10 Watches

Often when we pass people on the street or at the bar we look at the clocks that are currently fashionable. Large specimens, bizarre watches huge sizes, colors cantosos … even wristwatches poor quality or that mimic retro models. About tastes there is nothing written, as is known to spare but do you really consider buying one of these watches?

  1. MINI 3D Watch Miniatur Clay. Made in Korea, they are sold online for $ 45. The oddest thing is to see the extensive catalog of models that have, each more bizarre. From commemorative cities (such as photography) to custom by theme or animated characters.
  2. ClockZeno, with a strange design that seems to pay homage to the mechanics, although his rough exterior he plays a trick. Reloaded?
  3. Timberland Men’s Four-Eye Black Dial Watch. As an owl or insect, the clock shows in four different areas information, although quite difficult to distinguish which of the hour, the minutes and the seconds. Strange as they come …
  4. Urwerk, another strange clock futuristic style and quite extravagant.
  5. Watches sold by TheelitesWatches and called as Luxury watch Dial Dual Movements, sold at a price of $ 23:
  6. Clock unknown, but is certainly the winners of a contest to visualize strange and complicated watches.I Designed for lovers of retro robotics?
  7. A netizen found it in an announcement of the ShopNBC and could do nothing but photograph it.Tellshere .
  8. Lunar Clock:
  9. Unknown.But yes, the originality has won, but we can look more or less elegant:
  10. Unknown.The transformer, ideal if you watch bracelet bothers us and we want to place on the table as we work .:

And you, do you know any other copy stranger?