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Olsen Twins Fashion Style

Copy the look of the Olsen twins, actresses and sisters in recent years also designers who dictate trends as very few other international stardom. The Olsen often choose to wear garments against the trend, always ready to propose new diktat and to show off quirky accessories to make each of their unique look.From the clothes in total black or bright colors for the red carpet to casual chic outfits in everyday life, we discover together the most beautiful look of the Olsen twins. Continue reading

Mont Blanc Haute Horlogerie

Elegance with traditional touch: Villeret seconde authentique

In recent years MONTBLANC has acquired continuously watch-making competence – sometimes Word for Word, for example, through the acquisition of Minerva watch factory. With its unusual creations and spectacular innovations the brand that was originally high quality writing instruments, has made itself a name also among watch connoisseurs. Only the women’s world was so far a little outside this development. This has changed with the presentation of the new collection on the SIHH in Geneva. Call the new models with a total of three variants, which are established in 1858 in gate top collection Villeret Villeret seconde authentique.

That the news of the 58 pieces are limited, detracts from the joy a little, because without a doubt, the creations encounter a far greater interest. Especially since the choice between models is difficult. Mother of Pearl on the dials, pink-gold case (which are also well-proportioned 36 millimeters in diameter), finely executed details, sparkling diamonds are the external characteristics of the watches. Behind the inner workings of the surroundings in nothing: here the in-house hand-winding calibre MB 62.00, which is ticking with a traditional 2.5 Hertz frequency works.

Shine of diamonds: Villeret seconde authentique jewelry version

Is a special treat the collection Villeret 1858 seconde authentique “pour Elle & Lui” (image top), which as its name suggests as a couple model 58 times in doubles is sold. The men’s model of this variant characteristics are largely identical to those of the women’s model. Only the housing is slightly enlarged with a diameter of 39 mm.


How to Change Your Breasts During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the moments of greatest transformation of a woman’s body: the breast swells, areola change color, and the breasts are preparing for breastfeeding.

The pregnancy is the most delicate moment in a woman’s life, the period in which our body undergoes drastic changes and especially the breast gets ready to nurture a new life. Already during the first weeks of pregnancy your breasts begin to increase in volume and subcutaneous blood vessels become much more visible. No fear is a normal and natural process which involves among other things also a color variation of the areola, which is accompanied by an uneven pigmentation and a feeling of heaviness that with advancing pregnancy will become more evident. Even the nipples become enlarged in proportion and become particularly long and turgid. Continue reading

Fashionable Outfit Ideas

Most interesting look of 2014, the most fashionable outfits worn by equally beautiful women in the last year, have been a source of inspiration in various fields, from fashion to that of the show. Looks that have marked the year that is about to close have made ​​their appearance on several occasions, from the most beautiful walkways in the world to television sets, the red carpet at the social events and snapshots taken by most anticipated weddings of 2014. Continue reading

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Jubilee Platinum

Ago 180 years has Antoine LeCoultre built its first watches and thus laid the foundation stone for the company, that today under the name of Jaeger-LeCoultre in a quiet valley in the Swiss Jura resistant horologische Delicatessen presents. For this anniversary, the factory now devotes to him a collection of three watches, including the master ultra thin Jubilee, the currently slimmest mechanical watch with manual winding of the world, which is one of the highlights on this year’s SIHH in Geneva with their 4.05 mm height. Continue reading

Nail Polish During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should pay close attention to cosmetic products that use during pregnancy and even Nail Polish is no exception.

