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Tarariras Fishing

When nobody expected it, they began to get very good news from Santiago del Estero. Despite all the pessimistic comments of recent weeks, the pique of different species, especially gold, are considerably reactivated by increasing the flow of the Rio Dulce.

Yellow is biting and pretty. Those who had the good fortune to capture one say they can not resist eels. However, do not rule out other bait like shad, catfish girls bogas and alive. Yes, it is worth remembering that the gilding is closed in the neighboring province so catch and release is mandatory. Wildlife is very demanding and performs various controls on fishing santiagueños.

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Sparkle with Jenny – jewelry by Jenny elvers-Elbertzhagen

Jenny elvers-Elbertzhagen BASELWORLD 2012 (photo: H. Groeger)

Academy Awards, Berlin Film Festival, Vienna Opera ball – are now past the big galas and festivals, where the stars and starlets in elegant robes and with sparkling jewelry red carpets along steps and smiled into the cameras. What remains is the memory of the magnificent brilliance and assurance: get to the next Award and the next Festival. But what fascinates about the marches of celebrities who do nothing other than their work – just in public and with the confirmation, did something good and right – confirmation, wished everyone for his work probably?

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Wiesnwoche: Beautiful Hunting Souvenirs of S. Point Clip Maker

Accents from the hunt are a typical feature of Bavarian folk costumes. Canine teeth of deer, called also Grandeln, decorated with pendants, brooches and tie pins. They are darker and older, as the more valuable they are. Sabine Spangemacher has specialized in jewelry from the Abwurftstangen of deer. Combines the exciting natural material, gleaming silver and sparkling cubic zirconia with irresistible Farbedelsteinen.Perlen and Gold Accents add a precious touch to him.

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Fishing All Year

The area of the Ancients in Santa Cruz offers interesting environment for the practice of sport fishing throughout the year. These places are noted for having large populations of brown trout; Rainbow trout, “Trout Criolla” Atlantic Salmon, Dog Salmon and Patagonian silverside.

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The Fishing Site

Fishermen cry when they discover the state of the Cadillal. And not only by the low level of water having the lake, but for the neglect showing the tourist center of the province than anywhere else in the country would be exploited to exhaustion as a destination for excellent fishing and rest.

This fishing site is going through a great moment pejerreyes sizes that can be caught drifting testing equipment or very light water media. Bream fillets or the same colored silver arrows (red or orange) are the best bait to capture those copies of more than 30 centimeters. However, it is becoming more difficult to access these treasures.

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Minute repeater with Milus

At this year’s BASELWORLD, Répétition minutes TriRetrograde Milus with the Tirion presented an elegant timepiece with Minute Repeater. Two years of development time into the prestige watch with its own caliber, which is published in a limited edition of 50 pieces. The Swiss quality work Milus M08-35RM manual-winding movement has a power reserve of 90 hours and sits in a 46 mm case in pink gold 750. His technical refinements can be seen through the transparent sapphire glass back and the skeleton dial. The triretrograde seconds is characteristic of Milus.

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Wiesnwoche: Sparkling Ideas of Christ for Every Budget

Next Saturday it is so far: the Oktoberfest attracts visitors to pretzels and beer in the Bavarian metropolis. Who has risen up then no matching outfit, is a fashionable selection of traditional and modern interpretations Oktoberfest clothing locally in the costume stores. For the jewelry selection the jewelry store chain has put together Christian a few beautiful pieces of jewellery, which meet both large and small budgets.

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River Fishing

Report Norberto Oldani. The current situation is quite complicated surubí. A while now they are turning on alarms from different places on the big drop in the population of the species. From Señueleros we came to understand what is happening, contribute our grain of sand interviewing Norberto Oldani (Doctor of Biology, CONICET researcher, specialist in aquatic ecology), so tell us a little life cycle surubí and why its population is so severely affected by overfishing and dams.

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Time for a luxury safari

After yesterday about small, harmless, winged creatures has turned, it is today. The new watch models by Michele appear in the feline look. Who seduced discharged or better can be, embarks on a Safari of a special kind: an elegant and luxurious trip. In the timepieces of the Deco-Safari collection sparkling diamonds on enamel dials. The patterns are based on the noble creatures of the African continent: peace-loving Zebra, wild tigers and cheetahs. The characteristic motifs continue across the dial and conquer the housing. Wild animals can be just don’t lock in a cage. The bracelet can be selected individually. The pictured watch case are available for 1,215 (Zebra) and 1,315 euros (Tiger and Cheetah). The appropriate attire to the timekeepers by Michele was presented today in the blog as seen by lifestyle Bunny.

Wiesnwoche: On Bambi’s Tracks with Lassy Fair

In our Wiesnwochen today’s post we concentrate the animal world again. Sabine Zechner alias lasy fair transmits the magical world of fairy tales and stories as silhouettes in jewelry. In enchanting scenes discovered Fawn Bambi its surroundings and converses with small birds, who have settled on the branches. The filigree, two-dimensional appearing pieces of jewellery are made of stainless steel and were then silver plated or gold plated. Faceted glass underline the feminine charisma.

