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7 Great Ideas For Kitchen Wall Stickers

# 1 – Fruit

Fruit stickers are great to bring more colour to the environment, and provide a more relaxed and refreshing to the kitchen.


# 2-Tablets

Adhesive that mimics gum is a great choice for modern kitchens. With just a few well thought out details, adhesive pads already totally changes the face of the environment.


# 3 – To write

Another good choice for vintage kitchens and peeled away, is the “Blackboard”. In it you can write or write down what you want, using a chalk!


# 4-Tiles

If you want to bring a relaxed and cheerful air to your kitchen, then imitating adhesive tiles is a good option.


# 5-Cup coffee maker

If you love coffee or just want to bring a more serene and calm to your kitchen every day, so the cup of coffee is a very interesting option for you!


# 6 – Phrases/Messages


Stickers with phrases – or in this case, recipe – are fine options, because depending on the message that the patch, it can create the environment a more cheerful, calm, serious, and so on.

# 7-Cutlery

For those who want to leave the kitchen with more “kitchen man” yet, the silverware is a great option, because it has everything to do with kitchen and blends very well.

Valentine’s week: Rosy times

, Valentine’s day is fast approaching and the question therefore arises for some: give or not? Succumb to the commercialism in favor of romanticism or the 14th of February just ignore? And how the whole thing make it again if the expectations have not been met?

Advent Calendar 19: Quinn

Silver shining and noble glamour – no, the speech is not the festive Christmas atmosphere, but the elegant pieces of jewelry from Quinn. The family-owned company combines tradition and craftsmanship with modern design. The large-sized pieces of jewelry made of sterling silver are characterized by a clear design. Highly polished surfaces attract the attention, mat optics demonstrates understatement, and hammer blow structure ensures tension, pattern reminiscent of crystals or sprinkles. But that was not enough. The colored gemstones find their place in the extensive range of Quinn. Partner rings, a man jewelry line round off the offer. Collectors with a soft spot for a fresh, young and colorful design find trend-strong rings, which can be put together to threes at will in the C.C.C. ring collection. The motto for the ring systemwas expanded this season to bright neon colors. The whole selection is available on the website of Quinn, we show you today the silver gems from the classic collection. For our today’s door Quinn makes a round pair of earrings in silver 925 with ice surface amounting to 84 euro available.


Senior Citizens Feel Younger with Technology

There are benefits to be gained for the older, if they begin to use the technology that is available to them.

It is a good thing, when the elderly population are beginning to use the technology, because they get a high quality of life and feel younger than their ages, which have not yet regularly makes use of the technological opportunities.

It is one of the main conclusions of a report that is created by Ericsson. The report also tells that it is primarily to keep in touch with children and grandchildren, they start to use information and communication technology, as it so well named. Continue reading

Tips, Hints And Step By Steps For You To Make A Good Application Of Kitchen Wall Sticker

To apply wall stickers of small or medium size, not much experience is required, as it is easy and most of the time the instructions and step by step, comes along with the product.

However, before you start the application, you must know a few things that will be very useful for you to make a quality application, see:

1-Apply the patch preferably in places away from stoves, surfaces that generate heat or in places where there is direct contact with sunlight, because the heat can reduce the durability of the adhesive over time.

If you intend to apply in a location that is in close proximity to any area of heat, try to leave at least 50 cm away from the site, so the sticker will last much longer on the wall.

2 – For better grip and better final result, the adhesive should be applied on smooth walls, free of moisture, oil and dirt.

Avoid applying on walls with embossed texture, fresh paint or inks in magnetic version, is it secure as well and can compromise the durability of adhesive.

Quick Tip: on walls painted with satin or glossy paint, adhesive fixed with greater perfection. But nothing prevents to be well presentable also on walls painted with conventional paint (acrylic paint).

3-time that is making the application, make sure that children and pets do not put parts of the sticker on the mouth.

