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Spartan Style Sandals

High, the Spartans are the sexy accessory, pile in the trend this summer 2015. Sandals laced flanges, flat or heel, colourful or sober, fringed or rings… You the sensual Warrior look. This summer, we discovered his feet, certainly, but with class, then follow the guide!

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When to Remove Christmas Decoration

After the holiday euphoria passed, it’s time to put our decorations. This week in the game Pet secrets we ask you when removing Christmas decorations?

To participate in the game “Home secrets”, you should leave a comment under the articleuntil next Thursday (including 14.01.2016). The winner of the game will be up weekly on Friday on this page and will be t h via private message from us how to receive the award.

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Slippers Fashion for Spring

Comfort and style: the perfect combination of slippers fashion for spring 2016, the preferred seasonal trends to wear so trendy. Here’s fashion slippers, shoes slippers, sandals, clogs and many original models to choose the most suitable to your outfit.

It may seem strange, but the slippers fashion are the new trend for spring-summer 2016, a trend that comes straight from the runways of Haute Couture and which soon will win plenty of women, even the most skeptical. Continue reading

Diy-Tuned Up Wall Clock

I found a replica of the clock in a container and SPR-couldn’t resist it, even if at first it looked like a rumanväriseltä. I had just bought From the Jeanne d’Arc living’s Vintage paint-paint and I decided to paint the clock in white. The clock above the living room wall found its place in the arm-chair, in which the ticking of time. I like all of the beautiful objects, and often I can find something like that, which at first glance look ugly, but that would be a real beauty with a little tuunauksella. I found the library, enter the Interior of the Örnbergin the white, rural atmosphere, and you can find some good tips on how to tune up a blunt object in the intriguing.

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Smart Watches To Your Phone

See who’s calling even though your phone is in your pocket, select song on Spotify and discover if any tag you on Facebook. Now it is finally here–the smart wristwatches and Laika has tested.

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Top 10 Fall Jackets

Autumn is here and we are undoubtedly in linen and bomullskavajer for winter storage. Forward picks we rustic fabrics of coarser structure with thermal properties. We have selected our 10 Favorites from this fall’s offerings.

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24 Hours Watches

Most watches display the time on a traditional dial with three hands (hours, minutes and seconds) or on a screen for digital models. But there are many other ways to indicate the time, whether through a single needle, to extraordinary mechanisms or to fluids. Today, we decided to be interested in timepieces that include a 24-hour dial instead of the usual 12 hours. Relatively rare on the market, they are particularly interesting from an aesthetic point of view.

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Belvest Suit Review

We leave Naples where we were last week and head north towards Venice and specifically Belvest Spring collection for 2015. A company that often fall through the cracks but this year struck at large both when it comes to color and cut.

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FOXCONN Launches Own “iWatch”

The Taiwanese electronics manufacturer inside the smart watch that measures heart rate and breathing.

Foxconn has as we previously told you about plans to release more products under its own name. Thus hope the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer to become less dependent on orders from companies like Apple, Microsoft and Nokia.

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LED Lighting for Decoration

An ideal lighting system for its decoration, the LED system

In our daily lives it is no longer necessary to resort to the old lighting systems that are prodigious consumers of energy, not green and does not offer real charm decoration. It is possible to turn to such systems LED projector which are much cheaper and a real benefit to its facilities.

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Charming Charlie Chronograph Watch

Last weekend, we chose to highlight Charlie Watch as part of a selection of young French watchmakers to monitor. A few days later, it is again in the spotlight. Following the success of his previous collections, including its automatic model Initial market since June, Charlie Watch has launched its first chronograph, called Horizon.

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Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2015

Fashion trends spring summer 2015, apparel suede accessories: these are the essential pieces in the wardrobe of a real fashion addicted! By trench from Gucci shoes of Chloë, what are the most beautiful and interesting seasonal proposals that reinterpret this ever popular fabric in the’ 70?

It is one of the coolest trends and popular spring summer 2015: the suede is a hallmark of many collections and has that aspect Sueded that you can wear without large reserves even in hot weather. Even in the height of summer we always wore suede shoes, but this year on international catwalks we sighted real total look suede effect in classic neutral color, but also the most beautiful season in pastel shades. Continue reading

Google Working on Nexus-watch

Smart watches is undoubtedly the hottest products on the market at the moment. We have looked at the Samsung Galaxy Gear. We’ve been playing with Sony Smartwatch 2. We have thought lamps with Qualcomm Toq. Now it seems to be time for a Nexus-watch from Google.