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Fishing Tour

A tour company is dedicated to organizing fishing tour and adventure in the Falkland Islands (Malvinas / Falkland, according to advertising, from Rio Gallegos, provided that the applicant meets some basic requirements and have a wallet that allows you to afford fish for trout in territory occupied by the English, as in our Patagonian rivers.

The information leaked due to an advertisement that promoted a fishing tour with the title / Hitch: “Would you like to fish in the islands?”.

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Flying – diving – running

, There are watches for every occasion and for every conceivable kind of sport. This spring, several new models were introduced to not only pilots, divers and runners must forward.

S.a.r. Fliegerchronograph mill Glashütte

In collaboration with the rescue pilots of the German Navy mill developed glass works the new S.A.R.. pilot Chronograph, including flight speed can be calculated with the. The chronograph using the start handle in the SAR typical Orange signal colour marked at 8 o’clock in motion is used for this purpose. Once the stopwatch seconds hand has arrived at the end of the Orange 10-seconds range between 12 and 2 o’clock, the distance travelled x nautical miles is set to 10 seconds in relationship and extrapolated on the minute or hour. The 44 mm stainless steel case with black dial and hands with Superluminova and indices allows a fast and good readability. A robust, 2.5 mm thick Sapphire Crystal protects against shocks. Reliability and precision guaranteed the automatic movement of MU 9408 with 48 hour power reserve, whose patented Woodpecker neck adjustment ensures a steady course under hard conditions.

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Amour Heart Beat Ladies Automatic Collection Of The FrÉDÉRique Constant

ShuQi in FC-Manufaktur

Since 2008, is the actress Shu Qi Ambassador brand Frédérique constant in China and involved campaigns for charity in collaboration with the “paint A smile” Foundation and the Beijing children’s Hospital. In close cooperation with the Geneva-based manufacture, they designed a watch series, the amour heart beat automatic.

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Fishing Alejandra – Santa Fe

A little over 200 km. north of the city of Santa Fe on Provincial Route 1, is the town of Alexandra, the destination of choice for our fishing adventure.
To be more precise, 10 km. south of the town was waiting Juan Carlos Firpo, our guide and owner of “The Picazos”, a complex located on the banks of the river, our resting place.


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With the Timex expedition E-altimeter on the Zugspitze

Rosi Bayer and WS4 after the run 2009

On July 11, it’s again, many runners compete to the Zugspitze in the „ Zugspitz extreme mountain run “ to conquer. About 2,235 meters be overcome during the 17,94 km long route up to the highest peak of in Germany. The best runners create this distance by two hours. Again with this Timex and two ambitious and experienced mountaineers of the running club Mittenwald. Rosi Bayer and Michael Knilling with the Timex expedition WS4 were the fastest in their respective age group last year. This year, both want to repeat her success with the Timex expedition E-altimeter.

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Fashion Label Napapijiri Debuts in the Watch Sector

Napapijiri Watch

The Italian fashion label Napapjiri presented for the first time a watch in a limited edition of only 150 pieces worldwide, reflecting the philosophy of the brand as well as the technically high-quality of Swiss watch makers craft. The sporty and functional Unisex Watch is equipped with luminierten hands, and every one of the 150 watches is numbered. The clock in the Napapijri flagship stores from January 2011 for a price of 389 euro is available.

The gentle form of femininity

Delight FC 220WHD2ER3Bab 695 euro

In the year 2008, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Frédérique Constant under the name delight brought out a collection designed exclusively by women for women. The feminine design and the soft, ergonomic shapes contributed to the success of the collection which is why the Frédérique Constant delight 2010 series will include two more models. Through its ergonomically curved housing subtly rounded and polished surfaces provide a pleasant wearing feeling of the wearer. The two new watches in the collection are available in a steel and a bi-color version. The limbs of their smooth steel bracelets were alternately bright polished and unpolished. In addition, there is an easily removeable satin strap to each Frédérique Constant Delight®. Their very well readable dials are decorated with a discrete heart Guilloché in the Centre, as well as by hand polished Arabic numerals and diamond markers.

Classic, Elegant, Female

Frédérique Constant FC-303CHD2PD4

With new models from the collection „ ladies hearts automatic “ that Frédérique Constant presents timepiece, which are aimed at women, like it more discreet. The „ ladies hearts automatic “ watches have been created by women for women and it shows up also them. They are classic, elegant and feminine – just like the women of today.

Freshwater Fishing Tips

The reservoir El Carrizal in the province of Mendoza, provides a constant and very funny pique. Besides living a day aboard rafts typical mirror.

El Carrizal reservoir and dam are emplaced in the middle reaches of the river Tunuyán, in the center of the province of Mendoza, upstream of the city of Rivadavia.The mirror has an approximate length of 14 km and a width of between 4 and 5 km.The road leading to the east side of the lake crosses the wall from where its blue waters and the landfill are observed. On that margin they are several fishing clubs and nautical, allowing the visit of tourists who enjoy these places paying a very convenient entry.

