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Bandage Dress: Trends and Fashion

The spring summer fashion is full of trends that appeals to many women. One of the pieces that will be very successful this year without doubt is the bandage dress.

This model of dress is ideal for women who enjoy a more sensual, as it emphasizes and valorizes the curves.

This model got its name because of its horizontal stripes that mark the whole length. Most of the time these tracks are made from spandex, lycra or rayon, which are fabrics that shape the body, leaving the most fair. This feature lets the dress special.

If you are thinking of creating a look with this trend, the following shows how to use various models of bandage dresses.

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Loveys s.Oliver jewel

sOliver lovey heart

Mix and match systems are from different manufacturers, but the buckle by s.Oliver „ Loveys “ is already something special. He links the clip pendant perfectly with one of the two matching silver necklaces to a beautiful unit such as a jewelry loop and makes the individual combining a breeze.

Also the present followers are

interesting. For example the hard rock day tooth from Rose Quartz, or the detailed and glossy clip trailer „ snowflake “ and „ flower “. As a special highlight worth mentioning is the beautifully polished blauschimmernde heart, made from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. An extra detail is the small star with fine Zirkoniapave.

, By the way: the intricate pattern, for example from the „ snow flake “, reflected also in the matching earrings.

Bride Dress Trends 2016

After innovations in transparencies, there are many armed skirts and ostentatious models. The 2016 dresses bring a well oriented to the classic collection, traditional, the white models. The fashion colorful dress seems to have caught attention with enough force. Some bold famous still use pink or blue, but the traditional white is walking on the agenda even. If you will take the white wedding dress altar, know what is in fashion and the main focus.


Glamour and style for the big day are always welcome, but other armed skirts as the princess wedding dress models are not fashionable. The lighter fabrics and looser in the body, showing the curves, as the mermaid tail shape are the most evident in the industry shows. You can have long skirt? You can also walk in the fashion and with that in known arrastadinha great syrup floor. But nothing too armed, especially if we are talking about plus size fashion. However, if your dream is in traditional ateliers you still find models of large armed skirts with tulle and well – marked waist, great for those with a thicker waist.

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Fortis launches anniversary year

Ago exactly 100 years ago presented the watch manufacturer of Fortis his first model. The marine master is one of the most famous lines of the company. For the first time, she was expelled at the beginning of the 1940s. Always the creative Zeitgeist created years reflected over the years and were always among the best sellers of the brand.

Fortis Marinemaster chronograph vintage

No wonder, then, that the first special model comes from this line in the Jubilee year: The MarinemasterVintage chronograph a design from the 1970s resumes. The 40 mm wide stainless steel case houses a self-winding caliber. The dial under the curved plastic glass is available in two versions: black with orange design elements or anthracite with blue elements. Both appear in an edition of 500 copies, which cost 2960 euro each. In the course of the year more anniversary models to appear, but no further in the retro-look.


Fashion World Party Dresses

We continue to talk the subject “special wedding” today and we will bring you the second part of the Fashion & Beauty Editorials which we did in the party of the MAISON BAIS. Today’s tips are to mothers of brides, bridesmaids and even to the guests who cannot have a powerful and glamorous look very in a marriage party! Being invited to a wedding is so delightful (we love a party!). Anyway the invitation shows that the bride and groom wish to share one of the most special moments of their lives with you. For who’s going to be godmother, in fact, the despair is even greater. It’s almost a psychotic break. Choose a party dress for the marital dress code is essential to at the altar and it can ensure that your party is a success. The dresses of the bridesmaids are always observed by the guests, just behind the dress of bride. It’s practically a parade of red carpet. Some people can even create a “diva” style by combining a nice dress with a suitable hairstyle and powerful jewelry.

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Raymond Weil with new Maestro

With “Quantième à Aguille”, French-speaking watchmakers call display the date through a pointer. And thus, also the name of the new addition to the Maestro line is explained by Raymond Weil. Said date pointer turns its rounds in the current model of launched in 2010 line at three o’clock and thus forms an elegant counterpoint to the small second at 9 o’clock. With this optics hours available for EUR 2090 Gets a balanced harmony.

Raymond Weil: Maestro Quantième à Aguille

The Maestro Quantième â Aguille seamlessly in the clock line inspired by the classic watchmaking joins. This underlines a dial with Sun guilloché in the Centre, Roman numerals and Breguet hands. Because despite this gentle embellishments understated elegance in this M of 41.5 mm measuring clock in the foreground. A self-winding movement, which can be seen through a ground glass at work provides for the drive. Â Aguille with stainless steel case, embossed calf leather strap and buckle is delivered by the Maestro Quantième.