During pregnancy, a woman must be particularly careful about what he eats and the substances with which it comes into contact. Abolished alcohol and smoke, no ifs or buts, we must pay attention also to the cosmetics that you use normally, as hair dye, body creams and even Nail Polish. These products may contain substances that could be harmful to the unborn child. See nail polish safe in pregnancy. Continue reading

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

The Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2010 ended a few hours, but already fashionistas feel the lack of magic and the atmosphere that reigned in the streets of Milan, crowded with people and celebrities or illuminated by lights of the shop windows of the shops open for the ‘occasion. Guests of this great white night of fashion were also Luca Argentero and Irina Shayk, testimonial of the brand Intimissimi guests of the boutique gallery Pattari right next to the Duomo. Lots of fans who tried to snatch an autograph and a salute to the handsome actor, as well as many boys eager to conoscre the maternity fashion of Cristiano Ronaldo. Continue reading

IWC Ingenieur Automatic Carbon Performance

Is without any question the engineering collection among the icons in the watch world. The origins of their development date back to the 1950s. By their appearance from cool and functional, their inner workings bribed then through sophisticated technology. These included the first double-sided feeding automatic winding and the magnetic field protection.

Power performance under the hood: the calibre 80110 can be regarded by a Sapphire Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy 5 with Marshmallows

We tested for about 24 hours and today we offer the video review of the Samsung Galaxy 5 with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. This is a very interesting update which does not change the overall experience and not distort the Touch Wiz but finally goes to make really well all the hardware. In particular finally RAM management problems have disappeared, and reloads the closing applications without a valid reason.

Additionally the Ui was slightly updated icons and some colors making it very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7. In the video we used as comparison a Lollipop 5 Notes and, as you can see, performance is virtually unchanged but the day to day management is significant improvement since the optimization is clearly superior. Don’t change the suite’s Pen and the General functionality but we find a series of Android-side implementations for managing permissions, using the app battery optimization and other internal features to settings to handle all notifications and details. Continue reading

Vogue Fashion Night Out Manchester

Are you ready for the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out? Missing only nine days in one of the most important events for the international fashion: the great white night of fashion license plate Vogue, in its second year, it will land on the 9 September in Milan, with a calendar of events really rich. There will also be Luca Argentero and Irina Shayk: where to find them? Simple, to the store microedu of Pattari Gallery! The two testimonial of the brand will be present at VFNO to customize some of the garments in the collection autumn-winter 2010/2011 . Continue reading

Girard Perregaux 1966 Chronograph 42mm

Annual calendar, Minute Repeater, so the equation of time and Äquation: the complement of the line presented in Geneva is home to these three elaborate complications in 1966 Girard-Perregaux. This combination of complications requires an appropriately complex mechanical movement: 400 components have unified the watchmakers of the manufacture in the 42 mm case.

Harmony on the dial

Simple elegance: the new 1966 combines three highly sophisticated functions. The elegantly proportioned dial with silver-plated finish in the Sun-brushed forms the background for the various indications. Around the dial, solid hour indices of gold are applied with sharply defined profile. When looking at the dial the Sub-dials for the date of striking first, that is placed between one and two o’clock. The months appear in a window opposite, which complements the function of the calendar. The design takes into account the different month lengths and needed a correction only once per year: late February date must be adjusted by hand, which is comfortably above the Crown.

Between four and five o’clock the equation of time (Äquation), appears on the dial – with a small pointer to a semicircle. Here, the difference between the middle and the real solar time is specified. Because the length of the sunny days in reality is constantly changing, while on our watches a constant mean value is displayed. Only four times in the year the length of the true and the average sunny day match, while the deviation up to 16 minutes can be on certain days, as is the case for example in November. And turn your car precisely contoured Bâton hands over the ads and display hours and minutes.

Resonant interior life

This masterpiece of the art of watchmaking is completed by a minute Repeater. The carrier can play her acoustic hours, quarters and minutes. To create a crystal clear audio, the mechanism of percussion instruments with great care must be set one of the most difficult tasks for a watchmaker, for which he requires not only skill, but also a good hearing.

The hand-winding calibre, that is visible through the Caseback Sapphire, continues a long tradition of watchmaking with Girard-Perregaux: here the balance bridge in form was realized a half arrow (in our lead story image links to recognize); an item for characteristic for the high-quality movements of the manufacture is.

Total produced only 15 models of this exceptional timepiece. Prices are on request only.

