2 Relaxing Leisure Looks and Essie Ballet Slippers

Today, I will show you two relaxed outfits that I very like to wear in the summer. The combination of Capri jeans with white blouse or a simple linen dress several years old often accompany me on days of 20 degrees. I wear the pants look like on trips and the dress more at home. I wear both also like when working in the Home Office. In the Sun, I wear hats like so I have those things really also the head. There are no set Hat photos . I have the dress in the color field, as it is somewhat easier. It was actually sold as a tunic by de heritage ERG named Lola. My size is clearly a dress.

Italy greets

My preferred Capri pants length corresponds to the Italian skirt length, so just the knee covering and thus ending at the narrowest point of the leg below the knee. This emphasizes slender calves and covered still the less beautiful knee also in the seats. I have pants in the way exactly shorten my two. You can see pictures of wearing here and here , which is more of me on it. The linen blouse from TE Hamburg knows you from a white week.

Paddling fun

In the pants outfit, we were paddling on the Alster canals. If you want to rent a paddle boat time, Kala boathouse in the poss Moorweg 46e is an absolute insider tip. You can also in informal informal drinking coffee or a beer or eat ice cream, and simply enjoy the views of the water and the brooding Swan. Who looks the Swan on his breeding, is the photo out of focus – one should not approach these animals, if it is not to do it with its beak to have. We have seen still veeery sweet coot chicks and mini geese are considerably more relaxed in relation to distance.

Compulsory voting

In the Brown dress, what I could rub again, I went Sunday to the European elections and district election. To do this, I’ve combined duty shoes to make it look at least some neat . About your comments on the article about the duty shoes, I was pleased by the way, especially!

essie ballet slippers

On the nails, look at your ballet slippers (number 6) by essie, I brought back directly to Budni Monday. He has covered only in the third layer and also because not everywhere equally, bubbles there were on the other hand also and the color is much pink-tinged as it looked in the shop on the sample surface.

Anyone looking for a cool, rosy white tone, can find one thus. The quality is very uneven. I heard from other users that they are very pleased with the color and rich when using a layer of base coat. I’ve used here by the way, no base coat, because I a) new paints like without tests and b) so bright paints wants to have a quick and easy job and me mostly easily save the circus with the base coat.

With the Brown summer Hat I’m head & collarwith sunny. Both hats are incidentally by McBURN.

What is your favorite casual look in the summer? Leave your comment directly to iamhigher.com.