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OnePlus One and Oppo Find 7 for Sale in Denmark

Topmobilerne from Chinese Oppo and sister company OnePlus debuts in Danish shopping.

Our site and are ready, the first in Denmark, with topmobiler from Oppo and OnePlus. Both phones are in stock in the course of next week.

Oppo owns OnePlus brand and it is obvious to Find 7 and OnePlus One shares the very DNA. You will find the same Snapdragon 801 quad-core platform and a capable 13 megapixel camera. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z3 with Specs Will Be Approved

The Chinese authorities have approved Sony Xperia Z3, and in this context are the specifications emerges.

There are not many differences in the upcoming Sony Xperia Xperia Z2 Z3 and so its predecessor. It shows the information that surfaced after the Xperia Z3 has gone through the Chinese authorities ‘ approval.

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Guess a Samsung [Quiz]

If you are ready for a quick, little quiz on knowledge of Samsung, we have found one for you.

Since Apple sent its first iPhone on the pitch, they have created 9 phones. During the same period, Samsung has proved a little more generous with the entire 347 smartphones, and it is without the tablets, which is 38.6 times as many as Apple, so there’s enough to keep track of.

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Steve Jobs Make the Perfect Smartphone [Wallpaper]

It is not to get around Apple’s iPhone, when we review the seminal smartphones in history

IBM was the first with a phone that had a functionality of a smartphone, Nokia had the first phone that can display images from websites, and Ericsson had squeezed it all down in a style that suited his pocket and introduced the forerunner of a modern operating system on one and the same time. From there we barely 10 years forward to skip it, well certainly started a revolution. The first iPhone.

It is a little strange with the original iPhone, for a significant part of the technology in the already existed. It’s hard to put a finger on what was the main reason why it was so successful, and that it paved the way for a whole generation of young people that almost seems it strange if a phone has buttons. Continue reading

Huawei Teaser with Fingerprints and Neon Lights

A great novelty vanker from Huawei to the IFA trade fair in september.

Huawei will of course not show too much about their upcoming flagship. Instead it is a Valentine in bent neon that paves the way for guess and conjecture about the new topmobil.

First circumstantial is not to misunderstand. A forefinger and a fingerprinting ‘points’ on a possible image scanner to unlock the phone up like at Apple and Samsung.

The next neon sign depicting a 8-speed transmission in full gear change. It suggests that an eight-core processor will reign in the engine compartment. Just like with the Samsung may be talking about a 4 + 4 chipset, where four powerful CPU cores promises the heavy work, while the 4 small energy-efficient cores take care of background tasks. Continue reading

Apple Doubles Memory

Rumors from Taiwan say that the next iPad Air will have twice as much RAM as its predecessor.

There hasn’t been the big buzz about the next incarnations of Apple’s iPads in both full and mini size, but the latest is that Apple will go from 1 GB to 2 GB RAM in the next iPad Air.

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JBL Charge: Wireless Two-in-One Solution [Test]

JBLs wireless Charge-speaker will play highly in eons. And so have the built-in spare battery.

It teems with wireless speakers. Despatches ticking almost daily into the editors with new smart wireless speakers. Great speakers, small speakers. Cheap, expensive, from both known and unknown producers.

For these products, it is therefore about to stand out: design, quality or features must like to poke a head taller than rivals. Today’s test participant, JBL Charge, trying to mark it by being more than a wireless speaker: the built-in battery can also leave the mobile or music player up.

The American lydspecialist is no beginner in the loudspeakers. JBL is not afraid to rumble and their signaturlyd is characterised by being generous: plenty of sound- and sometimes also sound quality.

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Copenhageners Is Fastest with Mobile For Kids

In Copenhagen have children not be equally old to get a mobile phone as in the rest of the country.

Children must be 10 and a half years old, before they have to get a mobile phone, it is the conclusion of a survey that YouGov and Telia has created, but Copenhageners are faster out than that.

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Windows Phone 8.1 Rolls out to Lumia 920

Now scrolls Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan out to users with Nokia Lumia 920 in Denmark.

Nokia has announced that Lumia Cyan-Windows Phone 8.1 is starting to roll out to users with Nokia Lumia 920.

It created a chorus of disgruntled Lumia 920-users since Lumia Cyan-Windows Phone 8.1, not initially rolled out for their phones. Continue reading

Phone-Tablets Hitter in Asia

It is not always the same thing that hit in Europe and in Asia, and one of the differences is tablets that can call up.

If you need to call someone, you take the phone, but if you are going to watch a movie on the train, you take enough detailed tablet. This is because you live in Europe, I can say it, but in Asia, it is often one and the same device that is performing it.

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Drop Two-Hand Operation of Google Maps [Tip]

This simple tip does Google Map much easier to operate with one hand.

Google’s map and navigation-app ‘Maps’ are often used on the go. Therefore, it is often with a hand on the handlebars or steering wheel that will be navigated around in Google Maps. Today’s tips will make it easier for you to cruise around in Google Maps.

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LG Will Make the Home More Musical with the Music Flow

It’s not just phones, it says on the Lg product list, and now there are also new speakers on the way.

It should be easier to get the sound from the phone onto the speakers in the living room if you ask LG. It must in any case be concluded after LG has announced that they will soon have new wireless speakers ready with the name Music Flow.

Along with the Music Flow-speakers follows an app called Music Flow Player, which can scan your music library on your phone, which then can be played in your speakers. Continue reading

Sony Will Fix Selfie/Perfume-Camera

The Asian culture is somewhat different than our own, and it can be seen on Sony’s latest inventions

Selfies has done its entry into the world, you cannot get around it, but Sony will combine this trend with a perfume-look, which is particularly popular in China.

