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Explosively Battery in OnePlus One

Batteries are essentially repositories of energy, and it is a good thing, just not when all the energy going out at once.

It happens once in a while, the batteries will not completely as users want, and it comes most often expressed in the form of a short battery life. Individual times are the batteries on the way to the unruly explodes, and it has happened to a OnePlus One user, while it was in his pocket.

User MiYzu from OnePlus’ forum have posted pictures of the phone and his thighs after the episode, which you can see in the Gallery at the bottom. Continue reading

Easy kissing

To the present day of the kiss we would imagine a few jewelry pieces, which make the kiss in the Center. While not the Kiss as such is represented, but the small moment before that, shortly before the lips meet. This second can be quite nicer than the actual Kiss, maybe, therefore also the single kiss is the symbol of this Act. The mouth as a promise, the symbol and the sensual image of the anticipated moment …

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Welcome to summer – candy colours at Loranne

Fashion and jewelry show this summer from two sides: on the one hand colorful pieces in strong or even neon colors shine out boldly and confidently establish themselves in the fashion world. Exude liveliness and happiness, zeigenLebensfreude and say breezily: „ Hello, here I’m “ on the other hand, quiet and shy, delicate pastel shades claim their presence. Come in cute outfits, which are reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s years, the candy colours, the ice cream colors beautifully to the best advantage. Soft Mint Green is combined with the gesoftetem lemon yellow, apricot meets Aqua, Rosé flirts with lilac.

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Study Start: Get a Handle on the Notes [Tip]

The introductory phase is upon us, and with it, it is a good idea to find the electronic notes blog forward to teaching.

Paper and pencil is so old-fashioned and, by analogy, and so provides the mobile devices is also a completely different freedom compared to take notes, so that is a breeding ground for getting made a good and extensive collection of notes on your phone or tablet, without having to struggle with binders and folders.

Both tablets and smartphones can be found a lot of apps that are good to keep track of the thoughts to be written down, when the teacher finally explains it that difficult piece in a way that you can understand. Continue reading

Holiday dreams come true: Bella Italia

After even two weeks in may in Italy, we want to kidnap you today also there – at least mentally, the goldsmiths here has a long tradition. A special meaning here enjoys the city of Vicenza, located Northwest of Venice, and in the four times a year the jewelry fair VicenzaOro takes place with a different focus. An another important industry is the fashion industry (diesel, Bottega Veneta, among others.  Those who are interested in buildings, is magnificent villas of the renaissance architect Andrea Palladio in Vicenza and surroundings. But back to the jewellery.

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Spanish Joie de vivre: Carrera y Carrera shows musical

Paired with a fiery passion, include music and dance, to the Spanish way of life simply. They evoke emotion and embody love, longing, and drama. The Spanish jewelry brand Carrera y Carrera was inspired in her new collection of Música by the power and magic of music. Fête de la Musique, which was proclaimed by neighboring France 30 years ago and since then at the beginning of the summer is celebrated on June 21, we want to show today some of the magical jewels due to the international, which spirited and elegant celebrate the harmony of matte and polished gold.

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Apple Patents the Clickable Display

An Apple application landing today at the U.S. patent office: a flexible flat panel display that can save on buttons.

To the next essay, report or novel is keyed into the physical keyboard ever-classes of equations on tablets. On-screen keyboards pigeons just not yet for the emit not much physical feedback-and it goes beyond the write speed.

According to our site shows Apple’s recent us patent application that the mobile giant is working to crack the nut. The patent describes a flexible display that can take shape after underlying buttons. Continue reading

Pandora: Passion meets macrame

In the last week, we had introduced macrame jewelry by cult. The Danish jewellery brand Pandora has discovered the Oriental warp for himself this summer. The handcrafted bracelets are offered in the collection moment and can be combined with the clips of the line. Thus, the collective reference is retained. Try, change, combine – each bracelet can be worn alone or individually fitted. The end pieces are made in 925 Silver or gold 585. Elegant colors such as Burgundy, coral, nude, lavender, turquoise, Khaki, anthracite and black are available and give a fine crafted filigree jewellery.

