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Maurice Lacroix sold design items

Launched in 2010 Maurice Lacroix and wallpaper * their first joint collaboration with designers Gwenaël Nicolas, Arik levy, Neil Barrett, a reinterpretation of the Pontos Décentrique GMT. In 2011 its own interpretation saw the opportunity, again three designers this in 2007 the design award red dot award-winning classic develop. The watches were presented in March 2011 world watch and jewelry show “Baselworld” and auctioned off by 1-22 June 2011 on The proceeds will go to three charities of your choice the designer.

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ice-watch-classic fluo collection

ice-watch-classic fluo collection

The bright colours of the new classic fluo collection of Belgian watch label ice-watch awaken memories of the late eighties, freaky leggings and scarves in their hair to great tousled mane, giant saucer earrings and the first AHA videos on the music show formula one. Also in the new millennium, the color itself shapes the image of fashion. Everything is allowed. Everything can be worn. Everything is worn …

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GC 4 Executive

GC-4 Executive

As the latest creation in the GC men collection, we welcome today the GC-4 Executive. The 44 mm size XL enclosure with the conical integral approach piers, as well as the elegant beveled bezel a bold elegance and are expressed according to the will of the designer’s success and self confidence. The elegant fittings on the bezel and the structured multilayer dial provide contrast and interesting light reflexes. The carbon dial of the chronograph, structured in the middle with Sun decor, is through three interconnected energy meter and clear Rod indices in scene.

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Two watches by sector as holiday gifts

As we end may treated ourselves two weeks holiday in Italy, we could of course not completely let by our interest in jewelry and watches. We wanted Yes „ just look “, so just let the storefront on us and maybe a or other display inside a business. However, there were two outlet Center, which of course wanted to visit Jeannine, to keep looking for the one or the other bargains in the vicinity of our resort. In addition to some offerings from the world of fashion, which we could let pass not just ungekauft to us, we also encountered an outlet store of Morellato. There were not only jewelry, but also a selection of watches of the corresponding brand sector. Fine watches … and now our – at least two of them

ice-watch: New collection „ ice jelly 2011 ″

The Belgian watch label ice-watch® 2011 presents the highlights of the coming season with ice jelly. Just in time reflect the new blends of color, the color trends of the late summer and the upcoming season to autumn fashion Haute Couture. The newly interpreted colours symbolise clarity, purity and provide an intense and pervasive colouring, fully can unfold on a tanned wrist. In the dark a catcher, in the spotlight is on the new collection the night PEPs of the timepiece of every outfit, no matter what color …

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Shipments of Tablet “White Box” with Phone Capabilities

As detected by Digitimes Research, shipments of tablet “white-box” with phone capabilities, products that are usually HowSmb by other companies, declined on an annual basis in the second quarter.

This decline is due to the fact that major markets on which they are usually sold have seen a weakening economy and growing competition from China’s most important brands that are expanding in overseas markets. Continue reading


Classic dive watch design with the advantages of a chronograph, implemented with great attention to detail, so presents the DUGENA premium NAUTICA EVO. Powered by a precision quartz movement, fitted with clearly crafted dial (indexes and hands with luminous markers) and the packed everything into a finely crafted stainless steel housing. Equipped with either a stainless steel bracelet or a black leather strap with white contrast stitching. Like all watch models from the collection DUGENA premium, it is fitted with scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal and a screw-down Caseback. Designed as a diver’s Watch, it has the obligatory unidirectional rotating divers bezel and is waterproof up to 10 ATM.

Technical details:

Images: (c) manufacturer

Ladies diamond Conquest – a touch sporty elegance

Longines ladies India mound conquest (L3. 281.0.87. 7)

With sparkling diamonds is the conquest line from the Longines sport collection presented a whole new shine. In the tradition of the conquest line the floor is screwed; for these new models the Crown is also laterally protected. All models are water resistant up to a pressure of 5 bar and the bracelet has a clasp with push-buttons. The stainless steel housing with a diameter of 35 mm on all models of the conquest of the Ladies diamond wraps a three hand quartz movement with date function. The new watches are available in 2 model series.