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation Reviews

Hi girls!! After seeing how to choose the right color of foundation we see an equally important issue: how to orient ourselves among the many types of foundation and choose the one best suited to our skin type and our needs


And ‘the most widespread because thanks to the best-medical-schools (more or less moisturizing) can be suitable for both dry skin, normal or oily . According to the texture can have a more or less high opacity. You can be applied with the fingers, with the triangular sponge or brush for foundation starting from the middle of the face and going out. Lately I’m using theeco-bio foundation Avril without parabens and silicones and I am finding it very well! Continue reading

Blake Lively Gossip Girl Fashion Style

The Italian fashion could not miss on the set of Gossip Girl , Blake Lively as a good lover of the most beautiful accessories made ​​by big brands could certainly can not miss this opportunity to bring his passion for iTypeMBA also in the series that made ​​her famous . Now all the looks worn by Leighton Meester and his colleague blonde on the set are role models for us here is in fact our Serena playing this time with a more casual outfit, so casual that we see her wearing high-heeled boots in the filming in Figure whole and the most comfortable boots ugg for close-ups! Continue reading

Bag for Laptop Buying Guide

Bags for laptops are designed to comfortably carry our laptops during business trips or vacations. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types, and how to choose the right laptop bag model based on criteria of quality, comfort, price and accurate information to the consumer.

Continue reading

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Lady

Today the security gates to the SIHH in Geneva have opened up, the first of the large watch fairs in the year 2013. Vacheron Constantin launches the round dance of the horologischen highlights. The Geneva-based manufacture of tradition stands this spring in the women’s and three of their most important collections expanded emphasizes feminine interpretation of the time. The Malte collection continues the celebration of its 100th anniversary with models that highlight the sensual curves of their emblematic casing shape. The new models of the lines Contemporaine and the collection of patrimony traditionnelle demonstrate the outstanding jeweller’s art of the Gemsetter of the House. And finally the newest line of the collection called the métiers d’art, Florilège, inspire with three masterpieces of traditional decorative arts the fairer sex.

Patrimony Contemporaine small model Gold Bracelet

Also the patrimony Contemporaine is awarded with the Geneva hallmark for quality watch

Be the epitome of a completed form the round body of the line patrimony Contemporaine characteristic simple design underlined, that has become a reference in the world of Haute Horlogerie. This timeless collection has been extended this year to a women’s model in two variants, harmoniously combine technology and aesthetics. Both have a 36-millimetre case in Rosé gold. The silvered opaline dial of a model is framed by a bezel set with round diamonds. The original, diamond-studded hand is another style element, that corresponds to all the current zeitgeist. Its continuation is the urban elegance of this model in a bracelet, Rosé gold, whose Glieder pleasantly Nestled around the wrist of the wearer. A sapphire glass back provides an insight into the mechanical automatic calibre 2450 Q6. The second model with a total almost 800 round diamonds is a credit to the jeweller’s art of the manufacture. Here the gems adorn not only the entire dial and bezel, but also the strap is lined.

Patrimony traditionnelle Haute Joaillerie

An impressive proof of the competence of the Vacheron Constantin House in the area of decorative handicrafts is the new model of patrimony traditionnelle Haute Joaillerie, whose 35-millimeter casing is setting a unique spectacle of light and where the time in a bed of diamonds loses as it were in eternity. This model with a housing diameter of 40 millimetres is available.

308 baguette-cut diamonds provide the patrimony traditionnelle for a shiny appearance

All white gold surfaces by case, dial and clasp are staffed completely with baguette cut diamonds total 16,04 carats, collected according to the technique of nail version (serti à clou) and thus only by fine pins.

Métiers d’art – weds

Finest email art meets watchmaking perfection: métiers d’art “Weds” -.
Model “Chinese Orchid “

at Vacheron Constantin, the métiers d’art is a young but already well-established tradition.” This year, however-Vacheron Constantin presents a novelty: a line created specifically for women, called the métiers d’art – weds. This trilogy is an enthusiastic tribute to elaborate botanical illustrations from the England of the 19th century and combines three of handicrafts in the manufactory: the Enamellers, of the period and the creator of precious stones. The plant motifs on the dials are the from 1798 to 1807 resulting work the Temple of flora Robert John Thornton borrowed from. The three models in the line are driven métiers d’art – weds by the 4400 calibre, that gives a touch of poetic contemplation these timepieces with the symmetry of his group. Thanks to its large Spring House, this work offers an autonomy of around 65 hours.