4 Latest Trends in Party Dresses

Every year we have different types of parties, so they’re always launching new trends in dresses to suit all styles of women.

Not to run the risk of making mistakes in visual, most women prefer to know what is on the rise each year.

One of the best ways to keep up with fashion is keep an eye on fashion weeks and walkways that anticipate the collections each year and season.

Many models of party dresses for wedding, for example, have already been released in advance and show what’s going on trend.

Several renowned designers launched trends for the season, so many bridesmaids, graduates, and wedding guests are already wondering what models will dominate next season.

So, if you like to follow the fashion of the moment, the following are the main trends in party dresses.

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Vacheron Constantin Malte refreshes

Ago exactly 100 years ago has presented Vacheron Constantin his first watch with a casing. The Geneva Manufactory has taken this anniversary as an opportunity, refresh the tonneau housing of his collection of Malte. Highlight of the four new models is the tourbillion variant, in which the newly developed form 2795 works with hand-wound. The caliber, that embeds into the newly designed housing beautiful due to its shape, consists of a total 246 items and has an autonomy of approximately two days when fully wound. The 38 times 48,24 millimetre watch in rose gold is available.

Vacheron Constantin Malte Petite Modèle

Second top model of the new collection is the Malte Edition 100ème anniversaire. The mens watch limited to 100 copies has a case made of Platinum. With a dimension of 36.7 by 47.6 millimetres, it is a little smaller than the tourbillion. It is also equipped with a manual winding movement. A large barrel ensures an autonomy of around 65 hours when used 4400 caliber.

Petite seconde Malte is not limited

. Her pink gold case has the same dimensions as the anniversary edition. Inside, a close relative of the 4400 4400 AS uses the caliber. As with all other new Malte also this watch after the revised criteria of the Geneva seal is.

Rounded off be the refreshed Malte collection by Malte Petit Modèle, a 28.3 times measured 38.75 mm watch with pink gold case. This is with 50 diamonds (0.95 carats). The quartz movement ensures reliable display of the time in 1202. In the tapes, the lady has the choice between alligator leather and satin.



Party Dresses and Accessories

Hi friends!!! Today the hunch of luxury is inspired by a country which is one of the most mysterious countries in the world and has influenced the fashion with the richness of their culture for decades: India! For being multi-feminina, colorful, graceful, and full of details, Indian fashion always had featured in the universe fashion. Have you ever noticed that the Indian woman, regardless of having a good financial condition or not, is always wearing jewelry which has a lot of colors and shines? Actually, everything has a meaning: in India, spruce means praise the gods. So, the more the better! The Indian give many inspirations to Brazil. In fashion, for example, major brands and designers brought special woven fabrics in color variations to their national collections, and they are used to apply lace and crystals; all of these illustrate elements of this rich culture and unusual form.

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Fashion topic non-ferrous metals

Watches in colorful metallic look will be the major theme of the trend on the fashion-oriented wrists this summer. Guess presents this trend among other things through the micro mini and it just takes a second hip design.

Guess micro mini, 99 Euro

Because after years away more and more watches adorned the arms, are the mini sizes, which are in demand this year again. The models measure just 26 mm. However crystals on the bezel and the four colours to choose from, highlights on the wrist in the truest sense of the word. Between warm Orange, marine blue, bright pink and shimmering emerald green can the wearer the appropriate style pick. Case and bracelet of watches available for 99 Euro are made of high quality aluminum and provide true featherweights on the wrist.


How to Change RAM Memory in a Laptop

Many times when we noticed that the computer will slow the first thing we think, after wanting to throw it out the window, is in renewing it. Take it easy! It is possible than before to consider change it with a new one you can renew it and give you a little more power to make you endure before retiring it.

If you have a laptop, you can change the RAM memory and improve your ability to manage more applications and make it go smoother. The process to change it is simple and we now explain it you step by step so you can see how it is done. Good notes, because there are some very important details. Want to know what does RAM stand for? Click to see meanings in computer terms.

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Women’s Plus Size Prom Dresses

The general rule that less is more doesn’t fit the plus size world. Here, the more the merrier!

The world of fashion understands that the pattern of real women has nothing to do with the predominant thinness of the walkways, especially when it comes to Brazil.

The beauty on the streets is hot. Women full of curves and charm usually worry about the trends that value the best.

The plus size women of today know to explore their own beauty explores the strengths of her and loves being onsets. There was a time that plus size brands selling clothes look like granny, dark shades and fabrics. Today, the brands that insist on this concept tend to leave the market.

