How to Wear Khaki Pants

You’re wearing pants 7 days out of 7, look at the skirts and dresses with the same transport by which plays a joke that doesn’t make you laugh. You are feeling feminine and sexy only when your legs are strung in a nice 5 pockets. And the world seems not closure.

  1. Who wears the pants? Who is resolute, who decides, who holds head to situations, who manages.
  2. What you will have ever done wrong a skirt? She loves good, just wants to give you his fascinating womanhood. And what do you do? Just a shade, because it is not part of your DNA.
  3. Why do women in your family will observe in silence when you dress? Hope dies hard! Just try to read on their faces the usual imploring: “and put it a skirt every now and then …
  4. At this rate where it will end up your femininity? Sexy charge increases by 100% when wearing pants with heels, according to And then there’s the neckline of tops, shirts and blazers.
  5. And if you take a few pounds? A camouflaged skirt better, right? Easily done: dark pants that match a top slightly over covers the extra weight in a jiffy.
  6. What size are you? The contracts should recognize the fly what the exact size. The measurements are: waist, hips and inner leg length, easy, isn’t it?
  7. Where do you go to hem? You become an expert on city lips, your friends will use it as emergency toll.
  8. You forgot to be a woman? Hair growth on your legs will never be a problem: until such time as you do not be present on the horizon an extra-sensory encounter with the other guy. For everything else pants, leggings, pants, leggings…
  9. The pants really make you feel so independent? Try taking a bus ride with a pleated skirt, to stand in queue to get a winter concert, returning late in the evening without catch someone’s attention left or turn on the scooter with 800 pairs of eyes glued on the thighs. OK, you have to admit that even with the focus on the legs shows no signs of decline.
  10. Not even a nightgown? Rather the pillory.
  11. But aren’t you sick of having only pants in the closet? Why, you could open a store in the history of Modern Trousers with all accumulated in the closet and make them pay a ticket.
  12. What do you think of Culottes? Puts a certain AWE, but we’re working on.
  13. There has been an occasion where you have opted to wear a skirt? The only time I had to do it, you’ve encountered a gust of wind with smutandamento immediately, we were still up stockings, you ended up in a puddle and worse, you tripped over on the Cobblestones a knee sbucciandoti.

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