Night Fishing Tournament Next In Las Palmas

The Undersecretariat of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Production extends the invitation to all people to participate chaqueño 14 Fishing Tournament Night Varied Embarked with Return this weekend will be held in Puerto Las Palmas. Contestants will compete by a motorboat and the general public can enjoy the great musical festival with popular artists.
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St. Patrick Wedding Dresses Online

The new collection of wedding dresses San Patrick 2016 are perfect for those who love an elegant style and romantic, but at the same time sensual. Each model will allow you to create the right look for feel of real queens in wedding day. The careful search for quality details makes this precious and refined, made ​​both classic suits with wide-cut princess, both of members models and slipped, to enhance the shapes of the bride. The great thing about discovering this new collection? Observe every detail, which can really make a difference to your look. Continue reading

Doll Up Sisters Armband

We wish you all a Happy Easter and hope the snow spoils you not the springtime! Our cure for the winter blues: Just enjoy the merry Fellows by doll up sisters! Continue reading

How to Dress for a Party 60s


The elegance, or transgression hippie, sixties inspired you to organize a theme party? Your friend, craziest, decided to relive those years for an original evening? All this will create fear, because they do not know how not to be outdone, the fashion guru of your group? To be sure not to err, follow this guide you will learn how to dress for a party Years ’60.

This period was a period of economic growth and feminist revolutions. The women’s clothing ranged from a look naive, simple and coquettish, to a style hippie, funky and colorful. If you believe that the naive style, is worthwhile for you, arricuratevi to have at home a trapeze dress (which falls soft on her hips, no mark them). The press must be geometric, but that’s fine also single color. The length, must leave uncovered little skin above the knee. To frame the entire, in those years, we thought the bands and earrings to match the dress. The most elegant women, abbinavano the strictly white pearls. At the foot strap on the boots with heels Lagro. Continue reading

Santa Rosa (La Pampa): This Is The First Fishing Tournament

The first edition of the Great Fishing Tournament City of Santa Rosa, Award Peyerrey greater weight, to be held on 31 this month in the lagoon Parque Don Thomas is coming.

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Wedding Dresses Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo has created a collection of wedding dresses for 2016 full of princely models and very sophisticated, special creations embellished with embroidery and decorations women who know how to not go unnoticed. 2016 is the year of lace wedding dresses in very original forms and the brand has aimed to impress rewarding precisely this kind of clothes: about some of the new features offered by the brand. Continue reading

Georg Spreng Jewelry

To present Maundy Thursday we thought, we show you just a few beautiful pieces of jewelry and watches in green! Not only because the name fits so nicely, but also and especially because green – more accurate: Emerald Green – was chosen this year by the American company PANTONE colour trend. Trend or not, is a fact: Green relaxes and makes satisfied. Green stands for hope, endurance and tolerance. You can read in the new color flyer of TeNo, because the Pforzheim design brand opts for this year also color. Continue reading

Exercises for Perky Breast

Have perfect breasts without surgery is possible! That’s like having a window sill at the top without surgery but with so much simplicity.

A perfect breasts , perhaps without surgery is really the dream of all of us.

They put on the market also special creams, but really just a 5 simple precautions to enjoy a perfect breast, beyond the push-up, padded costumes etc. etc.

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Candiru Fishing

Fearsome fish in the Uruguay River
have often spoken of the dangers that lurk beneath the waters of our most important rivers.

For a long time, watching television programs such as Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc. They spoke of a fearsome, small fish, but it left serious consequences on the body of his victim.

The famous Candiru, canero or vampire fish inhabitant of the Amazon.

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Etam Swimwear Collection

It’s summer time, at least on paper, and it is inevitable that you think the sea and holidays. Have you already booked your? If by chance you find you were to spend the holidays in a Spanish resort town, or on the French Riviera, you will surely get a glimpse of the latest gimmick Etam, the famous French brand. The brand in fact just in the summer Vision has opened 10 pop up store, the “Etam Beach”, which as the name implies are entirely dedicated to the beach, in some of the most exclusive resorts in the two countries. Continue reading

Heartbreaker by Drachenfels Jewellery

Sea life: bracelet with carabiner, charms-single earrings with pearls and 3 Endstückchen and div. Sealife charm a hanger Continue reading

The Pilcomayo Agonizes Fishing

Three countries share the basin but none is responsible for the very serious problems facing, such as pollution from mining and civil works. Aboriginal people see their livelihoods threatened.

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Choose a Comfortable Sports Bra

No more pain when you exercise and keep the bust shape. Whether you have large or small bust you need a good sports bra.We will guide you in bra jungle and help you choose the right. In the image above, the specialty will find comfortable support for all sizes.

