10 Tips for Fun and Useful Wedding Souvenirs

The memories should be one of the points discussed carefully while preparing for your wedding. There are several types of items that can be used to make your guests keep a memory of that special moment. Knowing how to choose the right one for your party is also a way to make it even more special.

In spite of something simple, the wedding favors can cause many doubts in the bride and groom, we chose the 10 more in this question and that can be distributed on the day of your party according to TECHNOLOGY-WIKI. So let’s get to know some fun and even useful ideas for wedding keepsakes, for all tastes.

Remembrance 1 – Plant Change

If you are that couple who cares about nature, nothing better than encourage the practice among your guests. People know the importance of caring for the environment, but not everyone cares about changing their lifestyle and doing at least a little bit for our planet.

A very good idea is to distribute plant seedlings to your guests with the intention that they plant a tree for your town, even if it is in the backyard. A more fascinating idea is still to research with the competent organ, which species you need to control and distribute the seedlings of this on the day of your party.

Remembrance 2 – Edible Flowers

This reminder will help you to provide two very special care: the souvenirs themselves and the table settings. You can order cookies in the form of flowers to decorate your tables and consequently, the same arrangements will be distributed at the end of the party as a souvenir of the wedding.

Remembrance 3 – Well Married Matchmaker

This is the perfect keepsake for those brides who are the first to marry their girlfriends. You can distribute well-matched medallions or miniatures of St. Anthony, the matchmaker saint. To further complement the present, you can even personalize the souvenir with the prayer of the saint.

Souvenir 4 – Custom Sandals and Sneakers

Everyone wears sandals in the comfort of their home and giving  customsneakers or sandals will leave their guests much more comfortable.

They can be both rubber and leather and even distributed before the party is over so that your guests, especially women, get rid of those tight social shoes and fall into dancing more peacefully.

Remembrance 5 – Special Treats

You can have special candies made for your guests by reminding them of a few moments in your relationship. They can contain photos, phrases, important names or any detail that will make your guests know a little more of all the moments of happiness you have experienced.

To make the memory even more special, leave a note telling why that detail is important to you.

Remembrance 6 – Specials

You know that candy you love? Did you share many pans from Brigadier or shared many brownies? Leave this taste of love to your guests as well. You can distribute your favorite candy as a souvenir of the party, in jams and leave a note telling you why it matters.

Remembrance 7 – Custom Portrait Door

You can have a special picture frame made to distribute among your guests. This picture frame can be a miniature of the bride and groom, a heart with your initials or any other detail your imagination allows you to dare!

Souvenir 8 – Custom Cups

What about letting that remembrance for your guests remember your wedding whenever you make a special toast? The personalized cups have been used for a long time in various types of parties, but in your case you can record a piece of music, a small image of the couple’s profile or any other detail that makes your cup even more special.

Remembrance 9 – Special Washcloth

A great and also very inexpensive wedding souvenir are towels with initials or the couple’s name wrapped inside an ice cream cone or cup cake (as shown in the photo). Reminding that the washcloths should always be of face to leave the even more special memory. If you want to use bigger towels, use another type of creative packaging to make up your memory.

Remembrance 10 – Decorated Boxes

The perfect choice for any message or design, round stickers are great for brand promotion, special mailings, and scrapbooking. Being distributed in marriage, they can be even more special because they can tell a little of the history of your relationship. A wonderful tip is to use the boxes with pictures of the couple or moments that you have lived.

Another option of decorated box is the one that refers to the theme of your party. If it was made during the day, in a special place or any other theme, even traditional weddings, put decorative patterns to make them even more beautiful.