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Raffle special Middle-Earth: Jewelry for the film „ the Hobbit “

„ My darling! “ it is now again in the Filmpalästen. Hobbits and dwarves take the canvas, fearsome orcs are defeated, it must defeat a dragon … the long-awaited history of the Mr the Rings trilogy – „ the Hobbit “ – has been implemented not just cinematically, but comes with a collection of jewellery.

The distinctive jewellery elements from history and are dedicated to the different characters. The rings of the dwarves appear as massive seal rings made of Silver 925 in appearance. The family coat of arms – includes 13 in number, because 13 dwarfs the adventurer Squad of Bilbo Baggins – can be collected in the form of beads. Key is the key that will open a hidden door into the Interior of the Lonely Mountain Dwarf leader Thorin, without the dragon Smaug it gets wind in the truest sense of the word. For the ladies, there’s a very feminine and sweet Elbenkollektion, dedicated to Galadriel. Many topics are available as charms in Silver 925 and over can for example over the duration of the trilogy – also „ the Hobbit “ is divided into three – collected.

The magic collection was by Schumann design in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer products EMEA carries out and is available in the online shop happy toys including.

At the beginning of the first part „ the Hobbit – an unexpected journey “ Schumann design creates the Dragon chain Smaug in Silver 925 with leather band in the value of 49,90 euro. We are giving away the necklace under all commentators that tell us which piece of jewelry you like best from the collection to January 6 and why. At best, her scrolls you just once through the catalog! Like, you can write to even how you liked the film. Apply our policies for winning game.

Photos: manufacturer


Save Water with Toilet Water Box

Toilet model has versions with dual drive to meet different needs

Choose the toilet model is an important moment not only for the bathroom composition but also to the economy of water – a subject that has become a priority given the current water crisis that the country is experiencing. For these reasons, consider purchasing the toilets with attached box.

Compared to the valve designs, this version is more economical because it has a certain amount of water in the reservoir (6 reaches liters).

The wall discharge model can be activated as needed by the user, with no water limit to be released. So, if triggered by six seconds, this model can spend up to 14 liters. If the discharge is used eight times a day, the consumer has already reached the amount of daily water indicated by the United Nations (UN), which is 110 liters per person. Continue reading

The iPhone was Stolen from Friends and You Have No Insurance?

This is annoying! If your iPhone was stolen from friends and you’ve completed any insurance for theft protection, it doesn’t help if you upset more about, that your iPhone has been stolen and you have no insurance for it, so your iPhone won’t come back Yes! It must be a new phone for you as soon as possible! And since your iPhone was stolen friends, you order maybe best cheap mobile phone insurance to, which includes also the theft protection, what do you mean?

With us  you will find guaranteed your new phone if your iPhone was stolen from friends. And if you have no insurance for your mobile: we have a super cell phone insurance offer!

Your iPhone Gets Stolen? There’s Replacement:

Pilferer stole your iPhone? It happens every month just 14,000 mobile users in Germany – your Smartphone or iPhone is stolen from them. Usually, they have no insurance for it of course. With us in the online shop on mobile in rates you find guaranteed the appropriate replacement that friends can move about, that your iPhone was stolen. In addition to the new iPhone 5 and 5C in different colors, we have other super-equipped smart phones of from different manufacturers offer – for example by HTC, Samsung, and LG. Just look in our shop and find friends from a smart phone, with which you you comfort, because your iPhone was stolen from friends.

No Insurance for Mobile Phones? Get One Here!

IPhone stolen friends? And you have no insurance for that? With us you get the all-around protection cell phone insurance from Friendsurance. This is the ideal mobile phone insurance for those who still don’t have insurance for their phone, because it insures your mobile phone not only against theft, against fall -, water -, and breakage, against liquid damage, broken display, operation errors, and much more, you’re insured – so and all at a really good price! No insurance for mobile phones offers you more: In case of damage, Friendsurance the new value of your insured smartphones to 100% reimbursed friends!

Chip In the Brain and Aid of a Computer, a Quadriplegic Man to Move the Hand Back

Ian Burkhart faces the drama of being a young man with quadriplegia. There are about five years, he seriously injured his neck during a dive on a beach in North Carolina, in the United States, which did stop stirring arms and legs. But there is hope: a chip implanted in the brain can cause the man to recover at least part of the movement. In a recent experiment, he managed to move one hand.

