10 Looks for a Retro Style

10 Looks for a Retro StyleThe retro style is on the rise, this is not news to anyone else, from clothes to makes and hairstyles, and is what we show here, because a lot of people do not know is that there are some simple tips on how to get a visual retro without having to resort there is a professional, it is, you yourself can get it from using a simple red lipstick, even betting on a hairstyle past the half-moon nail … well, see below some features and beauty to achieve charming retro style.

Looks Tips for a Retro Style

  1. The Power of Kitten

Who has not woke up finding the most terrible of deadly ??? Well, you know you are not alone in this, but at such times, believe me, a good black eyeliner can save your life, or at least its production! And the cool thing is that he did not fight with no style, it goes well with all kinds of clothes and of course you according to his will, and with the occasion. You can opt for a more discretinho look to a more radical. Tip: try to tilt the head back in the time of application, it will become the eyelid.

  1. Pin-up Style

Yes, always dreamed of being a pin-up, at least for a day, then the time is to supercharge the kitten eye up here with a vibrant lipstick, but gobber vermilion. The most common is to use red, can be creamy, opaque, glossy, but knowing that if you want you can replace the red with pink, orange or purple.

  1. Getting Fancy in Smoky

Who wants a look over 20 years, the tip is to bet on smoky eyes and dark lipstick, preferably in more closed tones, but very calm at this time, this look is kind of exaggerated during the day, leave it for the night!

  1. Diva Eyelashes!

Who wants diva eyelashes, the tip in this case is abuse of mascara, even at the bottom of the eyes, and more, you can invest in a power mask or join the hairs using thin brush and black eyeliner.

  1. Hair High

How resist volume on top of the head? It’s just a charm! The trick to achieve this effect is fraying hair with a finer comb or applying a cream powder, which thickens the wires. Who already have the wires curly already have more work will need to make a brush.

6 Vale Hold!

Yes, it is a charm, after lifting the hair (above) take to make a semi arrested, a ponytail or a bun, is show a wildcard hairstyle for any occasion!

  1. Hippie Vibe

Who wants a over 70s vintage style, according to Vintageinconfidential, the tip is to bet on waves, with a hint, in which case the tip to ensure this purpose is to apply a spray beach, spray with sea water effect, and knead the wires . If you want, you can finish off the look with cornrows, wreaths, scarves or headbands.

  1. Pure Glamour

You know those Hollywood divas of the 40s and 50s? Well, you can achieve the look making waves wide and well-marked. If you want to modernize the look, just leave the smoothest root, or simulate a fake chanel making rolls with the hair and securing it with staples.

  1. Vintage Nails

Some film productions and even novels, showed that the half-moon fingernails were a success in the early twentieth century, and, of course, went on to win in too! To achieve the effect, simply leave the base of the natural nail or put other colors, gold or silver type.

  1. Nails with Drawings

There are many possibilities to make your nails with a retro guy, especially for those who are expert in nail art, can you free your imagination with polka dots, navy seals and other type.