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1999: The First Practical Smartphone [Wallpaper]

It was the first time a phone was sold to be a smartphone, since Ericsson R380 launched Smartphone in 1999.

It’s time for the third installation of our little review of some of the most seminal smartphones through the ages, and this time it is actually a smartphone, there is talk about. Not enough with the word had been coined, so hot the phone simply Ericsson E380 Smartphone.

Thus was the first Smartphone that E380 was marketed as a smartphone, and it was not the only one, it was first with. Ericsson had put Symbian in the phone to keep track of it all, and although it was an early version, so it was the first time that Symbian was and pulled the strings in a smartphone. Continue reading

Steve Ballmer out of Microsoft’s Board of Directors

The former Chief Executive of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, has chosen to resign from the Board with immediate effect.

Steve Ballmer has announced Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s Chief Executive, CEO, that he steps out of the company’s Board of Directors with immediate effect.

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Sharp Edges with Aquos Crystal Dropper

Are you tired of the borders around the screen on his smartphone, so would like to help with the company’s Sharp Aquos Crystal.

As smartphone manufacturer, there are probably not many in this country who know the Sharp, but the company actually make phones and some quite interesting ones. At least captures Sharp Aquos Crystal one’s gaze with his somewhat distinctive appearance.

There is virtually no borders around the screen, except on the bottom, so there is the video for all the money.  Continue reading

Telenor Offers Extra Discount for Families

Telenor-offer: Gather the family together and get several thousand dollars in subscriptions discount on select Apple and Samsung phones.

Get volume discounts on subscriptions. It’s the recipe in Telenor Free + Family-subscription. The first subscription is the most expensive, but you’ll save 50 kr/month on subscription number two. Additional subscriptions are set around the 100 DKK down each month.

From today Telenor will make the switch to Free + Family more attractive by to offer extra discounts for popular smartphones from Apple and Samsung. The individual mobiles are set between 800 and 2000 dollars down compared to the list price. You can choose from the following retail phones: Continue reading

All about HTC One for Windows Phone

HTC has presented HTC One (M8) for Windows Phone-the phone will be available only in the United States for a start.

HTC has had huge success with HTC One with Google’s Android. The phone has garnered high praise from both reviewers and users, and that is precisely why the idea of an HTC One (M8) with Windows Phone is not completely crazy. HTC has now presented therefore HTC One (M8) for Windows Phone.

With HTC One (M8) for Windows Phone will get you everything that your phone in its Android version has been praised for.
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ASUS Launch the Smartwatch 3. September

ASUS teaser with the outline of what will be their future smartwatch.

It trickles with smartwatch-news up to the IFA electronics fair in Berlin. Taiwanese Asus is also clear in words, and sends out an invitation embossed with the outline of a smartwatch. The launch will take place on July 3. September.

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Such Releases You iCloud-Space on Your iOS Device [Tip]

Apple’s free and smart skytjeneste can automatically take backups of your devices. If the space is missing, so see tip’et here.

The then Apple guru Steve Jobs was on stage in 2011 for, among other things, to introduce the world of cloud iCloud in connection with iOS 5. Among the many new opportunities, so gave Apple with iCloud customers with 5 GB of free space in the cloud to content that smoothly could be synchronized between devices from techgiganten.

As our site has described in the article take free and automatic backup of iPhone and iPad while you sleep [TIP], so can therefore also provide daily, iCloud automatic backup of iOS devices. However, some unfortunate users be greeted with the message that there is not enough space available, and the backup to the cloud will therefore be interrupted. Continue reading

Nokia Was at the Forefront of Time [Wallpaper]

There was a time when Nokia was ubiquitous in the mobile industry, and the Nokia 9000 Communicator was groundbreaking.

In the occasion of the 20th anniversary of what is generally credited as the world’s first smartphone, we continue the series of phones, there were pioneers on the very front, and the tour has come to the Nokia 9000 Communicator.

Launched in 1996, when Nokia was one of the greatest players in the market, the Nokia 9000 Communicator was a bit of a beast. Nokia had managed to combine 8 MB memory and a 33 MHz processor, so the phone can cope with almost everything the busy businessman could find to require of it. Continue reading

Google Working on Children’s Accounts

Even if you have not been 13, then you should still be able to benefit from Google, just in a child-friendly version.

Americans have measures to ensure children under 13 from experiencing unpleasant things on the Web, and therefore are part websites actually closed country before one becomes a teenager. The Google will change with a new account type for children.

Google was said to be working on an account for children under 13 so that they, for example, can go on YouTube in a child-resistant version and create play lists and comment on videos, just as they should be able to get on Gmail and the like. Continue reading

New Android Update Ready for HTC One (M7)

The official Android KitKat 4.4.3 update is now being rolled out to the Danish version of the HTC One M7.

Three weeks ago, owners of the HTC One (M8) welcomed a software and security update of their flagship. Now follows last year’s design mobile from HTC suit.

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Telmore-Success Can Mean Lower Prices

Although there will not be a direct competitor to Telmore Play, so can the new subscription mean lower prices.

Telmore Play differs from other subscriptions by offering 12 content services such as HBO Nordic, TV2 Play, Mofibo, Euroman and Eurowoman, together with what we know from a classic mobile subscription. And it has been a great success.

Since the launch of 9 weeks ago has 22,000 subscribers got a Telmore Play subscription, and even if some of them come from other subscriptions from Telmore, there are also starting to get customers from competitors, says Telmores Director Rasmus Shrub to Newspaq. Continue reading