The chip is only part of the extensive work of a team of researchers from Ohio State University. The project is essentially to create a bypass, ie a “detour” that restores nerve connections interrupted by injuries.

It’s an idea that fits well for Burkhart, now 24 years old. The spinal cord injury, more precisely in the vertebra C5 prevents the brain it can direct the body to move, contract muscles and so on. What does the bypass is then overcome this limitation from another method of communication.

Speaking so, it seems easy. But to get to this stage, were months of dedication and hard work. Continue reading

Advent calendar 13: Leonardo

, The Leonardo brand is known for the decorative vases and glassware, which beautify glass cabinets and tables in trendy colours. But Leonardo is decorated not only the apartment, but also people: with „ jewels by Leonardo “ brought to the glass cooking B. Koch jr. GmbH brand for the first time in 2007 jewelry out, which since then is one of the integral part of the portfolio in two yearly changing fashion collections. He focuses on fashion and the associated trends and is created by an own designer. They create special pieces of jewelry that are distinctive and often playful can be combined. Especially the concept darlin ’ s offers plenty of space to try out the own creativity through the arrangement of figurative and abstract charms. The festive colorful, but also elegant pieces of jewelry are – typical Leonardo – made in glass, reflected in polished stainless steel surfaces. Leonardo loves glass – which looks and feels it with every new collection.

The 13th advent calendar door has today Leonardo filled: with an elegant chain from seductive red glass and stainless steel valued at 79.90 euro. As always, you must first solve the turndown game and then fingers crossed. Deadline for entries is midnight.


Leonardo website
Leonardo facebook

photos: Leonardo

New Lumia Smartphones

New Lumia Smartphones

For several days, there are three new Lumia smartphones in the home. The Lumia 640, Lumia 640 dual SIM and the Lumia 640 XL dual SIM. With the three new models the right thing is for every Windows fan.

New Lumia Smartphones at A Glance

The Lumia 640 has a nice size 14.13 cm, so it is excellent in hand and awarded to operate thanks to the 5-inch display. As a processor a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 with 4 cores and 1200 installed MHz clock rate. Thanks to the 8 megapixel camera, you can make excellent shots. Everything on the internal 8 GB is stored. That not enough who can extend it using a microSD memory card to 128 GB. The operating system Windows phone 8.1 with Lumia denim has now also a system named “Cortana” on board. This will help for questions about traffic information up to the memory of birthdays.

The Lumia is the same as the function like the Lumia 640 640 dual SIM, but it has a dual SIM feature. So those who wish to have two numbers and just a Smartphone with it, can combine everything in one device.

And for all those who love’s bigger, the Lumia 640 XL dual SIM is just right. With its size of 15.79 cm and 5.7-inch display, it is ideal for those with large claims. In addition, you get a 13 megapixel camera for better pictures. The technical data the Lumia comes as 640 XL dual SIM as its smaller siblings. Also, it has a dual SIM feature.

Great Free and Trial Versions

Anyone who is buying one of the new Lumia smartphones during the promotion period of the 01.04.15 – 30.06.15, will receive the Office 365 staff 1-year subscription free. Also, dual SIM or Lumia is when buying a Lumia 640, Lumia 640 640 XL dual SIM the app BILDplus digital 3 months in the package included!

Glamour week: Gucci Diamantissima collection

Gucci – Diamantissima rings with email

With new pieces of jewellery, Gucci expanded line of the Diamantissima collection, which has designed Creative Director Frida Giannini the gold jewelry. The new products, which complement the well-known trio of Diamantissima gold rings, one 18-carat gold chain with matching long earrings. Like the three rings are also the tropfenförmigem pendant necklace and the matching earrings with the delicate, famous openwork pattern. The Diamnatissima pattern is crossed way, was built in the 1930s and was the original signature of the Florentine House. The cross-shaped arrangement of the pattern was a precursor of the famous GG logo, that represents one of Gucci’s most iconic motifs.

For other variations, the pattern with black or white enamel is filled. Gucci has for it specifically deals with the technique of the cathedrals-email. Gucci Jewelry uses this technique for the first time and can be run by experienced craftsmen. Each piece is individually made, where the email is carefully applied by hand. The name „ cathedrals email “ has arisen because the finished pieces reminiscent of the window a cathedral.