Extra Tip: try to apply and organization so you don’t keep things all over the floor, so will avoid any possible accidents.

Collier “First kiss” by Lapponia

Collier “First kiss” by Lapponia, 925 Silver, limited, EIA €300

The Finnish jewelry brand Lapponia presented her second Opera design: the Collier “first kiss”, at the Opera Festival in Savonlinna (3.7 to 1.8.09) which will be available in limited edition from August 2009 until the end of 2010 at selected jewelers. Chao-Hsien kuo designer interprets the theme of love in a romantic way in this extraordinary piece of jewelry without being overloaded and playful. Its Asian influences and feminine lightness characterize the elegant necklaces, for which is inspired by the Opera “La Bohème “by Puccini.

Collier First kiss by Lapponia

Holiday Tips for watch makers

Master watchmaker Robert Eifler by NOMOS Glashütte happy’s customers regularly entrust their watch him for the revision: every three to five years should mechanical watches to the review in the workshop. (Photo: Ralf Baumgarten)

On the road to Sharm El-Sheik, Stockholm, BINZ, Birmingham and Bolzano: while Flip-Flops, hiking boots or cultural leaders place need in your pocket, can the watch in your hand luggage: directly on the arm, of course.
So you have fun during and after the holiday at his Liebeling at the wrist, master watchmaker Robert Eifler from the Service Department of the Glashütte watch manufacturer gives readers by Nomos Tipss thing you should think about during the holidays with the (mechanical) clock:

and the most important tip at the end: even during the holidays: you ignore your watch then and when even a little. Forget, the time can be very restorative.

Advent Calendar 2013: Winner Day 13

Later in the day before I go to Poker, we would like to announce the winner for day 13! Warmly congratulate Yvonne Halter from White Castle and his ring of Viaré worth of 399 euros! Good luck to all as always! But same time take a look at our today’s door with the number 18, where ESPRIT won with a jewelry set from the feather collection in rose gold worth 110 euros!


Bioshock Ready for iOS

The popular shooter BioShock has finally been ready for iPad/iPhone and has landed in iTunes.

In august, we could tell that the amazing game BioShock was in the process of being created for iPhone and iPad. It took 2 k Games a little longer than planned to complete the mobile version, but now they are so clear and has released the game in iTunes.

The game is compatible with newer products, do you have an aging iPhone 4S are you unfortunately not among the lucky ones. Should you have a compatible Apple product you can for just $ 15 (button 85.0-NOK) will be the lucky owner of this glorious game transformed into a mobile platform. For the price, it must then be said that fortunately is no in-app purchases.

Bioshock debuted in 2007 on both PC, Xbox and Playstation and ran with the title of game of the year with, among others, IGN, Game Informer, Spike TV, X-Play.

Kitchen Wall Sticker Tips

Complex Figures


  • Masking tape
  • Plastic scraper
  • Kitchen wall sticker



Before starting to apply the adhesive on the wall, make sure the wall is well prepared, dry and free of any kind of dirt.

Quick Tip: on walls with floor, passing a cloth with alcohol helps to remove all dirt and leave the surface ready.

If the location where you will apply has taken, switches or records of water remove the mirrors of them with the help of a tool specifies. That way it will be easier to apply, and in the end will be better done.

Continue reading

10vor12: Watch complications

Watches are complicated by himself already – mechanical more than their modern relatives with quartz movement. One speaks of a complication watches only, if still an additional feature added to the classic display of the time. The best-known auxiliary function is the date. But in the course of history, watchmakers have realized numerous other functions.

We introduce today ten of the most exciting complications:

1 chronograph
Chronographs are nothing more than stop watches, bracelet watches today enjoy a great popularity and are still only rarely used. The complication is underestimated mainly for mechanical watches. New developments in works are very rare, much rarer than, for example, with Tourbillon.

2 Drag pointer or double chronograph (also: Rattrapante)
An extension of the chronograph which allows also the measurement of split time. This stops a running measurement of one of the two second hand a button and you can read the stop time. Pressing again, the pointer jumps back a live partner.