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Best Support Sports Bra for Running

I present often bras adapted sport and more specifically running.
That’s why it seemed interesting to present this scientific study that is really interesting and 4 tips to protect your breasts at best.

The results of the scientific study on discomfort and breast pain in a foot race, conducted by researchers from an American university – including the New York Times echoes made recently in his column – revealed that most the runner experiences pain as well as in training for a race (marathon), even if they wear bras adapted to running. This study was carried out on marathon runners. Continue reading

About Charlie Watch

The “elegant watches, high quality and at a fair price”: this is the challenge that decided to raise 2014 young designers Charlie Watch. And it works: the new kid of the French watch seems to have a very bright future. While the vintage trend is on the rise, the Parisian watchmaker characterized rather by customizing its timepieces.

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How to Choose a Leather Bag

The choice of a leather bag is also on the quality and style of the skin!

Rarely highlighted by the leather sellers, quality and style of leather bag is nevertheless a crucial element in choosing a leather bag at the time of purchase . If it is decisive in the qualitative assessment of the model and in particular its durability, it is also the soul of the accessory that will embody as much as the line or fittings personality of the bag, the famous ‘look’ that the or not prevail in the decision to purchase the bag. Because ultimately, beautiful or not, it is mainly the opinion of the buyer (s) that account and no need to be an expert leather goods to make his choice. Just know what you like or what you want…

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Substitution and Imitation Pearls

Pearls Fantasy

The mother of pearl beads, iridescent in two diametrically opposite points, they merely evoke the pearl; The coral beads may show, in spite of a different structure, an aspect similar to that of pinks pearl.. The spheres of hematite, with a metallic glare, do not have the east of the black pearl. Continue reading

HP Meets With Smart Watches

With the help of designer Michael Bastian, HP manufacture a smartwatch works both to IOS and Android.

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Birkin Bag Problem

There are people living with the desire to be able to put aside sufficient savings to be able to buy one day a bag of Hermès. Then, even if he could reach the amount required should still be bound by the time of the long waiting list that is granted for one of the iconic bags of the fashion house. Then there are the celebrities, who systematically jump queues, queues, and certainly the stage where you count the savings (you remember the episode of Sex and the City when Samantha exploiting the name of Lucy Liu tries to climb over the waiting list?) and from one day to show off their gleaming Birkin or Kelly princely the envy of fashionistas around the world.

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Megan Fox Armani Privé Dress

It ‘so beautiful that it is almost banal to say it every time, but in addition to its incredible beauty Megan Fox has an explosive sensuality, capable of making every dress she wears-regardless of the signature that is behind- a real weapon of seduction. A few days ago the beautiful actress, in these days on the pages of the chronicles because of yet another flat fee of Chapter Transformers caused by misunderstandings with director (and I would not even be in the shoes of the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley supermodel of Victoria’s team Secret – you’ve recently seen, she is in fact the interpreter of prefall collection of Matthew Williamson – who seems will replace it), he attended the premiere of “Jonah Hex” in Los Angeles wearing an exclusive creation by Armani Privé.

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Leather and Canvas Backpack

The authentic style and adventurer backpack canvas and leather as street trend.

Fashionable ready to wear often has a knack for recycling trends, materials and styles. The backpack canvas and leather is one of those once highly specialized accessories that have gradually integrated the leather designer collections and lifestyle of many amateurs bags.

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Intel Takes Aim At Smart Watches

Intel’s new small energy-saving Quark processors can be used such as smart watches.

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Simone Camille Inspired Bags

There is a new fashion in Hollywood, one of the style hippie-chic. A fad that comes from England, with the style icons like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, and that slowly has also spread overseas. And perfect accessory to give an extra touch to the look of celebrities seems to be a bag in particular, the one that carries the signature Simone Camille. The first to wear it was Miley Cyrus who after years as Hannah Montana wants to find a style more suited to his personal and artistic maturity, followed immediately by Nicole Richie, also carries flag of the hippy chic style in the States.

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New Trend Gadget-Smart Watches

Soon all go around with a watch that is as advanced as today’s smartphone. It is certainly what many electronics manufacturers are hoping for.

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