Gucci chain Diamantissima, 18 KT., price: €1.690,00
Gucci ring Diamantissima, 18 KT., price: €775,00
Gucci Ring Diamantissima, 18 k GG with enamel black or white, price: €795,00
Gucci earring Diamantissima, 18 KT., price: €1450.00
Gucci earring Diamantissima, 18 KT. GG with black enamel o. w., price: €1.790,00

images: (c) manufacturer

Smartphone Lost… What Now?

The Smartphone has now become one of the favorite toys of the Germans. Currently, around half of all people living in Germany has at least a Smartphone, the either privately, professionally or both is also used as a (Status: February 2015). Often sensitive reside on the storage of devices some of the data that should go under any circumstances in foreign hands.

Very annoying, it is as if the Smartphone lost occurs – either because you lost it or someone stole the device. We have a few tips for you, what to do, should this situation arise again.

Delete Data Using Security Apps

On the market there are several apps that help you remotely to your missing Smartphone to access. In this way, you can lock the device and delete the data. Prerequisite is of course that the Smartphone has an active Internet connection.

Also the big system vendors even offer similar: both Google (Android), Apple (iOS) as Microsoft (Windows phone) (see “my phone”-> “Find my phone”) offer different ways about their cloud services, to track down your missing Smartphone, and to delete the data in case of emergency. But also here assumes an existing Internet connection.

What to Do If Your Phone Can Not Be Tracked?

There is no connection between the Smartphone and the Internet and also the GPS is turned off, the instrument can no longer detect and send also a delete command. In this case, only the blocking of the SIM card by the network operator, remains you to prevent at least that someone abused your contract without permission and may be harmful financial. Usually a spare SIM card you can in the same step also directly order.

SIM cards also have a toll-free number 116 116 e.V. lock lock emergency can be in Germany. To do this, you choose the 116 116 simply. From abroad, you can also use this service, however the usual service charges apply here (0049 116 116 or 0049 30 4050 4050).

In Case of Theft: File A Complaint!

Do you have the phone’s IMEI (which is a 15-digit identification number similar to a VIN number on a car) your Smartphone ready, the police can find your device faster. Therefore, you should write down this number and keep safe. It is certainly not a bad idea to also record the serial number.

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Advent calendar 12: Kit Heath kids

A Crown here, a butterfly there – the colourful jewellery by Kit Heath kids collection spread the mood and fell not only little girls, but also gorgeous bracelet, pendant and bracelets, cute ring and earrings in sterling silver are moving their mothers in a Pastel-colored brightly coloured world which recalls children’s birthday, visits to Carnival and Princess castles on sweets and balloons. Lovingly and child-friendly designed charms and beads allow expansion capabilities and can be assembled according to the interests and hobbies of the kids. Dreamy elves and sporting horse lovers find their matching piece of jewelry as well as the proud beginner, which celebrates its seventh birthday and knows how to write the first few letters of the alphabet. The kids line of British designer kit Heath introduced this autumn in Germany and is available from selected jewelry stores and online at amazon.

For our today’s advent calendar game donates Kit Heath – suitable for the Christmas time – a few small star earrings Silver 925 worth 35 euros. Will be raffled among all the participants that have resulted in the subsequent turndown game until midnight.


Kit Heath website
Kit Heath facebook
Kit Heath at amazon

photos: Kit Heath

SIM Cards: Mini, Micro or Nano – That is the Question

At that time, everything was better – or? After all, we had at that time a uniform standard size SIM card that fit into each device. But today it all looks different: in addition to the standard size (the so-called mini-SIM) there’s still the Nano-SIM in addition to the micro-SIM and we really must take care to fit our existing map in the new smartphone.

But what exactly is actually a mini, micro – or nano-SIM? We give you also an explanation of how you can cut a SIM card may be too large to fit in your brand new smartphone next to a short explanation of the different form factors. Who even doesn’t dare to cut to size, can request a replacement card in the appropriate format with its operator course (usually for a fee).

The Mini-SIM

The mini-SIM should be obvious to anyone who already his own called a cell phone during the pre Smartphone. The map is 25 mm long and 15 mm wide, with a thickness of 0.76 mm. The mini-SIM is currently still the usual SIM card, which gets you by network operators. However, due to the ever more compact construction of newer smartphones this circumstance changes slowly but surely.

The Micro-SIM

As a third form factor card known, the micro-SIM is a smaller version of the mini-SIM. Their dimensions are 15 mm long and 12 mm wide same thickness, like the mini-SIM card. Technically there are no differences between the micro and the mini-SIM – only the frame around the chip around is narrower.

