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Advent calendar: 1 TeNo

Our first advent idea is dedicated to a design brand which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2010. At this point: Congratulations TeNo!

Since the turn of the Millennium by Stefanie and Jürgen Heinz and the designer Eberhard Hagmann’s great strides went ahead. Now, not only jewelry, but also watches and accessories belong to the portfolio of the Pforzheim shell manufacturer. Even a CD with lounge music was brought to the market.

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Winner of the Lapponia design competition „ the next episode “ are fixed

Before a year called the Finnish jewellery brand Lapponia to the design competition „ the next episode “ on. She heralded for its 50th anniversary and the step in their own next episode. About 140 young designers from 26 countries answered the call and sent their designs. The jury * opted for 17 works, which have been implemented in a second step as models. On the this year’s inhorgenta in Munich the best works were awarded and presented to the press.

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Hair accessories by Sabine Samuel

Barrette “Solo” gold 750

Before some years I expressed to bind the request after a little more decorative way, mean, usually shoulder-length, hair together. Mostly I use simple hair ties for these purposes, the sense was me higher. In the usual shops and boutiques of that time lots of odds and ends of the hair was found, but unfortunately not something high-quality yet something simple and yet decorative, a man might wear. Some time later Jeannine surprised me then for my birthday with a special edition of a friendly jeweller, extra for me. Now have quite a few more years in the country, but in terms of hair jewelry a lot has not really happened since. Unless there are as good as anything on the market, hair ties, hair clips made of plastic and metal and especially much playful for small children the one under the generic term „ higher “ could classify.

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Escapulario – Mandela collection

Excerpt from the new mandala collection

Spiritual and meditative trends make increasingly noticeable also in the jewelry sector. Also the label cult presents a beautiful collection of Mandala jewelry pieces brand new. The word comes from Sanskrit mandala (1990s), and means as much as „ circle “. Mandalas are round, symmetrical built images which appear in all cultures of the world and are a symbol of the cycles of life in the broadest sense. They illustrate a mid consciousness that very awake and alive, is subconscious and unclear there in some people in most but. The consideration of Mandalas brings people back in contact with its own members, to inner harmony.

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Cult ties delicate gang

Hand knotted Freundschaftsbändchen somehow never go out of fashion. At the same time you are lucky charms and expression of affection. Colorful yarns and patterns radiate happiness and ease. What to do if you lack the time or the skill to produce an own friendship band? Simply – to buy one himself! Colorful necklaces and bracelets in macrame technique offered by different manufacturers this summer. One of them is the German jewelry brand Escapulario, whose Preziosen should be always lucky charms and Talismans. Macrame is an Oriental warp which application finds the ornaments or textiles, macramé is used in jewelry in Latin America. Escapulario places great emphasis on sustainability and fairness, therefore a portion of the proceeds will be used for charitable purposes. Why not nice look and at the same time do something good?

Medallions – jewelry become memory

There are many ways to keep the photo of loved ones: a pretty picture frame on the desk, in your wallet, digital stores as a background on your phone or computer. The medallion is one of the most beautiful varieties however! Well protected between two covers of metal, only visible, when you open the piece of jewelry and worn close to the heart, it becomes a personal talisman and constant companion. This, the Medallion should reflect the value one attaches the content, i.e. the photo. Instead of base fashion jewelry we recommend investing in real jewelry and present today three producers, which is preserving memories have adopted.

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Day 4: Won …

On day 4 of our advent calendar, we asked: What picture is hidden behind this picture? The correct answer was number 12 this time! Winner of the jewel by Yana Nesper – arm jewellery made of fine nappa leather in Taupe with Silver 925 worth 250 euros – is: Johannes! Congratulations! The winner has been notified.

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Luxury for the iPhone

Aloisson iPhone Princess plus image: Aloisson

Who have company G 100 G from Munich, Germany, with the two young designers and founders, Gerrit Guggenberger and Martin Gadalla, a mobile shell for the Apple iPhone 3 G constructed. The communication is in 750 gold and shines with brilliant-cut diamonds approximately 600. At least 77.777 Euro Cup can be customized according to customer requirements. For 25,000 euros, you get from the company Goldstriker iPhone refined by Stuart Hughes in Rose Gold with 53 diamonds pink. Who wants to spend a little more, get for the price of 120,000 euros of the Apple iPhone Princess plus the jeweller Peter Aloisson. For 1.790.000 EUR also that a is his rare 6.6 Karäter ornate „ Home button “ Apple iPhone 3 G Kings button available. Who would like to spend quite as much for his iPhone, gets an iPhone bag decorated with 272 diamonds from the company Norêve for 9,900 euros.