Moon phase 3
As the name implies, appears here in a small window, Moon age in the sky is just to see. The problem is that the Moon is in reality a very crooked value from full moon to full moon jumps (and still slightly varies the also). Most moon phase indicator shows therefore an approximation (often 29.5 days).

4 power-reserve indicator
It indicates how much power reserves are still in a movement. This complication makes sense especially when hand lift works. With a quartz movement, the end-of-life feature assumes a similar task, indicating when the power supply of a battery approaches the end.

5 time zone
Known to be the clock is not constant. So it is in the Ukraine, for example, already 21:45, when we have cozy’s against 20:45 before the TV, to watch the final of the European Championship. Watches with time zone, can these ads. This complication is not very difficult to realize. It will be exciting only when more than two time zones is displayed, then is possibly very closely on the dial. A challenge is to show also weird time zones (for example is Nepal three hours 45 minutes ahead of Central European summer time).

6 alarm clock
You don’t have to explain the function of an alarm clock. A loud Bell in a small mechanical watch is to be packed for engineers, however, a challenge.

7 24-hour display
Movements are usually designed to divide sections with twelve hours each day into two. Sometimes it can be also useful that the hour hand around the dial just once per day (for example, if inconclusive at the ambient brightness day and night indistinguishable, as in the polar regions).

8 perpetual calendar
The normal date a clock has a downside: almost every second month must it be re-adjusted. A perpetual calendar takes into account such changes, as also the leap years. Often all calendar information on the dial are displayed.

9 equation of time
The time is shown on our watches is slightly different from the true solar time. Because our Earth in a clean circle revolves around the Sun and the Earth is slightly tilted, the true solar time differ up to 16 minutes from time. The extreme points are the 3 November and February 11.

10 minute repeater
The classic complication comes from a time when one night just could snap to the light, to read off the time. Therefore they devised Repeater watches, that current hours and minutes with fine Bell sound sound left on push of a button. Today, the feature is really unnecessary, but belongs to the most beautiful, what is the Haute Horlogerie – the sound of a minute repeater and the realization is difficult anyway.

, Our examples are just a sample of the diversity of possible complications. What a master watchmakers today can pack in a wristwatch, the brand of Franck Muller with the Aeternitas mega 4 proved.

Advent Calendar 18: ESPRIT

The fashion brand ESPRIT, which is a pure clothing company not long ago, now set foot in the trendy accessories, bags, fragrances, watches and jewellery. In the autumn-winter season, the delicate and enchanting series of feather, tone in the filigree crafted is part of the new pieces of jewellery. The elegant and slightly playful gems are made in stainless steel. Particularly elegant occur while the varieties with rose gold plating in appearance. Eye-catchers are jewelry pieces with sea shell beads or sparkling gems, for example. The watch collection is glamorous and festive. Shiny Rosé gold variants cast a warm glow, cubic zirconia flash like ice crystals produce, bi color optics make the elegant timepieces to true combination talents. For men, the lifestyle brand offers sporty, elegant models which stand above all the new line relay out. The traditional elements are combined with a modern, functional design.

A jewelry set from the feather collection in stainless steel-red gold on hides behind our today’s advent calendar door, consisting of a ring in size 57, worth 49.90 euro and matching earrings worth 59,90 euro.

Cyanogen and Nextbit Working on “Something Really Fat”

What is still a mystery, make Nextbit but now they cooperate with Cyanogen and looking for test subjects with a Nexus 5 or 7.

Nextbit is a start-up company with Tom Moss at the helm, he has previously worked at Google and has been all over 18 million dollars in capital from Accel and Google Ventures to build “one or other mobile”.