Tinycam PRO Monitors for IP Cam Free for Today Only at Amazon App-Shop

Securitypology official site offers us today completely free of charge, tinyCam PRO monitors for IP Cam, application available exclusively for Android which allows remote surveillance, control and digital recording for many models of public or private IP network cameras, video encoders and DVRs.

Using a connection 3 g/4 g, or even WiFi, pictures or movies can be recorded also in MP4 and also any type of file can be imported or exported on memory card or even cloud. Continue reading

Affordable Fashion Trends

The low cost dresses are a trend increasingly rampant among the stars, celebrities of great success recently, however, do not disdain creations at a bargain price even for events of great importance. A time wearing luxury clothing was the rule for actresses and singers, a way to show off status symbol desired by all women, but fashion low cost to you today to dictate the rules of the day in the international fashion system. Continue reading

Raymond Weil Nabucco Cuore Caldo Twelve

Twelve, so 12: unmistakably is the turning point between yesterday and today, between past and future in Golden-red letters on the dial of the most recent edition of the Nabucco Cuore caldo by Raymond Weil.

Striking twelve: the new Nabucco Edition Raymond Weil has the change transition from day to night design. Continue reading

Blake Lively Christmas Shopping

Christmas really our Blake Lively leaving the set of toppharmacyschools right for the time to devote to a good cause, the end is Christmas, right? Here is our blond and beloved queen of style in fact participate in an initiative at the famous bakery Sprinkles Cupcakes in New York, during which he even drew a cupcake all its own intended to raise funds whose purpose is to help Oxfam initiatives Internacional who will develop projects in favor of Somalia. To maintain a line like his, certainly Lively will not touch any of the cakes on display, how else would come in the beautiful Gucci skirt wearing? Continue reading

Sarah Jessica Parker Fashion Style

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the icons of style more fashion of this generation. His look, on set and off, have dictated trends as very few others in recent years, she has a reputation for shoe designer and fashion designers whose creations the actress has brought to the fore. To date SJP also has an active role in the fashion world, but his passion for eccentric outfits and very daring has never failed. Let’s review together with his clothes on the red carpet unforgettable. Continue reading

Oris Artelier Regulateur Review

Harmonic: Oris has given an even more elegant look his Artelier collection. The Swiss watch manufacturer of Oris his Artelier series has given a new look. His is the premiere of the new design with a Regulateur with small seconds. In spite of the modern appearance follows the Artelier Regulateur of an old watchmaking tradition. Continue reading

Womens Winter Parka Zara

Modern young people looking for freedom and modernity combine style with simplicity and comfort. Active lifestyle implies universal and practical clothes. One of these items of clothing are in the park, not just the actual this year, but well protected from the cold and wind.

Continue reading

Most Fashionable Awards Ceremony

On the occasion of the 2015 lawschoolsinusa, the star showed off looks very fashion, dresses made ​​from the most famous fashion houses in the world in seductive and sophisticated forms at the same time. The most famous actresses in the Hollywood star system have trod the red carpet of the most anticipated of the year Awards gloved in unique creations, exclusive outfits and sometimes very eccentric, ready to be talked about for a long time. Continue reading

Blancpain Ultra Plate Saint Valentin

It’s something of a tradition that the watch brand Blancpain celebrates Valentine’s day on February 14 with a timepiece created specially for the Festival of the lovers. This year, a model from the collection Ultraplate with its forms, colors and gemstones which are inspired by the universal symbols of love, to charming romantic souls. 14 heart, which can be found on the dial, case and rotor are central motif.

Let the heart talk: the new Valentine’s day Edition of Blancpain at the Centre is the classic symbol of love Continue reading