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Awarded Golden balance 2010

For five years, which is „ Golden balance “ awarded jointly by the Watch magazine and focus, and focus online. It is one of the largest choices of readers with nearly 10 000 participants. In the category until 2500 euro sense Special watches, Nomos and Max Bill by Junghans nose had front. In the category of up to 5000 Euro scored glassworks, Chrono Swiss and Breitling. In the price range Special watches up to 10 000 euro were sense and Chrono Swiss TAG Heuer the winner again. Breguet, meaning Special watches and Lange & Söhne were convincing in the price range up to 25 000 euro. The even more expensive timepieces were H. Moser & Cie., Lange & Söhne and Glashütte original. The special technique fell to Patek Philippe.

Advent Calendar: Lacoste

The sporting brand with the crocodile has it all. Not only high quality clothing is one of the portfolio by Lacoste, but also shoes, eyewear, perfumes and watches. Doing everything with a polo shirt began that was invented by the tennis player René Lacoste. But the crocodile was before. Confusing? Not at all:

René Lacoste was initially known as tennis players. He won including the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in 1924, and was one of the leading tennis players in the world in the 1920s. He got his nickname “the crocodile” in 1927, not only because of his fighting spirit, but also because of a bet. René Lacoste described this way: “the American press has been nicknamed”the crocodile”me, due to a bet with the captain of the French DAVIS COUP team.” He promised me a suitcase crocodile leather if I win an important match for our team. The American public has remembered this nickname, which reflected my toughness on the tennis court – I just can’t let go of my victims! My friend Robert George designed for me a crocodile, I embroider left on the Blazer I wore on the tennis court.”

Lacoste Collection GOA

At that time, it was still common to wear long-sleeved, starched shirts in the practice of sport – not comparable with the present functional sports clothing! René Lacoste designed cotton shirts in comfortable knitwear, which could absorb sweat and heat more pleasant to wear for his personal needs. In cooperation, the industrial production of the Polo shirts, wearing the crocodile trademark began in 1933 with the stocking manufacturer André Gillier. The first shirts were of course white by the closely related to the sport of tennis. But why do they wear Polo and not tennis in the name? Due to its comfortable properties, the Polo Shirt quickly in other sports became the preferred garment, such as golf or horseback riding. When Ralph Lauren 1972 took the pique shirts in his Polo collection, it must be happened – the garment got his name.

But back to Lacoste. The lifestyle brand finds its inspiration continue in sports, which have added to the tennis now also golf and sailing to. The reference to the freedom, movement and elegance and thus a common lifestyle is felt in all three sports. Sports and casual elegance are also are shaping not only fashion but also watch collections. Since early 2006, the TWC/MGI group is a licensee of clock lines, whose Kollektionen match twice change year – fashion -. Fresh colors and graphics, as well as fashionable band variants determine the image. Christophe Pillet, Creative Director at Lacoste watches, has made it the task, to combine the modern with the past by Lacoste. The timeless modern timepiece characterized by clear forms and are marked with the distinctive crocodile. The prices range from 79 to 299 euros.

Unisex Watch by Lacoste from the line of GOA

To win, there is today a Unisex Watch by Lacoste from the line of GOA made of stainless steel and plastic. The trendy timepiece is water resistant to 3 ATM and has a value of 79 euros. Answered easy question and write the solution in the comments field. The responses are released tomorrow at the end of the competition. All participants agree with the prize rules.

In which category on the website of the manufacturer is our present day gain?

(Tipp: WIR meinen nicht die Oberrubrik „Uhren“)

, By the way: To crocodile bags is probably no longer a bet. Lacoste takes on the animal welfare action “save your logo” part to the preservation of biological diversity and is committed to the preservation and protection of the extinction of endangered crocodiles, alligators, caimans and three.

Meeting Fisherwomen

The Correntina Federation of Fisheries (Fe.Co.Pe.) held next September 20 the first fishing tournament varied coast with exclusive fisherwomen return to the occasion to welcome spring. The event will take place at the Club Fishing “Mbiguá Mboy” and Chase.
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Happy sport anniversary

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Chopard, the Swiss manufacturer has launched a new variant of its most famous clock, the happy sport on the market. The limited special model with large logo is decorated in an elegant dark blue, which symbolizes the clear night sky. In this sparkling five mobile, diamond star in the sky or on the dial. The starry sky is surrounded by a stainless steel bezel, which is quite simplistic or set with diamonds. Whether on a dark blue alligator leather strap or the satin ribbon worn the happy sport 150 is a true statement of marks and cuts a fine figure both to the jeans to an evening dress.

Advent Calendar: Toywatch

Toywatch K22BL

Miley Cyrus wears one, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey wear them too, as the Hilton and the Simpson sisters, even CharlizeTheron was seen with her. On the wrists of famous men, she was also spotted: Al Gore, Michael Jordan, Owen Wilson, Mark Wahlberg, and many more. There is talk of the cult watch ToyWatch, which is grown mainly in the United States to a coveted lifestyle accessory. The trendy timepiece in over 70 leading Jewelers is available in Germany and Austria. Is what the clock so popular? It is a fashion statement and refers to the lightness of fashion.

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