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Sense: Technology meets fashion

Dress by Anja Gockel and model 756 Sinn

Actually, the watch brand known sense than classic engineering brand which stands for robust and suitable for everyday timepiece. It is in the truest sense of the word Special watches, which themselves have proven for years in professional applications. But leave in the fashion environment the watches from Frankfurt a good picture, how the current fashion show for the designer Anja Gockelim took part of the Mercedes Benz fashion week Berlin 2012. At the event, the new collection of winter 2012/2013 by Anja presented Gockel. To do this, the models wore a variety of mechanical watches of sense on the wrist.

Dress by Anja Gockel and model 756 Sinn

, Starting point for the unusual cooperation was Anja Gockel itself. The designer wears even the Frankfurt financial district watch by sense. Also, sense has expanded its collection of women’s watches and found also new fans in recent years. Make these watches, according to the corporate philosophy, a synthesis of aesthetics and practicality, of sophisticated design and modern technology.


Romantic Look Dresses in Soft Color

If the delicacy and romanticism is part of your life, you probably also like to bring this tastes on your dress. There is no rule. But it is natural that our way of being is also our way of dressing.

A delicate look is lighter, soft colors, also known as pastels which by its delicacy, let the woman even more. The prints more muted are also part of a delicate look.

A delicate look can be used on all occasions, formal, casual, elegant parties, more relaxed, just know how to wear them, making a difference in details such as transparency, embroidery, glitter, tissue fluids, among others. In addition, it passes a picture of relaxation, comfort and playfulness.

See the photo below. A super delicate look to be used perfectly by day, a trip to the mall, on an informal occasion, but which also combines perfectly with a party at night, with thinner sandals.

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Everything new at Kienzle

With a completely new collection of Kienzle goes in 2012 at the start. The makers of the brand have worked after surviving bankruptcy since April, 2011 at the new appearance. And at a record pace: because the end

Lady K: Gold Plaque model with mother of Pearl Dial and Swarovskikristallen on bezel (229 euros).

K core: black PVD model. Available in various, colour-coordinated dials (99 euros).

2011 were the first new models in the trade. And in 2012 gas is delivered with even more new watches continue vigorously. The restart is also a return to a traditional brand essence Kienzle: “Watches for all” intends to offer buyers the company headquartered in Hamburg, as the brand founders themselves had made it in 1822. According to the prices of watches for about 80 Euro starts and finishes at 550 euros. And a further historical detail is taken up in the new watches always again creatively: the small red ring is typical of Kienzle. Mostly tauhct he

overall, the collection is divided into four lines: the basic collection is called K gates, combining classical elements, functionality and responsibility. Under Lady K summarizes the ladies watches that are characterized by elegant details like Swarovski crystals, for example. The collection of sports watches called K spirit. As a top line the K 1822 models complete the latest collection.


watches are powered by Swiss quartz movements of Ronda. In the course of the year, the collection will be expanded. Whether there will be then again mechanical models, has so far not yet imparted.

K spirit: stainless steel with screwed Crown and screw Caseback. Resistant to pressure up to 20 bar. Milanaisearmband with safety clasp (399 euro).


Nice Dresses for New Year’s Eve

1. Color for New Year’s Eve
2. Dresses with brightness
3. External link: Dresses for New Year’s Eve
4. For New Year: Tons Babies
The turn of the year is coming. You begin to make plans for where and how to spend New Year’s Eve festively. Amid the planning comes the concern clothing. Check below five dresses tips for New Year’s Eve.

  1. Color for New Year’s Eve

You can innovate and fall to the color of the prints. Check the beautiful models that would yield perfect for New Year’s Eve:

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Skagen: Sport purism

, The inspiration of the racing are cannot be overlooked when the new chronograph titanium collection of Skagen. So, the design of the Sub dials clearly reminiscent the cockpit of a race car. Skagens company founder and chief designer Henrik Jorst has incorporated in his own passion for fast cars in the design with. Nevertheless, the clear and puristic language of Skagen is still unmistakably in two variants available clocks.

Skagen titanium collection (249 euros in black, 239 euro in grey)

Thanks a ultra light titanium casing has very high wearing comfort of timepieces. To choose a version available with titanium grey with carbon elements on the dial for 239 euro as well as the model with black IP treatment and bright brushed elements, which costs 10 euro more. Both versions are equipped with the characteristic of Skagen Mesh Bracelet made of stainless steel.


Best Sunglasses for Summer

Warm summer days may be gone, but that does not mean that we can not keep the best of them, and autumn.

Of course, the fashion industry has a good idea how to make it happen. Australian designer Karen Walker invites us to an endless fun with his collection resort.

The line of sunglasses worn theme name “the Poolside”(“the pool”) and gives good advice for the ladies, understanding how important accessories it is.

