Christmas and New Year Outfits

Christmas and New Year are made ​​to sparkle and make us feel princesses, for this it is important to carefully choose the perfect look for the holidays.

With this article, therefore, we decided to make you turn your head, and at the same time help you choose the style that best fits your way of being, but also to your mood and the type of party to which you will participate, with a selection of clothes for Christmas and New Year 2013 among the most beautiful on sale at Pauldigo.

As all know, it is a famous online store that offers clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for all tastes, often on special offer, guaranteeing delivery, and eventually made ​​if the boss you have purchased does not satisfy you, completely free.The range also includes low cost brands such as the big names, even those of high fashion.

That you feel good taste, unscrupulous or super trendy, you will certainly find among these clothes that we chose for you that will give you the inspiration for your look, we bet? Next, we start in this style trip to the festivals 2013!

The sweetheart neckline is elegant and has a size of breasts to even the most minute girls, giving in this air sweet and highlighting the shoulders, neck and face. These models, in particular are special because they are very ‘frou frou’, with fluttering skirts and female.
– Laona, black dress (price € 160.00);
– Fever London IVY, pink dress (price € 130.00);
– Laona, dress with bow available in pink, blue and black (price 150 €).

The blue and burgundy colors are fascinating and highlight the complexion, this is white or darker. In the models chosen for you for Christmas and New Year there is a sheath dress with beaded applications with draping on the front, another with American neckline with bright sequins details, a must during the holidays. Very nice also the longest skirt with slight slip on the back and sexy dress with halter neck with decoration that wraps the body making it irresistible.
– Little Mistress, burgundy dress (cost € 80,00);
– Even & Odd, blue dress ( price 50,00 €);
– Little Mistress, blue dress (price 95,00 €);
– Vila, elegant burgundy dress (cost 60,00 €).

The lace is a great glassico: chic, timeless dresses of modernity and is the perfect choice for Christmas and New Year 2013. Completely lace the first dress, while the second has a skirt in pink chiffon bodice and a black contrast. Next, we find a lovely tube dress with sweetheart neckline peplum and a shoulder with a central lace application.
– Closet, black lace dress (price 65,00 €);
– Molly Bracken, pink and black dress (price 65,00 €) ;
– Laona, beige and lace (prezzp 130,00 EUR) dress
– Little Mistress, black shoulder dress (price 80,00 €).

Green and pink pastel colors are elegant and romantic, will make a great impression in the most magical night of the year! The first has the bodice Swarovski, the second is soft and caressing forms. Then we find a sheath dress entirely in sequins, and a ‘doll’ dress with bow and lace inserts matching tones.
– Laona, green dress (price € 140.00);
– See u Soon, pink dress (price 75, 00 euro);
– Mint & Berry, pink dress with sequins (price 60,00 €);
– Laona dress, dress in green satin (price 140.00 EUR).

Sparkling and colorful, even the leaders from the bright colors make us dream for the holidays! Here is a draped model, a lace with mischievous portholes on the back and two cute sleeveless models, the first with tulip skirt, the second balloon.
– Escada, fuchsia dress (price € 363.00);
– Oasis, teal dress lace (price 85,00 €);
– Vila, green dress (price 65,00 €);
– Esprit, fuchsia dress balloon (price 100.00 EUR).

The metallic trend is in great vogue: These dresses are perfect for sparkle and draw attention to herself, preferably in combination with a make-up super important!

– Minimum, gold dress (price 75,00 €)
– Brigitte Bardot, silver dress (price € 290.00);
– Laona, vastito draped silver (prezzo140,00 euro);
– Axara, gold dress (190.00 Price euro);

All dresses are presented for sale at Zalando in THIS PAGE where you will find many other models and colors.

Which one of these models of elegant dresses for Christmas 2013 and New Year 2013 you’d wear on your special evening? Let us know what you like best!

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