The Nano-Sim

With only 12.3 mm long and 8.8 mm wide is the Nano-SIM – as the name suggests – the smallest card in the SIMs. Actually it is even thinner than its two siblings, only 0.67 mm, because here the frame is completely missing. First introduced was the Nano SIM iPhone 5 with the Apple and takes its place today in many modern smartphones.

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Preventing Dog Bites

The lack of socialization, exercise, and health problems are some of the factors that influence that a dog bite someone. Millions of people are bitten by dogs each year and the children are the most common victims. Any dog can bite, but with the necessary education, human and canine side, these accidents can be avoided.

Beware of strange dogs
You and your family, especially children, should refrain from petting a strange dog, especially if they are behind a fence, tethered or restricted in some way. If you come across a dog while you go ride it may seem very nice from a distance, but you do not know their behavior and history. If you opt to caress it and the dog not feel excited, shy or nervous, ask for permission to the owner and ask if it is a friendly dog. If you caress a strange dog at least you do not near your face to yours. Allows that you smell your hand and move near only.

The owner’s consent is also required if you walk with your dog and wants to play with another.

Bites to children
A child and a dog should always be in the presence of an adult. According to petwithsupplies, you as an adult you must teach your child and your dog what is allowed and what not. A dog should not be if it is sleeping or disturbing if you are eating or playing. Either you must corner, pull strap or steal food or toys. It doesn’t matter if the dog is a defenseless puppy, do not tolerate that his teeth touch the child. Interfere if this happens.

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Advent calendar 11: Duepunti

Jewelry fun from Italy: the unconventional rings by Duepunti inspired by an excessive coloration, whose Vielfalt is even bigger through combinations. The gaudy jewelry pieces are made of silicone, in the middle of a natural diamond 0.02 CT sparkles. Currently, 25 colours are available – from bright yellow through trendy Bordeaux up to a subtle jelly blue. The choice is made easy by the price: a colorful diamond ring from Duepunti costs 69 Euro incidentally by the two points on the ring rail – because Duepunti means nothing more than colon – is marked as original. The idea for the trendy jewelry idea establishing the Milanese brand. Silicone meets pop meets jewelry diamonds, Duepunti meets Bridgat

Jaeger-LeCoultre: Time for the Queen

Edition with six copies: Grande Reverso Lady UT with the engraving to the Diamond Jubilee Pageant

From 10. Until 13 may took in London the Festival to the 60th Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II took place. Over 550 horses and more than 1000 dancers, musicians and actors from all over the world showed spectacular performances on these four evenings in the Park of Windsor Castle. Highlight of the event was Sunday, where it was in the presence of the Queen and her husband Prince Philip a special performance.

Extremely limited: Grande Reverso tribute to 1931 with the engraving to the Diamond Jubilee Pageant

To the official timekeeper of the Diamond Jubilee pageant, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been selected. The watchmaker has created for these occasions a Reverso with special engraving was active not just in the timing For men, there is a variant of the Reverso Grand tribute to 1931 ladies the Grande Reverso with diamond Paveé can look forward to a special version. Both versions have a Rosé gold case and a crocodile leather strap.  Most fans of the Royals be must call sometime own but hardly any of these collectibles you. Both versions are limited to six pieces each.


Procam 2: Ios-Camera App for A Short Time to Have Free

Clear and yet rich in features: only on May 15, there is the app of the day ProCam 2 free on iTunes or the app store by Apple. With the camera app, your recordings are a bit professional – unless you need special expertise.

Although running ProCam 2 even under older versions of iOS – to the benefit of the full range of functions, should be on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch but at least iOS 7 be installed. Only then run functions like the slow motion video mode or the nearly 20 Live Photo Filter correctly on your device, as Redmond pie pointed out.

Enhance Photos and Videos

If you want to take photos, ProCam offers you 2 classic features such as continuous shooting or a self timer – but also an automatic trigger that responds to certain sounds or faces. Focus and exposure can be as well adjusted as the level of compression for the JPG format. In addition, you can tag your photos after recording with a personal mark; Time, date, place of recording and copyright can appear on the image as necessary.

For videotaping her for example the frame rate may set and in the slow-motion mode from four different playback speeds. The image stabilizer is particularly practical: would you record a short clip from the set out, for example, at a concert, he helps you avoid blurry. Overall, ProCam 2 is a successful All-In-one solution, you should try out in any case.

de Grisogono: Precious lights

de Grisogono: Tondo by night with amethysts on bezel and flywheel

Bold colors since the success of ice Watch have said for clocks. Now, the brand de Grisogono, known among other things for its colourful artist high class jewellery presents the luxury version of the fashion trends. And that is a treat even technologically.

