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Fishing by Eugenio Rivademar

Hello to all friends Fishing Argentina !!
The weather in the Northern Patagonian region (San Martin / Junin de los Andes, Bariloche, Esquel) was characterized by a very dry summer and slightly higher temperatures, with highs of more than 30 ° C.
Limay 2nd. 2.16.17 (8)

This situation defined a low level of water in the rivers for these days (March). In addition, the water level causes a change of behavior in salmonids. Concretamiente, the fish seek placed in sliding deeper (more fresh, oxygenated water) and pools, and therefore with cooler waters. This situation does not provide much fishing as there are to be found in those places (pools). To this we must add that the excess fish in one place generates fights between them by space; and therefore fewer catches when visiting a river. Of course there are special cases, such Collon Cura River, which always gives us good fishing, beyond the water temperature.

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Wedding Guest Dresses for Winter Weddings

Today we will give you some advice to guess the look right for a wedding. Obviously in this case is not you the bride, but a guest. Remember that the bon ton is clear: so avoid any weirdness and outrageous outfits because it is the bride who sees to be the center and not you! Indecision, peek at the choices of those invited to the VIP weddings can be a good idea. As you see women really classy never exceed and are not allowed quirks and vulgarity. Continue reading

Pique Fishing

In the Uruguay River, seized almost 1,400 meters networks abandoned by poachers

Log in and find out how is the pique on the most important points of the country.

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Caribbean Style Jewelry

Cheerful, colourful butterflies, flowers in the colors of the Rainbow, sparkling stones in shades of Rosé – and Aqua – the jewelry world kidnapped this summer in the tropical paradise that radiates exotic Caribbean feeling and demonstrating the wonderful facets of nature. Immediately several jewelry brands have the tropical theme dedicated to. Continue reading

TeamViewer You Update on Android with Support for Wake-on-LAN

TeamViewer, remote control software solutions company and online collaboration, announces the release of the new version of the app for remote control developed for Android. The updated version of the application provides a number of new features, including support for Wake-on-LAN which is one of the most requested features from users of TeamViewer for Android.

Working environment of companies are evolving with a progressive distancing of the concept of “a single desktop for end user” to an approach that focuses on the user regardless of the device they are using. To meet the needs of this evolution, TeamViewer for remote control app gives users the flexibility to connect quickly and securely to a computer via a mobile device, regardless of location. Continue reading

A Fishing Horror

Terror. The same, again. Fishermen discovered a large fish kills in the river Gastona, a few kilometers from the mouth on the front. “Over several kilometers you can find catfish, butterfish, shad and rowers dead. This was the biggest disaster of the year, “said Jose Amador Briz, one of the athletes who could take pictures of the disaster.

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Wedding Dress Lace Embroidery

For the new 2016 collection of wedding dresses signed Maison Lord, the Italian fashion designer Victory Foraboschi serves light and precious line, made ​​of lace and embroidery chic. The bride who is looking for a romantic and slightly retro feel, but at the same time sensual, will find a number of unique models, the result of painstaking research. The attention to detail is the hallmark of the fashion house now known around the world. A distinctive feature of the collection 2016, the ability to change and transform every outfit at will, to suit the day of the wedding according to the needs of the bride. Continue reading

Rock n Roll Jewelry Fashion

MY iMenso

Today is the day of rock ‚ n ‘ roll, reveals the small calendar. Although this actually really the rock ‚ N ‘ roll, so the music from the 1950s is meant, would we not so tight to cover the topic, but today you show jewelry inspirations for the rock and festival time. Some of the largest and most prestigious open airs such as Rock am ring, rock in the Park, Southside and the hurricane are already gone, others still pending. Continue reading

Oppo Unveils SmartSensor

During the second day of the Mobile World Congress 2016 going to Barcelona, Oppo has announced a new technology for image stabilization called SmartSensor.

The solution presented by the Chinese manufacturer is not only innovative, but is also the most compact currently on the market.

Whereversmartphone measure vibrations directly on the three axes of roll, pitch and yaw of the sensor, providing some compensation through a Microelectro mechanical systems MEMS System in just about 15 milliseconds. This is the first case of image stabilization through the sensor and not through lenses. Continue reading

Fishing in Uruguay River

Brazilian blow dealt to fishermen who were traveling in boats on the Uruguay River in the town of Monte Caseros, who absconded to be detected by a patrol of the Naval Prefecture. In their flight they left abandoned 23 networks of Brazilian origin that were to be used for fishing for different fish species in the Answerresume, which were seized.
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Vera Wang Pink Wedding Dress Spring

The collection for spring 2016 signed Vera Wang has a central theme of lightness and transparency. The American designer has presented the new line during New York fashion week, showing the new look of the bride, a mixture of romance and style dark. With transparent fabrics such as tulle and lace, and cuts mostly elongated, the female figure is placed clearly in the foreground, with an affectation of form rather aggressive but softened by chic embroidered floral pattern. In short, a perfect combination of the new trends in 2016. Continue reading

Tiffany and Co Yellow Diamond Ring

This year we saw unfortunately still too rarely – the Sun in all its splendour. Shy, she hides behind clouds and let them go first. So that we don’t forget, what lively and warm yellow she dresses, we imagine today just a few magical gems the sky planet – at least colour – emulate.