This happened earlier this year, and although there are not many new details, so is Cyanogen hopped on the bandwagon as one of Nextbits partners. It’s all really very diffused, on their website you can not see anything other than that you have to wait because “we are in the process of building something great”. Continue reading

Winner in the advent calendar 2012 – day 8

So my Dears, Nr 8, which goes chain with the elegantly curved wing pendant by Noelani, to Berlin on Martina Schäfer today short and painless because we have the day Prize behind door weekend! Congratulations from us to you! Everyone else good luck to continue, today a pair of adorable Little Bow earrings waiting behind door 15 in the color yellow by sisters doll up you!

Who has already opened the door today should also still be sure a look into our raffle-special to the theatrical release of „ the Hobbit “ throw! There you can secure until January 6 is the prospect of the Dragon chain Smaug Schumann design!

Cover photo: twinlili /

Advent Calendar 2013: Winner Day 12

Now we have worked for the winner of day 12, which was made public apparently. Congratulate hereby warmly and with some envy: Michaela Kuhn from Birkenau and the heart pendant in silver with a pearl worth 222 euro!

Have you looked behind door number 17? It is a beautiful zodiac pendant crafted by SIGNS, winning by Elisabeth Landeloos valued at $99.

Huawei Ascend P7 Removed from the Benchmark for Cheating

Huawei Ascend P7 has been disqualified in Future marks benchmark overview in order to cheat with the processor speed.

Samsung was the first to attempt to tilsnige a better score in the benchmark applications by turning up for the CPU-power as soon as the phone discovered that it tried to run one of the most well-known benchmark programs.

Now it is Huawei trying to screw a little on the CPU power to hive their Ascend P7 up in rankings. Futuremark is, however, not so easy to fool and has removed P7 from phone history. Continue reading

Jaeger-LeCoultre: Jonathan Meese designed Reverso back

Jonathan Meeses idea for the back of the Reverso. One of the two prodzierten models will now be auctioned off

until June 17 Grande Reverso runs the auction one ultra thin tribute to 1931, the back of the German artists Jonathan Meese for Jaeger-LeCoultre has created. The proceeds from the auction will benefit fully of the Foundation German stroke help, committed since 1993 for a fast and efficient care for stroke patients. On the Foundation’s Internet site or under there is more information and a link through which you can place an offer until June 17 to 24:00. The minimum bid is EUR 6.250, the official selling price of the watch. Once an offer is received, the bidder shall receive a confirmation mail connected with information about the current highest bid,.

The Rückckseite the Reverso, which can be moved by turning the clock revealed wrote a new chapter in the history of watch-making more than 80 years ago and that made a real cult object that each Reverso owner by an individual design can make a unique piece of Reverso. Hundreds Reverso models – annotated according to the wishes of their vehicles by hand with engravings mostly with initials or coat of arms, but also a number, an image or a portrait can be found in the archives of the manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre. The second model of the Reverso, designed by exhibition is added to this collection. Further copies of this edition will not be available.


Advent Calendar 2013: Winner Day 11

We can announce a winner once again today! Congratulations to Christine Schmidt from Dresden to the jewelry set by GUESS worth of 120 euros! As soon as the other winners have reported they are of course directly published. Of course, we continue select our advent calendar 2013, so today look behind door number 17! There is a zodiac sign pendant by SIGNS designed by Elisabeth Landeloos valued at $99.

Google’s Project Wing Tester Airmail With Drones

Google is working on a project which uses drones as the package vendor, watch the video of this concept in action here.

In the end of last year we talked about drones who delivered packages for Amazon, back then it was brushed away as a PR stunt, but now it looks as if Google has long been in the process of developing and testing the flying vessels which can deliver packets to remote areas.

The project is called Project Wings and is part of Google’s X Division, which deals with the more experimental challenges before they become mainstream as driverless cars and Google Glass.