Already during the day, the new models of the Tondo collection by de Grisogono are a real eye-catcher for the female wrist. In six bright colors of summer the novelties have their appearance, rounding down any colour with matching tuned gems: depending on the model, white diamonds, green Tsavorite, purple amethysts and orange, pink and yellow sapphires set highlights. 48 of the stones can be found on the bezel, 60 more are in three rows on the flywheel of the mechanical movement.

Only at night, their whole splendor that has her name Tondo by Nightverholfen develops new models. As for the housing and the buckle, de Grisogono relies on PLF (pearly photoluminescent composite fiberglass). The novel material with fine mother-of-Pearl inclusions, stores sunlight in the course of a day and then releases when it is dark glamorous again this. A black diamond on the Crown and a Pearl Ray band – also matching – complete the appearance of Tondo by night.

Radiant glamour factor: de Grisogono is a night-luminous material in the Tondo by night

, The spectacular appearance, however no affordable summer fun. Purple hour cost 7300 euros, green is for 8200 euro available. Again 200 euro cost the colors Orange, yellow and pink. For the top model with white diamonds 13 700 euro must be invested.


Update on Android 4.4.2 for Many Sony Xperia Models

At Sony, all signs point to update: many Smartphones in the Xperia series to be updated in the coming weeks on 4.3 Android and Android 4.4.2 – at least assumes a roadmap in the network.

In June and July, Sony will start out properly: during the summer months ten smartphones of the Japanese should receive an update to a newer version of Android. That suggests at least a gel file roadmap, which wants to have received from his contacts at Sony India Just About Phones. To what extent this list is trusted, is open as always.

Planned for June and July 10 Android Update

The roadmap according to be considered in June of the Z Xperia, the Xperia ZL and the Xperia ZR with a rollout of Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Until July, ultra, the M2 of Xperia, the Xperia E1 and the Xperia SP should follow also the Xperia T2. There, however, some smartphones of the Japanese, who are barely a year old, will receive only an update to Android 4.3 KitKat. This subject the L Xperia, the Xperia C and the Xperia T. The updating of these devices is already eagerly expected, run the Smartphone with Android 4.2.2 still jelly bean. Then conclusion should be however with further updates for these three devices suspected Just About Phones.

The roadmap also Xperia Z1 and Z are running Ultra, which have already received an update on Android 4.4.2 – which is not surprising, they were but the flagships of the Japanese until the release of the Xperia Z2.

Jewelblog hits: André Nottebaum by Just Cavalli times & jewels

Since the beginning of February, André Nottebaum heads the German branch of the Morellato & sector group, which includes also the licensed brands Just Cavalli time and Just Cavalli Jewels. The watches and jewelry of the Italian fashion label will find more and more fans in Germany. We talked with André Nottebaum about similarities of jewelry and fashion, price ranges and why the Snake is a design feature.

bridgat: the name of Just Cavalli is known first and foremost as a fashion brand in Germany so far. Briefly describe the jewellery and watch brand Just Cavalli.

André Nottebaum: first, it should be noted that the star designer Roberto Cavalli has launched over ten years ago the fashion label just Cavalli in life. He was thus aimed at a new generation of unconventional individualists. The brand products are made for trendsetters who want to express their joy of life and love of freedom. You are always a fashion statement and of the character through and Cavalli – just Cavalli just. And due to his incredible creativity and his fresh, charismatic style, Roberto Cavalli has also the collections of just Cavalli jewels and just Cavalli time left his unmistakable stamp. The watches and jewelry are trendy and at the same time, the value for money. We close the gap, the Dolce therefore on the market of the fashion labels & Gabbana leaves.

bridgat: how important is the brand in Italy?

“We’re closing the gap, the Dolce & Gabbana leaves.”