Lucky charms and guardian angels

Act an Anhängerchen here, a ring as – jewelry has not only a purely decorative function, but can also serve as a talisman. Even superstition-resistant people can have a favorite piece, without it you feel lost or even a little helpless, say unbeschützt. Many manufacturers make this phenomenon use, by offering figural pendants and charms, introduce messages into the jewelry or engraved with a symbol. Replace others on the importance of jewellery and birth stones. In addition to the good feeling, this is to wear the lucky, these pieces also the impression, something unique to be that reflects the personality of its own. Design and price vary greatly.

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Our Site Now Free on Windows Phone

Our site now offers also free music streaming on Windows Phone. Here’s what you get for zero dollars.

Now you no longer need to fish the dankort debit card out of his pocket to listen to our site on Windows Mobile. It writes our site on their blog.

Our site rolls in turn turn moment an update which gives access to free music streaming on Windows phones. The service is free but comes with the same restrictions as in the free edition to iOS and Android.

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Photo: Rings from the brand new collection by Quinn

While wife morning wonders before the mirror, according to which color today is the sense and whether it flatters the skin tone or not, there’s no decision hurdles in the future in the selection of jewelry. At least not if the rings from the new collection C.C.C. of Quinn in the jewelry box

Charity-Friday: bellaluce

We want to imagine every Friday jewelry and watches starting today, the proceeds of a part is transferred to the charity. Our first post is dedicated to diamond jewellery brand bellaluce, the together with the lion Hilfswerk Bavaria South for the campaign „ sight first “ engaged.

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Android One Coming Soon and New about Android L

Google’s new initiative Android One may soon introduce the first phone in the series in India.

There has been a bit quiet on the Android One front, since Google announced that they would start on the project, which will allow consumers in developing countries an affordable Android experience at an affordable price, but the starting gun is apparently imminent.

The Economic Times says that the first copies of phones under Android One project can get on the street already from next week in India.
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Hats, jazz and waterfalls – jewelry by Elizabeth Landeloos


Fine chain nestled in flowing movements to the body, polished silver surfaces occur over a large area in the foreground. The jewelry of the Belgian designer Elisabeth Landeloos opposites meet each other. Movement and stillness, linear and organic forms, delicate elegance and massive presence flirt with each other and create a dynamic appearance. Many small, functional and creative details show the well-thought-out design and make it clear that the designs have been produced by a woman. The clasps of bracelets are magnetic and designed so that they can be closed easily with just one hand. In chains, they become decorative elements. Massive necklaces are anatomically shaped and were equipped with hinges that allow a simple create.

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A round thing: Diamonds in glass – jewelry factory

32 facets in the top 24 in the lower part and a facet of the Panel make a brilliant cut diamond. Just a shame that he must conceal cool getting a piece beauty in jewelry. Better said: almost always, because the Ratinger jewelry factory jewelry factory has a brilliant solution found, to show complete the precious gem now from all sides!

In the collection crystal clear diamond is skillfully by experienced glass blowers in a glass ball included. For the Viewer it appears to float. Beautifully, he comes into its own if a colored glass swab is melted at the bottom of the glass ball. A black background enhances the glamorous appearance. Trendy soft pastel colours look like bright green or lilac, bright orange.

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Charity-Friday: Yana Nesper

We have presented already the charity bands by Yana Nesper you. Since 10 percent of the proceeds – so 25 Euro – such a bracelet the image Club e.V. helps  „ Ein Herz für Kinder “ be donated and we that really a great thing keep, let’s show them you again today just the Pearl Jewelry brand that stands for a classical-modern retro look, with this bracelet a piece of jewelry established, which pursued a separate, trendy design and yet at the same time underlines the high quality and elegant beauty of the existing collections.

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HTC One M8 Dual SIM Now in Denmark

It’s the end of the lug on both private and work mobile. HTC’s design now comes in dual SIM phone variant.

HTC’s top scorer One (M8) is now out in dual SIM variant. Two-in-one solution makes One Dual SIM for an obvious business solution where you can collect both private and working in a unit subscription.

Dual SIM phones are no novelty, but in Denmark is HTC the first which allows the use of two SIM cards in a high-end phone. Last year’s top scorer One (M7) got its own Dual-SIM version.