Nomos: minimalist Minimatik

If Nomos watches, then something else comes out certainly when a timepiece shiny with opulence and diamond. Because the design language of the Glashutte factory is now even purist, clear and functional. It also the new Minimatik not different from that in Basel was unveiled, but will come only in the autumn in the shops.

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Advent calendar: 5. Heike LAU

Come you the small figurines look familiar? No? Look even closer and you think of your childhood … still not? – Man, fret not! The Meeraner jewelry designer Heike LAU observed their environment suggestions exactly and discovered even in the most common things for her jewelry creations. Times it is an Italian Gullideckel minimised in a pretty pendant is traded its form and structure, even it is the roof of the Berlin Reichstag building, which is decomposed into trapezoids to the jewelry. This can become the space object in an enlarged form, finally jewelry must refer not only to the body. Rounding out the varied work by Heike LAU through photos that show the connection between everyday life and art.

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Black & White

, The colours black and white are not only an exciting contrast pair in fashion, but also and above all in the jewelry. Elegantly draws the change of light and dark the eye and knows how to delight during the day in the sporting distinctive design as well as in the form of an elegant dinner. Soft leather, blackened metal or velvet-black rubber encounter beaming bright stainless steel, silver, white gold or Platinum. The contrasting and versatile pair of not colors is simple and expressive. Black and white are available for good and evil, Yin and Yang, for simplicity and glamour. The latter is especially true if the trinket is crowned by shiny black or white diamonds. But enough of words, we let dear pictures speak:

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An eye-catcher of a special kind

„ A beautiful back can also delight “, is a well known proverb may have thought of perhaps the jewelry designer Julia Funk. Put the neck of a special piece of jewelry in scene: a jewelry band from Bouretteseide, on which one or more silver items are are grouped in the sparkling Swarovskikristalle. The 2.60 meters-long tape not only serves to draw attention to the free back. It can be crossed in the cleavage as well, or even at the same time, in different variations around the body or tied around the calf. The calf is also, which is the main focus at Julia Funk. Starting from ancient holders of socks for men their unusual collection arose jewellery calf or knee jewellery. You transformed the otherwise hidden and asexual element to a decorative accessory that is worn on the clothing and shown. The intention is pure ornament, not function. That’s why there are not only leg jewelry, which is a real eye-catcher at the arm, but also a matching necklace. Swarovski elegant accents and emphasize the decorative character.

Fashion bracelets by woman of the rings

They are colorful, they are happy and they are made of leather – the colored Armänder by woman of the rings reminiscent of the macrame trend of the summer at the first glance, but are made of braided leather bands. Coolness meets the playfulness of fashion. Decorative elements that remind of belt buckles or charms, set noble accents, indicating that jewelry and fashion inspired by each other, make fun and not always too should be taken seriously. Here and there are small messages engraved. „ You’re protected “ is to read, a locking ball „ you are loved “ is another. Also in many other pieces of jewellery designer engravings can be found, the prompts (Carpe diem), values (honesty, insight, faith, loyalty, …) or requests (success, happiness, peace, …) include. Thus the woman of the rings fashion accessory and good-luck charm jewelry is at the same time.

Elegant lightness – beads news from Yana Nesper

, Pearls are the wide passion by Yana Nesper. The designer brings the classic beauties in fashionable relationships and creates jewelry that quietly follows the current trends without leaving of them dominate themselves. The Pearl Jewelry pieces by Yana Nesper show this season particularly easy and elegant. Delicate, filigree shapes define the new X-rings and wrap me – bangles that are made and pointedly with beads in gold. New this year is also the extension of the range of Rosé gold versions. The warm glow of the precious metal together with South Sea cultured pearl is beautifully expressed.

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Now also available in mini: gemstone rings by Richard Hans Becker

Red, green or blue? A yellow Beryl or a pink tourmaline? If the favorite color is gorgeous, it’s not so easy to decide for a precious color gemstone gem. The mark of Richard Hans Becker helps you choose where it simple now offers the rings just in even smaller and thus even more attractive price. Because real gems in good qualities have just their price, which can be varied only by the size. Just simple mini is the new collection, which is characterized by gems in the sizes 8 x 6 or 7 x 5 mm. The simple, timeless design makes the sparkling jewelry junior to the all time companion and brings the protagonist – the gem – in the spotlight. Just simple mini is with and without diamonds available and joins with the larger variants just simple petite and just simple skillfully in the family.

Happy new year and a healthy new year

, The team of the Bridgat a great start wishes all readers, partners and friends in the new year! Celebrating beautiful, fun and well let you go!