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Purchase Umbrellas in Bulk

It seems that summer is over and will soon go out with coats, closed shoes … and umbrellas. Usually autumn and winter clothes are more muted colors or downright bleak, despite annual calls from designers from all sides of cheerful colors in cooler days. For this autumn yellow has emerged as the top cheerful color. But while clothing generally remains little more conservative than they would like designers, accessories are the ones who can bring mood even in torrential rain. Especially in torrential rain! Because umbrellas are a little underrated in our accessory or object that is used for functions rather than aesthetic considerations. I like beautiful things like floral umbrellas, I like everything about it is beautiful, then why umbrellas are only functional?!

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Wize & OPE: a clock – many ways

Bright colors and Colorblocking lie not only in the fashion trend, but also more and more can be seen on his wrists. Colorful summer watches in plastic or silicone light brown skin and radiate joy of life. It will be difficult if the desire for color is larger than the budget. The French brand Wize & OPE has found a solution that relieves not only the holiday budget, but at the same time awakens the play instinct and the joy of the combination. According to the modular principle, the various elements of the Wize & OPE watches can be separate and easily replaced. We have tried it! Bracelet, spacer (slider), and housing are placed on a kind of track can be separated with just a few hand movements. The tapes and slider are sold separately. There is it in different colours, patterns, and with Rhinestone trim. So as every day new to assemble his clothes up, the clock that can be combined.

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Yamamay Bikini Reviews

Yamamay, Italian brand specialized in underwear male and female, presents his new collection of swimwear for the ‘summer 2012 . Yamamay is a brand that has been able to draw upon if a lot of criticism, especially for the choice of the testimonial and collaborations not exactly spot on, but who knows if, with this collection of female costumes from the bathroom brand will receive positive or negative criticism. Let’s find out by looking at the photos in our gallery with all the costumes offered by Songaah.

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Fresh ideas from the Switzerland

Pierre Junod – Halo Watch

With unusual designs, fresh ideas and Swiss know-how the design wants to manufacture „ Pierre Junod “ established on the market. Leaving the demanding timepiece for her collection design both young and enthusiastic, as well as internationally renowned architects and designers with great joy. Each individual watch is produced in their workshops in the Switzerland. No effort be spared as faithfully to implement the creative clock concepts of the form about the color to the size. With the best materials: Stainless steel, quartz, scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal, aluminum, leather.

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Party Dresses with Flights

Dresses with flights. One of the trends for this summer that is going strong are the maxi dresses. I have already said that the dresses long but not enough with that are long are, they have to be bulky and long flight.

Personally, it is a trend that I love. First, because I think that dresses are the option more fresh and comfortable for the summer, especially if they are long. And, in addition, because the proposals of designers as Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo, DKNY and Hermes (see Smber) seem to be of the more sophisticated.

It is easy to imagine how any of these dresses, a summer sunset, with the breeze marina and a cocktail in hand.

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Vacheron Constantin: endurance with Tourbillon

Vacheron Constantin: patrimony traditional Tourbillon 14 days with caliber 2260

Force for no less than two weeks can the new patrimony traditional Tourbillon 14 days by Vacheron

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Shoes for Short Dresses

For short dresses always use heel shoes to Stylize your legs and the hairstyle must be collected as loose can sit in wonder.

A short dress with heels completely stylized figure. A few classic peep-toes the same color of the dress.

  • In the summer we use sandals
  • In winter, use some classic shoes

If all we take a short and wide dress, it is advisable to take boots wide, to help refine your legs and balancing our figure.

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Mühle – Glashütte: Terrasport II

Mühle Glashütte – Terrasport II

Mühle – Glashütte continues II with the new Terrasport the tradition of his sporty instrument watches. With its brushed stainless steel housing, it is nonetheless anything but intrusive. The sand-colored or black dial reveals with delicate hands and clear figures the time at a glance. A red second hand, as well as a corresponding red marker at 12 set high-contrast highlights. Above all the towers „ broad arrow “, the sign of classic pilot watches, and shows clearly in which tradition this timepiece looks. Equipped with a 200-1 SW movement with 38 hours power reserve the mill typical finishes make, such as the Woodpecker neck micrometer and the own mill – patented rotor, this timepiece to a strong co-pilot.

