14 Tricks For Pregnant Women to Dare on Looks Without Giving Up Comfort

We know very well how it works because it has already passed through this phase and felt on the skin the difficulties – and all the delights – of being a pregnant woman. Although different for each woman, this is a beautiful period and can be harnessed to the maximum also in the visual aspect. Wants to know?! Pregnant women are always full of charm, each with its style, its beauty, its personality, its age.And the interesting thing is knowing how to value these differences exactly when choosing clothes that will impress our personality and provide more than necessary comfort in this very special phase.

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Do not stop being you because you are pregnant, that is, always look for pieces that have to do with what you have always enjoyed, that reveal or translate your essence. Then it all starts on the right foot. Then try to escape the basic combo of every pregnant woman (T-shirt, leggings, overalls), letting go of fashion laziness and exercising creativity.

Always ask yourself: is this really the best option or can I upgrade this outfit?Usually we can invest in an accessory, a detail of color, a different stamp, a more daring modeling.

Check out our tips and enjoy this phase very much. We swear that even longs for the belly after the baby is born. Enjoy!

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  1. Choose fabrics that do not love, that have a little stretch to facilitate movements, that are luscious to the touch.The same goes for shoes.Forget those very high heels.The cool thing is to use creepers, such as slippers, loafers or slippers, the medium heels and the anabelas and low platforms, which guarantee more stability.
  2. Avoid dresses, shirts, coats, blouses or t-shirtst-shirt too loose.It is not because you are pregnant that you need to use extensive modeling.Rather, give preference to tighter cuts that bypass your new silhouette.Yes!p can wear tight clothing if they feel good.We love pregnant pencil skirts and dresses that go around the curves.It looks beautiful!
  3. Do not be afraid to show your belly.After all, this is the only time in life that the belly is beautiful and can be valued with the clothes.
  4. Value the lap.During pregnancy, the breasts look beautiful.Use necklines that show, with balance, this part of the body.

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  1. Trapeze dresses (that have this shape) or neckline just below the bust are good choices, just like t-shirt models.
  2. Choose tunic-like sweaters, more straight on the body, or cardigan, of which they have button frontally.They are a great choice to wear alone or on shirts.
  3. Elastic waistband, jogging or pajama style pants are a great choice, as are chemisier dresses (shirt style), which can be worn even on tight or loose pants, resulting in a more relaxed look.
  4. Take a break in the baby’s daddy’s wardrobe.A jacket, a sweatshirt, a vest or a shirt can be coordinated to fit and superfeminine pieces, ensuring a unique and elegant look.Ever imagined a big suit jacket with a romantic dress ?!It’s perfect.Or maybe an oversized shirt worn in a pair of slim pants and sneakers.Or even a pair of slacks worn with a very delicate wand.Anyway, worth the “assault”.
  5. The gowns are a great option for pregnant women, as well as the sequin, cotton cloth jackets that can be worn over shirts.They do not even need to be closed, see?

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  1. Capriche the accessories.They can “modernize” your look.Choose parts closer to the neck, bracelets and earrings that value the face.
  2. A Lycra tube dress is perfect for gestation, after all it will accompany you during the nine months.The ideal length is below the knees.It can be worn over trousers, with high boots, with low slippers, under shirts, in short, a perfect joker.
  3. Longer skirts, below the knee, lengthen the silhouette and disguise the shorter front part in the hem.
  4. T-shirt overlays are interesting, like one race over another.It gives a different touch.It looks perfect with jeans or even a low-waist tailor’s pants and sneakers.
  5. Remember:it is not because you are pregnant that you need to wear formal clothes and put aside fashionable jokes.Make unusual compositions, dare with cuts, have fun.This period is one of the most beautiful in a woman’s life.