Rings from Tiffany & co. with yellow diamonds framed by Pink and white diamonds, blue sapphires, or orange Spessartinen Continue reading

10 Watches

Often when we pass people on the street or at the bar we look at the clocks that are currently fashionable. Large specimens, bizarre watches huge sizes, colors cantosos … even wristwatches poor quality or that mimic retro models. About tastes there is nothing written, as is known to spare but do you really consider buying one of these watches?

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Save The Golden Fishing

Gold, yellow, tiger river, whatever you call it. It is the jewel of our fish fauna that a group of fishermen want to protect once and for all. For that reason, they presented a bill for the species to be protected in our province, putting on the same level as Salta and Santiago del Estero.

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Wedding Dresses Aire Barcelona

The new collection of wedding dresses signed Aire Barcelona, is full of proposals for the 2016 and offers a wide variety of dresses from romantic and modern cut. The Spanish fashion house is known for its simple and chic lines, perfect to translate all of the latest trends in the beautiful models. From the wider to more members, the many wedding dresses 2016 really meet all the needs. It just has to find out what style suits you more for the wedding day. Continue reading

Atelier Reister ARS

So, how delicate facial expression lines and small wrinkles reflect the personality of a man, so also the finely structured surfaces give the jewelry by ARS – short for Atelier Reister Straubenhardt – a special and individual character. But unlike the human aging, the structures incorporated in 750 gold and Silver 925 are wanted and deliberately caused. Times they remind of thirsty Earth, time’s sand-blasted rocks, then again on plant surfaces or even fossil relics, which retain their shape in precious metals. Continue reading

LED Bulbs with Dimmer Switch

One of the most common queries that make us reach customers and users of our LED products is, without a doubt, ‘residual’ lighting that sometimes remain in some products (especially bulbs LED) LED after the light is turned off through the switch. There are many who believe that this is due to a bug in the product, but nothing is further from reality, since several are the main reasons to light bulbs that produce this, which I shall detail their most common solutions.

Switches with light (from presence)

The small neon bulb that lies within the interior of some switches serves as signage to be visible in the dark. This light is internally connected to the switch, making a bridge to this in order to pass by a small current which makes it look. This makes it flow a minimum current to the LED light bulb installed, which can produce the installed LED light bulb is illuminated in a tenuous way.

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After Allegations Of Poaching, Fishing Gold Prohibit Between Goya And Stoned

Fishing guides Bella Vista reported a depredation of gold in the town, following the presence of a shoal that water moves up. Before the warning and control orders, Natural Resources announced that prohibit fishing for this species between Goya and Stoned.
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Enzo Miccio Wedding Dresses

The 2016 collection of wedding dresses Enzo Miccio is characterized by a very sophisticated and romantic style. The wedding planner much at ease in the role of designer, as he showed us in recent years, wanted for 2016 a proposal full of special creations, dresses in the finest and most loved white with lace decorations and unique details. Let’s find out the news of the collection in 2016 Enzo Miccio. Continue reading

Esprit Jewelry Collection

Father – and mother’s day in a week – and children’s day (1 June) is also not far away! Who is looking for a nice gift, finds a wide selection for MOM, Dad, the kids and himself at Esprit. The jewellery and clock area of the fashion labels is well placed and includes trendy and elegant pieces at attractive prices. Continue reading

Petzl Headlamp Reviews

In the darkness, the less lit areas, tours on – everywhere you will need a simple, small device that you simply attach to your head and you will have your hands free to work. Headlamp is one of the integral part of the equipment of all who are preparing for a hike in the night or early morning when there is no light. Čelovek are plentiful. You can find absolutely the most ordinary, but on the other hand, even the most sophisticated. Petzl headlamp belongs in the intermediate category. Cost is very reasonable and certainly everyone a lot of good serve. Headlights but besides tours use while at work. Even if you work in a well-lit room, will definitely be more comfortable and have better-lit place to which stares.

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Night Fishing Tournament Next In Las Palmas

The Undersecretariat of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Production extends the invitation to all people to participate chaqueño 14 Fishing Tournament Night Varied Embarked with Return this weekend will be held in Puerto Las Palmas. Contestants will compete by a motorboat and the general public can enjoy the great musical festival with popular artists.
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St. Patrick Wedding Dresses Online

The new collection of wedding dresses San Patrick 2016 are perfect for those who love an elegant style and romantic, but at the same time sensual. Each model will allow you to create the right look for feel of real queens in wedding day. The careful search for quality details makes this precious and refined, made ​​both classic suits with wide-cut princess, both of members models and slipped, to enhance the shapes of the bride. The great thing about discovering this new collection? Observe every detail, which can really make a difference to your look. Continue reading

Doll Up Sisters Armband

We wish you all a Happy Easter and hope the snow spoils you not the springtime! Our cure for the winter blues: Just enjoy the merry Fellows by doll up sisters! Continue reading