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Hublot: Tribute to power women

Expensive manufactured monochromacity: Hublot of big bang Zegg & Cerlati

On June 11 Tina Zegg, personality in the Monaco watch business and co-owner of the legendary jeweler Zegg & Cerlati, and Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot and one of the most charismatic leaders of the Swiss had invited watch industry, around sixty entrepreneurs and opinion leaders in the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco. Theme of the evening was a lecture about “The superiority of the female sex”. But of course, not only by the entertaining lecture was on the agenda. The occasion also the rich collection of the clock editions of Hublot was expand to fit a copy: the big bang Zegg & Cerlati. Hublot has dedicated this Bracelet Watch spirited power women. It is based on an idea by Carlo Cerlati, in keeping with his partner Tina Zegg: you wanted to develop a duchgängig solid watch, including of the bracelet (the hallmark of Zegg & Cerlati) just as elegant and expressive diameter 41 mm.

The special feature of this model is also in its galvanized, Mirror-polished brass dial, the realisation of which is extremely demanding, because the dial cannot be used already at the smallest micro scratches or tracks. The mechanical calibre HUB 4300, based on the proven ETA 2894 ensures the drive.

Cock in the basket: Jean-Claude Biver with the Teilnemehmerinnen of the lecture

The model is available in two versions: from 750 Rosé gold in only about 50 numbered copies and polished, satin-finished steel in 100 numbered copies. Both series you are in Ischgl in Austria and in Samnaun in the Switzerland available only in shops Zegg & Cerlati place Casino in Monte-Carlo,.


Advent Calendar 17: SIGNS by Elisabeth Landeloos

Zodiac sign jewellery is different from each other. Elisabeth Landeloos created a new product group to design Zodiac symbols to get a new, modern shape. The 12 large pendants show elegant, filigree shape through their abstracted forms – can be worn without reference to zodiac signs if you like. Simply choose the astrological symbol of your partner, child or your best friend.

The stylized, feminine pendant is crafted in rhodium-plated sterling silver 925 and filled each with a white freshwater pearl and dark Hematite.

Our today’s advent calendar door a zodiac pendant from the line of SIGNS behind Elisabeth Landeloos by worth 99 Euro. The winner, drawn from those who solve our turndown game, can own or a desire Zodiac choose.

OnePlus: All Are Welcome from October

If you crave to buy a OnePlus One, then it becomes easier for OnePlus soon abolish the invitation system.

It has been very controversial and many spots on the border to haddet, the famous invitation system, which has encircled OnePlus OnePlus One phone, but from October is the end.

On Reddit have OnePlus held a so-called AMA, which stands for ‘ Ask Me Anything ‘ and there came the question of when OnePlus will abolish invitationssytemet for OnePlus One. To the OnePlus replied:

“We are working on a pre-order system, we would actually have started it in september, but due to some small delays, we hope it will be ready for October.”

Thus, there is light at the end of the tunnel for those who want the OnePlus One, but it has not been possible to get an invitation.

Winner in the advent calendar 2012 – day 6

Less than 2 hours before the 7 days deadline our winner of day has enlisted now 6 congratulations now so warmly and with a lot of envy: Petra Neupar! She can now look forward over the Coletteringe in the set, gold 750 without stocking Niessing worth 975 euro! Still waiting for happiness now only your ring size as well as on your choice of 3 gold-tone we wish others all still much at our this year’s advent calendar in the Bridgat! Behind the current door no. 13 hides an elegant chain of Leonardo, join worth it!

You have noticed already that we have posted another winning game, regardless of the advent calendar? Looks but time with our Hobbit sweepstakes, run this up to the 06.01.2013

cover photo: twinlili /

Samsung Gear s: Phone Agency Gets Danish Price

Gear S is both wrist watch and mobile phone in the same unit. And now comes the to Denmark-see the price here.

Samsung could yesterday to present the next evolution in wearables: Gear S, a smartwatch with built-in 3 g modem. And now it comes to Denmark.

Unlike other smart watches are therefore not dependent on that S been Gear paired with a smartphone before it can be really smart. Gear S has its own 3 g SIM card, so you never miss out on updates, calendar appointments or other social functions when you don’t have your phone on you.
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