Unlike its predecessor is One (M8) Dual SIM born with 4 g antenna. The second antenna is still limited to 2 g speeds and are therefore best suited for voice and SMS, while data traffic refers to the first SIM card.   Continue reading

Comedians, stars & starlets

Drum roll – “Stars & starlets” rings

“Stars & starlets” are not about famous screen hero or sports icons for Alin Boayaciyan, but call one of their jewelry collections. This is based on the use of silver and yellow gold tubing, three-, four – and five-sided formations over-invest minimal changes to their. Freshwater cultured pearl in various shades of grey and Rosé are the icing on the cake of this pieces. The collection „ comedians “ the designer even goes so far, that the version is created with only a cut into a piece of pipe for the synthesis of a precious stone. Here it is very clear how consistently she bypasses with functional and creative decisions and looking for their contexts. “Comedians” and “stars & starlets” are now integral parts of their timeless jewelry series, who speak a clear language of design.

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Platinum – not only on hot summer days

Triset by masters from PT 950 with brilliant-cut diamonds

It is pure, it’s rare, it’s forever – Platinum fascinated by his noble understatement, its special material properties and its preciousness. The aura of immortality and everlasting beauty is reinforced by the use of diamonds. Platinum jewelry enjoys a diverse range of design where clear and modern shapes we have priority. Looking to Asia – India or China – it is delicate, playful and exuberant. Regardless of the different flavours, which are reflected in the designs of jewelry, a special magic inherent in Platinum jewelry. Platinum evokes emotions and combines exclusivity and luxury with earthiness.

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MelanO: Newcomer ceramic

MelanO magnetic ceramic

With the ceramic rings in black and white has the creative hotbed MelanO expanded the magnetic line to another interesting pair. This collection distinctive corners and edges fall silent, the shapely curves of the ring stand for themselves. Everything remains a big whole and merges into a single unit.

Both rings are available in widths of 10mm and 12mm and can be combined with all available color stones so that the variations of the magnetic stones remain. Depending on the feeling, depending on the outfit, depending on the season the jewels fit the style the wearers to.

Samsung Jumps on the Round Ride

Although it has not yet been published yet, so Motorola has 360 had its impact on smartwatches.

Motorola was first with a round smartwatch, and recently, we have also heard that LG will be with and get a slice of the pie, but they are not the only ones.Samsung will also do a round smartwatch.

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Holiday dreams: Parlez-vous Français?

Good food, good wine and a relaxed way of life shape the ideas of France as a perfect holiday destination. Our neighbor is still extremely varied it: so there are rugged coasts and Mediterranean beaches, high mountains, wide fields and rolling hills. In addition to Lavender fields in Provence, the pulsating life in the metropolis of fashion and love capital of Paris and the meeting place of the beautiful and rich on the Côte d ’ Azur invite the castles of the Loire to the dreams and the battlefields of Verdun and Normandy are reminiscent of the sad moments of in history. As diverse as the country shows, also of the French jewelry presents itself.

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Go for: Gold!

302 gold medals were 302 shiny discs, which are for excellence in the course of this year’s summer Olympics awarded. – however, as her name it suggests, completely made of gold are not. Due to the size of the plaque of honour, Silver 925 is used instead, says wikipedia. This is finally gilded with a circulation of at least 6 grams. Rough estimate, so alone the Gold Edition (with 750 gold) is worth 190 euros – not counting silver yet. A fine gold plating it would even around 250 euros. These numbers games illustrate how precious is the precious metal and can understand why so many adventurers addicted to the gold rush.

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Nexus 6 Get Second Name and Release Date

It is not at all certain that the Nexus 6 is going to be called that, but on the other hand, should a release-date be ready.

Right now is the Nexus 5 the latest version of Google’s Developer phones, but the next in line come may not be called Nexus 6. In any case, should the working name be Nexus X intent with Motorola, who works on the phone.

The reason for this may be found in the fact that Google has been in a bit of a fight with Philip k. Dicks family. If the name is not enough, then he is the man behind the story ‘Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep’, which became the film Blade Runner. Androiderne in the history of the model was Nexus-6. Continue reading