Nottebaum: the brand stands for young, fashion-conscious Italians and Italians up in the course. They love the Cavalli-style and that which expresses the brand or the lifestyle that they can express themselves with Just Cavalli. Just Cavalli is very popular in the fashion magazines.

bridgat: the typical just-Cavalli details of fashion are reflected in jewelry and watches?
Nottebaum: The constant use of innovative materials, experimental graphics and animal prints form the typical Cavalli-style and make the collection unique. And in the fashion – as well as in the jewellery and watches Collections. Also is the snake – as a symbol of the House of Cavalli – at the heart of the new products this year and finds himself in exceptional positioning and processing at the jewellery and clocks reflected. The logo and the Monogram are always very prominently placed on the products. In addition, now also a fingerprint on the packaging and promotional materials be used. He is regarded as a new symbol of the creative identity of the designer and the brand itself. And what is also typical for Cavalli: colors, colors, colors.

bridgat: Just Cavalli is a glamour brand or something for everyday office life?
Nottebaum: Just Cavalli is a fashion brand with many easy-to-wear Collections. After all, the Cavalli fans want their brand

ring from the collection drops

wear everyday. Whether in the Office or at the chic dinner or event.

bridgat: what is in the foreground: the jewelry or watches?
Nottebaum: Actually you would have to say which are also jewelry watches jewelry, as many watches and thus like to “adorn themselves the customers and clients”.

“Just Cavalli buyers are fashion-conscious and unconventional individualists and trend-setters.”

bridgat: looks like the typical buyer of Just Cavalli?
Nottebaum: Just Cavalli time and Just Cavalli Jewels provide affordable, expressive and colourful clocks, as well as creative jewelry pieces for a young, life-affirming clientele and for every occasion. The typical just Cavalli buyer is a fashion-conscious, unconventional individualist and trendsetters who want to express his joy of life and love of freedom with the products. Just Cavalli young fashion is pure – for the young, international target group.

bridgat: Just Cavalli is a women or a man brand?
Nottebaum: Currently it is a fashion brand for women even more. However we focus this year on the male audience, for who’s additional Mr clock models and a whole new CAVALLI jewelry collection will be given. The Cavalli fans may be curious about.

bridgat: in which price moves of the jewelry? In which the watches?
Nottebaum: At our jewelry collections, we keep the focus in the range of 70 to 90 euros. Focus for the watches at 150 euros. We make very sure that the price-performance ratio is.

“The Snake is a symbol of the House of Cavalli and this year at the innovations in focus.”

bridgat: how many sales points are there in Germany?
Nottebaum: We have 350 item in Germany. There’s also the new concept store in Milan. 80 flagship stores are target until 2015

bridgat: how big is the latest collection?
Nottebaum: Just Cavalli Jewels consists of around 100 jewelry parts and just Cavalli time from 200 to 220 watches.

bridgat: how often are there additions to collection?
Nottebaum: At Just Cavalli time and Just Cavalli Jewels there are five new products per year. These include new collections as collection extensions. We owe this to our clientele.

bridgat: give our readers a hint: what are the must-haves of Just Cavalli this summer?
Nottebaum: The flashy fashion and jewelry watches continue to set trends with their round housings and are an absolute must-have. The eye-catching jewelry pieces from the collection are drops which dominated the Cavalli snake, a catcher and totally trendy.

Louis Erard – tip with tradition

In Germany the brand Louis Erard is still an insider tip among watch fans. This status may not be due to collection and positioning. Because the company from the Swiss Le Noirmont is exclusively mechanical watches for men and women, the design of which is classic, modern and pleasantly reduced in their now five lines. With prices at almost 500 euros, beginning and ending at about 3000 euro – only with Rosé gold enclosures and stone trim cost prestige models even up to 9000 euro.
This is today greater awareness of Louis Erard, is located mainly on the history of the brand. Because in 38 of almost 80 years of its existence, Louis Erard dealt primarily with the clock Assembly for third parties. The company benefits from the know-how acquired during these years until today.

Louis Erard excellence moon phase chronograph

, The year 2003 marks the restart of the company. Supported by a group of private investors to Alain Spinedi focus was put back on the production of clocks in the upper middle class under the name Louis Erard. This maxim is the company remained true to this day and is also in the boom years to 2007 and since 2010 succumbed to the temptation, priced upwards to Orient. This speaks for the long-term nature of the project and is also possible because the company companies operates independently and is not listed. The success proves the small company with 26 employees right: in the first eight years after the restart more than 100,000 manufactured watches in the workshops of the House. A specially developed exclusive regulator module, Louis Erard 2008 has entered the world of complications. Moreover, Louis Erard has given a modern twist with this development of one of the most classic watch complications.

