10 Basic Tips to Illuminate Your Home

Did you know that light can do to make your home look more attractive and better decorated? Not only lighting is important to perform your daily tasks, also is the basis to make your home look incredible.

Follow these 10 tips to have a light that really lights up your home!

  1. various options of lamps.

Don’t miss a single light bulb or lamp! Play with intensities of light, lamp types: recessed, pendant or wall; and with the different shades of light. Good lighting is the right combination of these elements.

2 highlight the decoration.

You like a picture much? Highlight it with lighting! Place a lamp that let shine it directly, that Yes, we recommend you to be a LED bulb so not to damage the painting. You can do with other objects of decoration.

  1. the shadows are your allies.

Hides this little corner that you don’t like to be seen with proper lighting, uses shadows to your advantage and highlights places most beautiful in your home, while you subtractions importance to other areas.

  1. place the dimmers.

A dimmer is a good investment for your home, you should be placed in living room and bedrooms, with it you can modulate the intensity of light according to the time of day and the atmosphere you want to create.

  1. cannot do without natural light.

Leave light to flow freely, clean windows and remove objects that obstruct its passage so that it may well illuminate your home.

6 Add candles.

According to PaulDigo, candles are also an option to add warmth to your home, and if they are aromatic will bring also a pleasant fragrance.

  1. take care the location of lamps.

It is important that lamps are not over the head of your guests, because it will be annoying and creates strange shadows.

8.-clean the hot spots.

Although seem rather obvious, it is important to do it often, at least once a month. Dirt and dust can affect the light quantity which issued your focus.

9.-saves energy.

The best option to save on electricity costs is changing your normal LED bulbs, is also very easy to do so because they are compatible with your current installation.

10 wall sconces.

These are an option to evenly illuminate the rooms, they are especially useful to illuminate dark corners.

Illuminate your home may seem complicated, but with the proper advice you will manage to make it look cozy and comfortable.

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