10 Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Shoes

As well as the shoes, it is important to know ways to clean and conserve the sneakers, after all many of them are costing more than a social top footwear, namely, that way you’re not only saving the companion of all the hours, but also protecting your investment. Below are 10 tips on how to do this:


Often the laces suffer greatly with use, are dirty and worn. To clean them you must remember that they are a little fragile for the washer, so before inserting them in the machine, place them in a pillow case or thosespecial bags for laundry sensitive. If they are too torn and frayed, buy other, they are cheap and can leave the footwear look again.


Are part of the shoe that a lot of people forget that there is, but to get them to take air can avoid unpleasant odors and if it still persist, put a little baking soda and leave them in a closed box for about 4 hours.


Unfortunately water spatter mark suede very easily, as if that were not enough, the texture of this type of material allows the frequent adherence of dirt. A resource used to put an end to this problem is thesuede rubber, which despite the name is considered a solid detergent that removes stains and smudges of footwear, some people use an eraser for this task and get good results.


The soles of sneakers also deserves special care, your cleaning can be done with a mixture of water and biodegradable detergent on a damp cloth, simply spraying water and brushing in the direction of designs and grooves in the sole. Small stones can be prey, to eliminate them, use a butter knife or a small screwdriver.


Can be washed in the same manner as the sole, if dirt persists, try taking it with a white Eraser usually works well.


The constant use of the shoes usually leather parts creasing and even deform them, the shoe-tree, the mold used to maintain the shape of the shoes, can help to stop these creases less evident and preserve your sneaker in your original mold. If the folds are very deep or chip, try spending some grease on leather color, since white can be covered with correction of text, not to be perfect, but greatly improved.


Some shoes have plastic parts that are also subject to dirt, stains and corrosion, I always took care of them only with a damp cloth, but saw an unusual tip on a site gringo: peanut butter! According to them the product oils give natural luster to the material and removes 99% of chemical oxidation in plastic.


Everyone has had the misfortune to have a piece of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of your shoes and battled to get rid. The same American site of the previous item indicates lighter fluid to loosen the gum, but I find it more practical to rub an ice cube on goma, the same process we use to clean the jeans in cases like this, the ice hardens the gum that will coming out slowly, letting the clothes almost intact.

9-In The Washing Machine

You can use the washing machine to clean your sneakers and the process can be a little rude, but if they haven’t worked the previous tips, use a bit of laundry detergent with warm or cold water, beating them with towels or using a bag for delicate items to protect them. Don’t forget to remove the insoles and laces before!


Never use the dryer, excessive heat can deform them, just let them taking air until they are dry. Then put the shoe-tree in order to keep your cake pan or use crumpled paper, avoiding use newspaper because it can loosen stain paint the inside, dyeing your socks in sequence.