The collection is inspired by the paintings of swimming the English painter and bridgat photographer David Hockney.

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H Stern Jewelry Review

Many women are fascinated by jewelry! They are objects of desire, are on the list of the top gifts which let any woman with a powerful visual! The H. Stern is one of the brands of vip jewels that always brings design and fashion trends throughout the world. Brazilian pride! Other jewelry companies and even jewelry look up to their releases.

Katie Holmes, one of the most famous actresses of Hollywood, is the star of the new campaign of the H. Stern Jewelry.

The pieces are part of the collection “Ancient America” (America). The H. Stern Jewelry was photographed by Tom Munro. This is the second campaign of the actress for the Brazilian jewelry brand.

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Bras to Enhance Breast Size

Bra is an indispensable intimate garment the woman but a of the most complicated to choose. The choice of the size and model is not always easy.

Surprised knowing what around 70% of women used an improper bra size. Fact that affects not only aesthetic issues but may result in different mammary pathologies develop.

It is not the first time that we address this issue and after revealing the math to find the proper bra size formula, is one further step in the search for the ideal bra.

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Evangelical Dress Style for Party

Skirts and dresses are the main parts featuring women of evangelical religion in terms of dress. Nothing is as feminine as a skirt or dress and trends launched by its milliners never fail to include these pieces in their shows. Moreover, today there is a market fully facing the evangelical fashion, carrying options are very well dressed abound. So let’s seek inspiration in the famous order to assemble an elegant evangelical look!

Models of dresses for a Look Evangelical

Short dresses for evangelical

Short or long, the dresses should not be too tight in the body. The fabric should also not too mark the body parts as well not spend a good impression in a religion that is based – to dress – a description, so the evangelical look should be discrete. The dress height should also be just a little above the knee.

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Jennifer Hudson and Gucci in the service of music rescue

Oscar – and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson was on February 11, guest star, as Gucci and the recording company program presented the Music Preservation.

, Gucci and the Recording Academy, so the organization that awards the prestigious Grammy Awards, work together since September 2010. Within the framework of this partnership it was decided among other things the launch of Grammy Special Edition jewelry and watch collection, designed by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. Another goal of the partnership is the support of the music preservation program, a central concern of the Grammy Museum and an important initiative, which strives to preserve important music recordings. Because they are a central part of our common cultural heritage.

Gucci Timepieces and jewelry is committed, to participate in the selection and editing old recordings for a digital processing. There were spent already many months to sift the Muzak archives before it was decided to publish the work of four eminent musicians and to work within the framework of the partnership. The selection of genres and artists, whose working fostered by the support from Gucci Timepieces and jewelry, was by Frida Giannini together with the heads of the Muzak of the Grammy Museum and archive.

Jennifer Hudsons choice of the evening: I-Gucci by Gucci (995 EUR)

In 2011, more than 30 recordings were digitized this by Fats Waller, as well as nine original compositions. So are these restored musical treasures of a new generation of music lovers at the disposal. The new digital recordings were officially by Gucci Timepieces on February 11, and jewelry presented at the Grammy Museum. In this course Jennifer Hudson has performed unplugged some of her songs.

Discover Proper Party Guest Dresses

When we are invited to go to a party or special event, the first thing you think is: “with what clothes I go?” This question is very common among us women, because we always want to be beautiful at any time, especially at parties. If the occasion is a graduation party, for example, it is time to think about the dress we have in our wardrobe, is not it? And this time we ask ourselves whether it is suitable or not for the occasion.

To help you choose your look for prom and take the doubt whether or not you can go with that outfit you have, I selected some models of dresses that are perfect for guests. But before passing the tips, remember that nothing is the rule, as there are several types of graduation party, and some are more sophisticated and simpler. So in addition to keeping an eye on tips, the best alternative is to use good judgment to know if the clothing is appropriate or not.

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Phaeton DVIP wristwatch with Android operating system

The company with the somewhat cumbersome name long „ Shenzhen Phaeton nice electronic high-tech manufacturing Co Ltd “ introduced a wristwatch with quite interesting technique. So a processor clocked at 1.2 GHz is currently still with Android 2.2 inside, „ Froyo “ is powered. An update on Android 4.0 „ ice cream sandwich “ is already in development. To display and to operate a capacitive was 2 ″ mounted display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. There’s still a MicroSD slot, a camera, a microphone, and much more SIM slot next to the double agent. According to the manufacturer the 800 mAh battery should last a week in the standby or 36 hours in continuous operation. The clock is currently only offered in the United States and goes there for less than $ 200 over the counter. It is not known whether it creates the clock in local businesses in this country.