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My IT Outfit with Strip Blazer

The Instyle is constantly talking about it and I also believe the other fashionmags or not, permanently print photos of the ladies. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Outfit – Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR my loves…. I wish you all the best for 2015… and hope you are well-dressed in the new year. Continue reading

A Story About Agency Teachers…

As soon as I have posted the article about my incompetence in education, I am confronted again with childhood… Yes, yes-but this time completely independent of me and far from my own effect. Continue reading

I Have a KL Bag and Write Occasional Sense Crises

I am an absolute specialist for sensual crises… You might not notice this blog…, after all, this is a place to feel good. For crises of any form are actually the messages responsible. Continue reading

From Love, Sex And Tenderness… Or…

So… I now have your full attention??? I have a new red coat that deserves it…  I’m sorry there is no blog post in shades of gray-style… there are certainly other blogs… and the film and the book was at most Have already “durchgeudelt”…   Continue reading

What do I Have to Look Out for in Volume Mimps?

Happy Tuesday dearest… I had it already announced for Sunday… I think. But then came the catalog in between and I just did not want to push on the long bench… Continue reading

The Bag, the Bag… Every Woman Needs a Nice Bag!!!

I am not, this breakthrough textline is not mine… it is by Christina Volmari and since her participation in the Shopping Queen, her song about the bag is also well-known. Continue reading

Friday: with Marsala in the Weekend

On Tuesday already chosen as a week of joy and it has confirmed to this day… This was a wonderful spring week-apart from little weather slips apart… but so what. Continue reading

Everyday Life-Reloaded

Ohhhh verflixt… now I have just finished my post and then my laptop has left goodbye… and so my whole text… this may not be true.Normally my writing is stored between times… Well-usually…

Continue reading

I must go to the Hairdresser…

People it is now Thursday… so not if you read it… hopefully there is Friday-because I still managed to pack my brain in letter form. Continue reading

Skinny Vs. Flared Leg

My “Zipfelpulli” you’ve already met… together with the “top bottom” I wear this combination really like… and the hard boots I would not want to take off at the moment. Continue reading

Beat on Percussions

I am a child of the percussion era… so not really.After all, my mother will hardly have put me in my krabelära during the day. Or is it? But at that time, the strampel suits were certainly still fashionable-at least among the three-year-olds :-). Continue reading

Jeans Allover and Fake Fur

So now is time to conclude… I will not be more excited about the snow. That also brings nüscht. Continue reading

A Maxi Skirt and A Cake

The internet has cakes, you have to try… this is not true, because the Internet only provides the recipes to the cake and you have to bake the rest unfortunately… Continue reading

Lagenlook in the Snow…

Haaaa-if you thought, here is already the end of the snow pictures, then I have to disappoint you unfortunately… It is still winter and I would still have some on offer. Also, if I can not really suffer this white stuff. Continue reading

I Wish You a Merry Christmas

It is “Vorerscherung”… but unfortunately only for one of you… I am sorry if it was after me, I would gladly raffle 50 times a 50 Euro voucher… I will  stimulate the times… In any case, the Ziehwichteltel (many Thanks Daniela for this great concept) and have pulled out of the wooden box the name Ela alias blackforestgirl… Congratulations-I am very much for you and wish you a lot of fun while browsing in the shop of brüder götz. Please write me a mail… Daaaanke… Continue reading

Office Outfit in the Lagenlook? Part 2

Ta ta… my second attempt to lift the Lagenlook into the office days of this world. This time with a classic business trousers. Continue reading

7 Days New York -What do I Pack into My Suitcase?

It is like it is. I like to travel totally, over the weekend or longer. I like almost every travel agent-except for the plane… I do not like the feeling delivered so much. Continue reading

My Eyelash Condensation with the Expert and Consistency

For a brief moment, I thought that I had you with my travel reports from New York pretty much on the biscuit … Since I had left out fatigue due to two posts (after an average of 15,000 steps per day I was simply not able to write a contribution, the Also somehow made sense), I write for 2 weeks over my trip to NY. Continue reading

Blue and Black-Perfect Match

I’m really fed up… I know… it is only January … the winter has only just begun… bla bla bla… That does not change however. Continue reading

New York-Reisetipps for Beginners – Jeans

#werbung Happy Friday Your darling… yes yes… New York does not let me go… How could it… The holiday ähhh… can one call it actually that?  Continue reading

Winterwonderland with Lagenlook

Today there is another episode from Conny goes Winterwonderland… whereby the wonderland has in the meantime malted something like that from. Continue reading

It’s Getting Cold… So Right

According to the forecast, the winter is now on the march and it is supposed to be really cold… Hmmm actually I would not need it after Christmas, but the life is not a wish concert and the weather is not really… and actually beat two hearts in my chest. Continue reading

Jogging Pants-Comfortable Yet Stylish

Jogging pants belong to the couch, I think when I hear the word and appear in front of my mind’s eye-a misshap of gray sweatshirt material. Continue reading