Louis Erard excellence chronograph

In 2011 emotion, Héritage, sportive and 1931 joined – suitable for the 80th birthday of the brand – the lines the new line of excellence. Round case, clear white dials with indexes and Roman numerals are the neo-classical design of this collection. With a diameter of 36 mm for the female and 40 and 42 millimeters for the Mr models the line shows remarkably resistant to the growth of in recent years. The excellence with moon phase and Chronograph, which is powered by the caliber Valjoux 7751 belongs to the collection highlights in the men’s. With a price of 2419 euro, it belongs to the best Swiss made models with this combination of complications.

For women, the chronograph driven by the automatic ETA 2094 is a highlight. The sporty ambience of the timepiece joined here elegant details like a mother of Pearl Dial and a bezel decorated by 70 diamond. She also offers an attractive value for money with 4219 euro.

Seiko: The clock knowing where you are

The new ASTRON by Seiko was one of the highlights of BASELWORLD 2012. what importance this watch in Seiko enjoys, can you read already on the naming. Because the first quartz wristwatch in 1969 by Seiko also bore the name of astron, and marked the beginning of a revolution of the clock world.

Seiko ASTRON GPS solar in the variant with stainless steel bracelet

A similar fundamental upheaval will not trigger probably the ASTRON of 2012. But it represents the technical ultimate a comfortable bracelet timepiece for frequent travelers at the moment. To make solar cells ensure that you – worry not to power of the clock at least, as long as the clock every few days getting some sunlight. A conventional clock about three pointer ensures a quick readability and must you readjust the perpetual calendar only in the year 2100 by one day (when the then falling 29 February will bring numerous watches a date problem).

So far, so comfortable – but already known. But with their new time adjustment function, the ASTRON enters technical Neuland. Who wanted to rely so far on an absolutely accurate time on your wrist, had to rely on a clock and then be sure, that he is one of the currently six stations in the lobby that broadcast a time signal. Instead of such terrestrial broadcast stations with a limited range, the ASTRON uses the time signals of the GPS satellite network. This network covers the entire surface of the Earth with at least 24 active satellites. As long as you can see the sky about themselves, the ASTRON can receive the exact time signal of a GPS satellite’s atomic clock. This is done automatically once per day. At your fingertips you can query in addition individually the time, then represented with a theoretical deviation of 1 second in one hundred thousand years on the dial.

In addition, the ASTRON uses also take advantage of the GPS system to the location and time zone detection. It is therefore first watch in the world, which assigns the correct time zone to your site and automatically adjusts the local time of the place. Seiko has divided the Earth into a million squares and assigned each of these squares to the right time zone.

Also in the profile distinctively designed: ASTRON GPS solar

-Friendly time zone conversion is now as comfortable as never before: you must reside in the open and press a lever for six seconds. Then the ASTRON absorbs connection to at least four satellites, determines the location and the associated time zone and set the clock to the current local time in 30 seconds. She regard all 39 time zones on Earth, so those who have slightly sloping deviations from the normal time, such as, for example, Nepal, located three hours and 45 minutes before Central European summer time.

, The indication of a second time zone and adjusting to daylight saving time with just a push of a button complete the facilities of the watch. The collection includes four models of high-intensity titanium and two watches stainless steel price range from 1950 up to 3300 euro and comes in the autumn in the stores.


Audemars Piguet: change management

, The Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet has a new CEO. The former CEO Philippe Merk at short notice leaves the company. New man at the top is François-Henry Bennahmias. Bennahmias was previously responsible for the American market and has made one of the most successful watch brands in the United States in recent years Audemars Piguet. According to data from Audemars Piguet Bennahmias is an interim solution to the post of CEO. The Exchange was established with „ differences in strategy “.

Audemars Piguet is one of the last independent luxury watch brands in the Switzerland. Seat of the company is Le Brassus


White Blouse Oversized

The white blouse polarized. For some, it is the flagship of the bourgeois middle class, for others it is the beloved all-round clothes.

I think it is a piece of clothing that is versatile and should hang on every case in every wardrobe.

A simple white blouse in oversize – 1,000 possibilities

The biggest advantage of a white blouse is their color. A neutral tone, which harmonises with all the colors of the entire spectrum of color is white. This means that you can combine everything with this piece of clothing color.

Fits to the white blouse stained squared as well as to turquoise or red. White also has the ability to radiate you. The bright colour rubs off and brings life and light in your wardrobe.

White blouses – basics for your plus size outfits

A white blouse is very well suited as basic for chubby women if she is simply designed. You can wear it almost every day, then change only the accessories, pants and skirts to. She looks for example with a classically-cut blue jeans and comfortable ballerinas ravishing.

