After we fed with all your responses, we congratulate Gabi W. to the piece of jewelry – Bambi tit silver plated – amounting to Euro 55,00.

, The winner has been notified by us. We wish you continued good luck with our newest door 17 – Heiko Schrem, here waiting for you a special piece of jewelry, a great designer! Forget not your happiness at door 16 – sence Copenhagen to try this door closes tomorrow at midnight! Today closes at midnight but door 15 – ring therefore quickly look thing, and leave the answer in the comment box.

The Jewelblog father’s day and mother’s Day contest winner

After we had little time last week for private reasons, because a Pentecost stood at the door and things had to be worked out and the other Jeannine ’ s friend Angel with rings of TeNo the Covenant of marriage entered into with your Jan we come finally to the draw of our two competitions. All winners were contacted and signed up immediately. As always, we have tried to draw and hereby congratulate:

title image:

Day 15: Won …

We wish you a beautiful and tranquil 4. advent! One need no longer plunge you into the shopping crowds, because he suspected won a magical Charmsanhänger from ring Ding you properly, „ he “ means, our winner is again a man of his wife/girlfriend/mother/sister or who may present with his winnings. Congratulations John, who can seek out one of the Charmsanhänger from Figure 12 (amounting to up to 64 euros). The stag was pictured by the way, but you have already quite rightly found that out.

Still good luck all readers and readers in our advent calendar. We have a few door just for you

Power of jewelry at the fashion place – in fashion

Adami & Martucci

At the beginning of the Munich fashion fair „ munich in fashion “ early August Organizer Andrea Frahm, fashion designer Susanne Wiebe, watch manufacturer invited TW Steel and jewelry brands Viaré, Pesavento and Adami & Martucci to a glittering gala. Presented in the flashbulbs of the strong media presence were presented not only outlandish fashion designs, but also and especially exciting compositions of jewelry and trendy watches in XL format.

Viaré – Middle: Melanie Wirtgen

While the Italian jewellery brands already established Pesavento and Adami & Martucci on the market, the young and newly presented in February at the inhorgenta, founded by Melanie Wirtgen brand Viaré had their first big gig. „ it was a great experience and I am very proud of how many people after the show have detailed cares for my jewelry, “, the designer is pleased. The shiny surfaces of the stainless steel pieces, which are caused by a special coating encountered great interest in.


The Gala took place at the opening in fashion on August 9 and was opened by patron Patricia Riekel. In addition to all sorts of celebrities a selected audience celebrated with.

Title image from left to right: on the catwalk: jewelry by Adami & Martucci, Viaré, watches by TW Steel, chain of Pesaveno – of all represented by luxury brand International (LBI). Photos: LBI

Day 16: Won …

We’re now late, what is the luck and I have been today in Dresden on the Striezelmarkt and the medieval Christmas market because – must also be so let’s do it now also quick and come to the two winners of the door 16 – sence Copenhagen. The correct answer to 16 was a / 1: fig. 13 as well as the answer to Figure 16 / 2: fig. 06. We congratulate on a Paula B. to the profit of the wrist band X 172 behind the figure 13 89.95 euros worth. Furthermore we congratulate George for winning the chain X 403 which hid behind image 06, toll that precisely the piece of jewelry like best friends

but not verzaget, our advent calendar still few days today has become for example door 19 – opened pomp and circumstance! Also door 18 – Marc o Polo is still open! However, you should you at door 17 – Heiko Schrem little hurry, this door closes today at midnight!

GPHG: The award ceremony live streaming

For the 13th time the award of the Grand Prix today, 15 November, Horlogerie de Genève (GPHDG). A total of 70 watches the jury could select their favorites for the coveted “Aguille d ‘Or” or one of the other 15 prizes. These 70 watches were already selected by a jury from all submitted watches. An overview of priority can be found here.

In the past few weeks, the clock selection into exhibitions in Beijing, Macao, Dubai and Geneva was presented the audience. Watch fans could give also their vote for the audience award. Could also be voted on the Internet for that price.

Who today live can be night on-site at the Grand Théâtre in, has to pursue the possibility from 18:30 the ceremony in streaming here:

My colleague Elizabeth Doerr has accompanied the Panel’s meeting in Geneva for TheWatchesTV:

Day 17: Won …

A beautiful good morning to all today we come to a profit, which is especially to the heart. Therefore the envy on the winner in me is also slightly larger at door 17 – Heiko Schrem we wanted to know as always, where hiding the wanted image and which piece of jewelry is your favorite. The correct answer to the first part of that question was: 07 image. Among all participants read we draw the winner and congratulate today as always Ronny! You have a stainless steel ring „ Spira “ won from 228 euro worth!

Slowly also our advent calendar is coming to an end, but you still have some chances for great jewelry. Today at 0:01 A.m. doors 20 opened up – woman of the rings. Until tomorrow you have the chance on jewelry shine and Gloria behind door 19 fast make you should however at door 18 – Marc o Polo, closing today at midnight!

Advent calendar countdown

Admitted in the last few weeks, it was quiet in the blog. We have been working diligently on every nook and cranny and again put our energy in the Bridgat and in the most exciting and most eagerly anticipated part of the likely for you – the big JEWELBLOG advent calendar!

Day 18: Won …

You have a beautiful good morning, all already your gifts together? If not, today someone on a chain must be with trailers valued at 159 euros from Marc O ’ Polo look forward. The image we were looking for is hidden in Figure 18. As always, we have left the draw and hereby congratulate: Tine

still runs so our advent calendar and you have exactly the opportunity on 9 pieces of jewelry, because equal 4 great doors for you open on the 24th! Do you know behind our modern door 21 – Elisabeth Landeloos look? Also door 20 – woman of the rings is open for you! But hurry up you have to you at little door 19 – pomp and circumstance, which closes today at midnight and will be drawn tomorrow morning!

Advent calendar 2013: Winner day 02

So today we have again performed a calculation of profits and very warmly congratulate: Martina Schäfer from Berlin to the profit of the grinding ring „ Schnörkelchen “ by Amala in 205 euros donated by! It is also the second profit to Berlin, but not despondent, our advent calendar has just begun! Our today’s door Nr 04 a pendant with matching necklace from the collection behind rattle jewelry factory in stainless steel with pearls in the value of 250 euro! So, fix made with and secured the chance! By the way: Also an advent calendar with great jewelry gifts will be held on the website of jewelry work, look past!

Cover photo: twinlili /

Golden balance 2011

Already somewhat older but nevertheless still up-to-date and well worth watching, the video of the award ceremony of the Golden balance 2011. 2011 winners:

Advent calendar 2013: Winner day 05

With slight delay we would like to announce now the winner of day 5 you. Claudia Siekmann from Herford may forward to the heartbreaker angel wing pendant with pearls in silver with Zirkoniapavée incl. chain worth 164 euro! Congratulations from us to you and enjoy the beautiful piece

good luck to all the others continue, for example today. Behind door number 8 hides a ring made of Silver 925 ruthenium plated worth of 364 euros donated by Pesavento!

Cover photo: twinlili /