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How to Recover Damaged Makeup Products

Waste is out of Fashion, the chic today is to recycle, repeat outfits (say the Duchess of Cambridge, or Kate Middleton, as it is still known by many), and who has not passed the sad situation of seeing an item any of toiletry bag or makeup ? Be a lipstick, a blush of a most valued brand, a lipstick that has a color super hard to find and match your skin, or a particular enamel that is out of line that has a particular color but over time over drying, let’s say goodbye to certain products is training detachment too , isn’t it? Well, not to mention waste, as I say, it’s “out” or super tacky. With that in mind, we took some basic web truquinhos to retrieve your products so super simple.

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Holiday dreams: A day at the beach

Beach holiday by the sea, mountain air breathe in the Alps, observe wild animals in a jungle Safari, sightseeing in the metropolises of this world or simply relax on the balcony of domestic – there are many different ways to make your vacation and to enjoy. For almost every experience, there’s also the matching jewelry – and we show it to you! In the next few weeks we imagine selected pieces of jewelry, which the last holiday remember, awaken the joy to the next or to serve as a vacation replacement. Quite how it like like to take we your travel tips and wishes on. Just write us in which handsome holiday world we may take you as a comment or by email at

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The Best Pop up Tent

POP’UP camping store is a store instant assembly . Just remove the rubber that holds folded and throw it into the air. It is a shop for 2 people. In the technical description of the store places that fit up to 3 people, but if we want to sleep comfortable and have a place to leave backpacks, recommended limited to two people. Besides mounted alone, it is also a store ultralight camping, with barely 2kg, making it very easy to transport.

The POP’UP shops are a model shop very basic campaign. Just hold 2 stations, ie summer season, late spring and early ot ONO. This meant to go camping a few days and does not have many features, but these cases have the minimum covered with an exceptional price. The store is nylon with taped seams, a door with mosquito net and a small sale na back. It is available in three colors by barely 42 €.

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How To Choose Shorts More Suitable To Your Body

The shorts are doing all crazy! Every woman has at least a pair in their closet. Not all models of shorts, however fit every physique. Want to know what the perfect one for you? Read here!
Are the must-have.

All women wear them.

The sea, in the office, for a drink with friends.

Paired with flat sandals or high heels.

Plain, floral, in jeans. They come in all tastes and for all occasions.

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Gucci slim design for men

Gucci G-Timeless Slim

With three new variants, Gucci Timepieces supplemented his men’s watch G-timeless collection. By designed Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Gianni watches carry the nickname “Slim” and followed according to the current design trend for less great watches. The stainless steel case are a comfortably sized with a diameter of 40 millimetres. On the other hand they have a construction height of just six millimetres.

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Olive Green Pants for Ladies

Fashion comes and goes, but style remains. Although the new fashion offers to buy four times a year, not to forget about your wardrobe treasures. The remix idea is to dig out old clothes and the wardrobe to see how many uses it is to them by making small changes.

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Milus Tirion TriRetrograde seconds DLC

Milus TirionTriRetro TIRI017 – front

An open dial with multiple layers, three retrograde seconds, visible bridges: Milus understood it, with these elements to create a signature, which is at the same time unique, immediately recognizable and in numerous variants. It presents itself gradually classically in the skeleton design or rather „ casual “ in the titanium finish. for some time, there’s the TIRION TriRetrograde in a very sporty version with a DLC coated housing, as well as dial and bezel made of carbon fibre.

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Junghans goes Bogner

, The Bogner clothing manufacturer has found a new watch partner. Switching Junghans by Bogner future Junghans will be responsible for the production of the clock line.

Bogner “Willy” Chronoscope by Junghans

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