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IWC – Sixth Edition for Saint-Exupéry

Already for the sixth time, IWC a watch edition dedicated pilot and writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry. The Schaffhausen factory presented since 2006 in the rhythm of the year a watch model that is reminiscent of the French crashed in 1944 over the Mediterranean Sea.

Typical look also for the sixth “Saint ex”: pilot’s watch Edition Antoine de Saint-Exupéry-vo IWC chronograph

For the new, limited to 500 copies Special Edition, the designers have chosen the Aviator chronograph with the in-house self-winding caliber 89361. Tabakfarbenes dial with solarisation and a leather band with cream-white stitching belong to the permanent repertoire of “Saint ex”-editions, such as the number of their fans now called. Solid pink gold was used for the body, what ensures a lush weight of the clock with a diameter of 43 mm. The finish of the case, replace the glossy, semi-gloss and structured elements is particularly successful. The engraved contours of a lightning P-38, the last plane of Saint-Exupery adorn the case back. The combination of red gold, whose elaborate processing and low Edition is noticeable in the price of the watch. 29 600 euros to invest poetically minded watch enthusiasts for the special model.

, The aviation theme complex is one of the cornerstones of IWC. Since 1936, the company already produces watches that are adapted to the specific requirements of the aircraft. The current Mark XVIIist diverse family of watches is a legitimate heir of this first pilot’s Watch, which become extremely part one. The well presented special model is an offshoot of this family and with some of the in-house technical developments provided, representing an IWC watch–for example, an anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal, which is protected against sudden pressure drops, flying.

The underbody of the Edition features an engraving of the last plane of Saint-Exupery

The name of Antoine de Saint Exupéry is linked since early 2006 with IWC. At the time, the remains of the plane wreck found in 2003 before Marseille by Saint-Exupéry were exhibited in Paris. The exhibition was the first joint project by IWC and the succession Antoine de Saint Exupéry – d’Agay. Until today, the Schaffhausen watch company with the society, which goes back to an initiative of the descendants of the passionate flier cooperates. With you ensuring, that the intellectual heritage of Saint-Exupéry’s remains. Also, IWC is involved also in the charitable arm of the succession and the Foundation Antoine de Saint Exupéry helps pour la jeunesse, helps the world’s young people who grow up in difficult and often hostile environments.



Holiday Makeup Tips

When we visit Christmas markets, mulled wine, cinnamon and orange scent in the air is, then time flies up to the feast days in the fly. Many of us worry about the holiday outfit. If so do thoughts to his outfit, why not then also about matching makeup?

But don’t worry, thinking you have to make any more to your makeup. For you, I have indeed a very simple glamour look for the holidays makeup, is quickly made and can make up in many colors.

Eye-up: Dark blue holiday glamour

I have decided, due to the outfit for a dark blue makeup. Especially festive color variants would be for example in different shades of green (olive, Emerald, Russian…), berries, or copper tones.


The base plays in this eye-up (short: AMU) an important role. Of course you can also omit these. It can be used however the intensify of the AMU’s and the following order of eye shadow. For the base, I use a slightly creamy eyeshadow in pencil form, since this process can easily with the finger on the lid.

Tip: Alternatively you can use also a white, Brown or black pencil. The color should be tuned on the eye shadow which will follow imnächsten step. The eyeshadow is so bright (gold, copper), then the white eye liner is suitable. Accordingly to the dark shades are suitable for dark colors.

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Meaning of GPS

What is GPS?

GPS is the abbreviation for “Global Positioning System” which means global positioning system, in Portuguese. GPS is a satellite navigation system with a mobile device that sends information about the position of something in any time and in any weather conditions.

The GPS was created in 1973 to facilitate navigation systems. Currently, there are two types of satellite navigation systems: the American GPS, which was initially only to military use, and today the citizens already have access, and the Russian GLONASS.

The GPS is used in General and commercial aviation and maritime navigation, however, currently is used by several people, who want to know your position in your own city, and mainly for travel. The GPS has the power to find the path to a certain location, know the speed and direction of the displacement. Currently, the system is being widely used in automobiles, with a system of maps which makes it easy enough to know and discover new paths.

There are several types of GPS, of different brands with solutions “all-in-one”, as the outsiders which are connected by cable or bluetooth, and yet very modern phones that have GPS in your own applications.