Quinn raffle: winners

Time, yesterday we pulled the 5 winners of the C.C.C. three ring set by using and already notified who was not among them, however still not empty out! Quinn each participant donates a voucher to the value of 20 euro for the purchase of a C.C.C. ring. As you come to the voucher, we have notified all participants even by eMail. But now at last to our 5 main winners:

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Day 5: Won …

Today we have the winner at our door 5 – Lapponia drawn. We wanted to know in what image you’re looking for cut-out located and which piece of jewelry you like best of you. As always we tried to draw and hereby congratulate: Heike B.! Congratulations! The earrings of Winterpearls by Lapponia (design Mari Isopahkala) in Silver 925 144 euros worth to you!

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Advent calendar: 8 an aperitif

, Bettina Böttinger wore the colorful cube Necklace by alcove switzerland last Friday in the “Kölner treff” WDR broadcast again. Therefore, we dedicate the current calendar Windows – apero!

Color joy and zest for life are the features in the jewelry of the Swiss manufacturer, which was founded in 1988 by the goldsmithing Mauro Morson and Armin Troxler. In the Lucerne workshop inspired by the beautiful views of Lake Lucerne and the mountains she and her staff.

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Spring awakening with floral ornaments

Easter s.Oliver jewel hiding a special floral jewelry set in the nest: the theme of flowers and flowers each with sparkling synthetic cubic zirconia stage three refined jewelry pieces made of sterling silver. Consisting of a necklace with a filigree crafted pendant, as well as a ring with attached flowers – both designs incorporated s.Oliver logo. Earrings are an another eye-catcher with free swinging flowers.

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Jewelry inspiration for the Oktoberfest

On 18 September it is again: the Oktoberfest attracts people from near and far to Munich. The world is Bavarian. Girls and women wear Dirndl suddenly, men swing hats and feel comfortable with braces in Krachledernen. Flirt and beer mood, brass bands and pretzel – the Munich spectacle is a Carnival of a different kind. Despite folk clothing is like and much skin shown.  The necklines are accentuated by tight-laced bodice. Unfortunately many remain empty, although there is really great jewelry that tongue in cheek with celebrating and also on other occasions makes a good figure. Who is a collector of a Charmssystems, is usually a matching pendant with his provider – unless Thomas Sabo, Pilgrim or Esprit. Doll up for the sisters there cute loops, which emphasize the playful look of the Dirndl, after the Oktoberfest but also extraordinarily well in the romance – and Vintagelook insert. Since there are always sweet Nascherein to the folk festival, jewelry by Tanja Hartmann is obvious. If you like no cream meringue, can arrange maybe with a seductive Mahadev? For chocoholics, there are chocolate jewelry by Katja Hunold or shock oh jewelry. For those who prefer classic like, should look to the top piece of jewelry of gold Miss or Brigitte Adolph. Any colour good luck fit well to the Oktoberfest, as well as heart of AMALA or Tiffany key.

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Atelier Bunz Announces insolvency

How the industry Portal watches report, now also the jewellery manufacture BUNZ has filed a bankruptcy. According to the portal, the increased procurement costs for Platinum are the reason for the bankruptcy petition in the District Court of Tübingen.

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Nor_azliena: Let the sunshine in

For anyone facing a rainy weekend we show today sunny jewelry of lifestyle brand Nor_azliena. The two bright necklaces made of rhodium-plated Silver 925 take the glowing sun sets over Marrakech as a model. It gave its name of this year’s Spring collection by Nor_azliena. But not unrelentingly hot, but the sunny motifs, that both plastic silhouette shape the trinkets appear cool and friendly. The highlight is a faceted Onyx, which is the hot planet reminiscent of the mysterious and dark side. Shining brightly sparkling white cubic zirconia, which adorn the stars equal to the horizon in the counterpart. Nor_azliena jewels belongs to Bruno Mayer and new collections 925. stands for timeless fashion jewelry made of high-quality silver twice a year are presented, in which silver is combined with sparkling stones, diamonds or shell Pearl and leather.

Sparkling summer highlights of amor

In the spring – summer collection of amor real jewelry different polished cubic zirconia and crystals in feminine jewelry pieces, which are characterized by a curved style glitter. Hearts, flowers and butterflies welcome the summer and give the jewelry wearer girlish charm. The new collection is in silver and silver Rosé gold plated steel. Freshwater breeding and shell pearls have their grand entrance in addition to sparkling stones in the spring and summer. Stones in soft pastel colours, bright Aqua and azure shades and fruity berries provide fresh color reflexes.