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Franziska von Drachenfels

Large ring with fac. Rock crystal collection castles a new edition of their Dragon rock classic presented over 10 years at the inhorgenta Franziska von Drachenfels after 2013. Continue reading

Planting Trout Fishing

He began the season without many emotions trout because of the furtive. Wildlife repopulated rivers, but the lack of control over the effort and investment made.
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Fashion Leggings How to Wear

The summer has now begun and in our closets are fully entered (and finally I would say!) Light clothing: shirts, blouses, ballet shoes, scarves and … leggings!

So this week I decided to move our interest in the change of season. That burst of energy to the wardrobe that mixes colors, fabrics and versatile clothes that only spring can give.

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Maurice Lacroix Pontos Décentrique GMT Limited Edition

Maurice Lacroix’s cooperation with the State majolica factory Karlsruhe has become a tradition evolved. This year collectors can look forward again a special model, which comes in a box with a limited edition ceramic flow. The tile was designed by the internationally renowned artist Franziska stools, which attended the Department of painting at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart in 1990 and since then has worked as a freelance artist in Karlsruhe. Continue reading

He Returned “El Matador” in Fishing

He cut drought and caused the annual fishing championship club pejerreyes Tucuman Fish and Regatas put red hot. Roque “El Matador” Catania stayed with the fifth round of the contest.


The competition was held in Tapia and was characterized by good bite and because the good weather accompanied throughout the test. “El Matador” was imposed to achieve capture 51 pieces, one more than Fernando Vidal, who ended up being her escort. Mario Medina, with 40 copies, took third place.

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Dolce & Gabbana Black Lace Dress

If there is a look with which it is difficult to mistake this is just the total black. If then the designers who sign your outfits are Dolce & Gabbana and Jimmy Choo then hardly risulterete not flawless. And ‘the case of Alicia Keys which was immortalized on the red carpet at the 2012 Producers Guild Awards with an outfit signed Dolce & Gabbana and a delicious Jimmy Choo clutch. With lace dress, Alicia Keys is really a beautiful girl, and with her ​​physical burst is a fine example for all: no need to be thread-like to be beautiful, indeed, a physical as that of the Keys certainly helps to be female. Continue reading

Hamilton Khaki Field BASE Jump Auto Chrono Men’s Automatic Watch

Hamilton Khaki base jump

The Hamilton Khaki BASE is jump adrenaline for the wrist. This rugged timepiece although no ripcord, but are a Visual symbol for the adrenaline that is released at the BASE jumping. BASE jumper jump with unopened parachute of buildings, towers, bridges or cliffs. As for the sport, which gives its name to the clock, jump stands timepieces at the khaki BASE precision in the first place. In the distinctive 50mm case, automatic movement from ETA operates a 7750. The dial is protected by a Sapphire Crystal and is waterproof up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m). Continue reading

A Rare Catfish

A new species of fish – catfish known as cangati and named sp Trachelyopterus scientist. – It was found in the waters of Spawning Channel by technicians of the Division of Itaipu.

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St John Collection Knit Jacket

Kate Winslet is the new testimonial St. John , an American brand specializing in knitwear beloved by all the Hollywood stars. Robert and Marie Gray, founder of the American brand St. John, love to promote their collections with testimonial beautiful, exceptional women who, for one reason or another have left their mark. Over the years at the court of St. John we were Angelina Jolie, Bianca Balti, Gisele Bundchen and Karen Elson. In recent years, the St. John’s muse is the beautiful Kate Winslet. Continue reading

Dorado Fishing Party

The winter season starts with a promotional tour of the Fiesta del Dorado

With a promotional tour of the 48th National Day of gold by Cordoba and Buenos Aires, Corrientes faced with a series of tourism products winter season providing other fishing contests and events among which the IV Expo Turismo Litoral. This promotional kick that will start in the center of the country, will have its counterpart in the NEA-NOA and Asuncion, Paraguay, places where all the benefits that aim to enjoy Corrientes all year and now make point with fishing show sports, ecotourism and rural tourism.

In one embodiment of joint work that seeks to continue fishing positioning the product, a delegation correntina promote next week’s 48th National Dorado Festival, to be held in Paso de la Patria from 20 to 22 August. Thus, an integrated by the Undersecretary of Tourism of the province and the Municipality of Paso de la Patria, delegation will provide details of the performance on Tuesday in Cordoba on Monday morning in Buenos Aires and in the afternoon in the city of Luján.

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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Titanium Review

Classic sportiness, leading to perfect readability: overseas Chrono

In a garment of classical sporty luxury, with the new overseas-Vacheron Constantin presents chronograph. The flagship of the collection has its appearance with a dark blue dial and a 42 mm case in steel. In addition to the engraved illustration of the historic three-master Amerigo Vespucci on the Caseback also this new version has all other attributes that to the great success of this collection since its launch in 1996 – have contributed. Continue reading