Seven Things You Have to Do to Get You in a Good Mood

Every day the alarm clock sounds an inhuman hour. Every day you gruñes, groan and pray for a minute more of paradise. Get up is always done so uphill… But according to sleep experts, rise each morning with energy It is just a matter of a few small habits. Continue reading

5 Tips to Get Rid of The Spring Asthenia (If Exists)

Is here the Spring: the longer days, trees in blossom, the prospect of summer… and the Spring asthenia! That what that asthenia? Experts recognize that asthenia is a subjective feeling no known organic cause. I mean, is not a disease in itself, but if you can have causes and consequences very annoying for who suffers. The most obvious symptom for those who suffer it is a widespread sense of fatigue, both physical and mental. But, is there anything we can do to combat it? Continue reading

The Waist More Fine Than a Sheet of Paper and Other 6 Follies That Run Social Networks in Terms of The Figure of The Woman

The social networks they like, and there is no doubt that contributed many advantages to our daily lives. But they also have disadvantages that you are very difficult to stop. Some of which concern us most are those that refer to the female anatomy. Instagram, for the visual component, takes the cake as the social network that extends the greater aesthetic Follies (or unattractive). Continue reading

Survey on Pregnancy and Flu

One of the things that we know for sure from the flu is that pregnant women are a risk group. I.e., that their own State of pregnancy increases risks of complications, although they do not spread to their babies. For this reason, if you are pregnant we would like to know If you vacunarías or not against influenza A virus. Continue reading

A Bra That Detects Breast Cancer? Scientists Are Already Working on It

According to the AECC (Spanish Association against cancer) each year are detected in our country 26,000 cases of breast cancer, almost 30% of all tumors of the female sex. But the AECC is also positive, as the latest data indicate that this tumor survival increases by 1.4 percent annually, partly to each year the information on the importance of early diagnosis multiplies. A research of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UN) team is working to develop a bra that is able to detect breast cancer and help in that early prevention. Continue reading

5 Easy Habits Copy Super People Healthy

Would all take time from under the stones for more sport, prepare healthy and delicious recipes or keep up to date with our medical check-ups. But in this chaotic 21st century is difficult to keep up with all these objectives. On the other hand, copy these five tricks of the excellent healthy people you will not almost time and yes they will help you feel much better. Continue reading

The Video of UNICEF Which Will Put You Hair Stand on End (And If You Have More Daughters)

Sometimes, the reality can be very misleading. And more terrifying than any novel of fiction you can read. The video that has made the United Nations Children’s Fund is entitled “looks like a fairytale wedding, except for a small detail” and is carried out in collaboration with Bridal Musings, one of the most influential blogs about weddings. And you anticipate that nothing romantic in it there is. Continue reading

Performed The First Transplant of Uterus in USA, a Step Important to Solve Problems of Infertility (Update)

A woman in Texas (USA) has undergone successfully to the first transplant of uterus in your country, an experimental operation in hopes to get pregnant someday. It is an exciting first step to solve the problem of infertility for thousands of women. Attention: this news has been updated. Continue reading

No Return to Have The Rule, Is Possible? and Healthy?

More or less all women have had or have one relationship a bit complicated with our menstruation. In some cases, directly, the relationship is of Supreme hate (and mutual). Intense pain, swelling, discomfort, Moody, abundant flow. Each one know which of these gifts we carry. Some lucky ones, none; others, all together. And, I say, is it really inevitable? Continue reading

How to Stand Up in a Good Mood in The Morning (And Studies That The Show)

It seems that the grunts, yawns and our dear friends the crust are exclusive heritage of morning. It should be an iron will to jump out of bed, especially now that you’ve just seen a Penguin going through your bedroom and part of your body has been on strike of fallen members. But We have some ideas to make the thing not so, so, so up the Hill and you get up better than ever. Continue reading

Permit of Menstruation? a Company Announces That Is What Will Give Your Employees

It is the first company in the United Kingdom that It has taken into account the physical and psychic state of their workers During her menses and has created a special permission exclusive for those days. Continue reading

The Best Remedy against Depression? Sweat Gorda

A new scientific study, published in Journal of Neuroscience, he has found that high intensity exercise may be super also for make mental fitness and most importantly, a good solution to get rid of depression. Continue reading

Huawei Mate 8 High End

The Chinese manufacturer is now bringing his high end Smartphone featured in November of last year in Europe and the United States on the market. In Germany it is mate 8 available end of January. Also the nexus family is growing.

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Huawei ShotX Smartphone

Instead of an extra lean front camera, the Huawei ShotX has a single 13-megapixel camera, which forwards itself allows—including LED flash. The Android Smartphone with dual-SIM coming to Germany in November for 350 euro.

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Too Much Technology

Who can’t get away from his Smartphone, can redeem at least temporarily it against a just phone with basic functions. Such equipment are specifically designed to be used as little as possible.

Usually, James Freeman sticks to his iPhone. One day a week but he removed the SIM card from the device and puts it in a similar to chic, but much less smart phone that is suitable only for conversations and simple text messages.

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Blackberry Cybersecurity Services

The hardware business of Canadians remains mau. Meanwhile, BlackBerry CEO John Chen prompts the conversion into a provider of software and services. Now, the Canadians start an own cybersecurity consultancy.

Some BlackBerry fans had expected before the MWC, the Canadians to present their second Android phone. Expects the “Vienna”, a device with

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Pang Adventures, Now Enjoy Your Android of The New Adventure of This Classic Arcade Game

Do you remember Pang? As this arcade classic from the 90’s is back. The Buster brothers debuts new game on Xbox One, PS4 and mobile devices with Pang Adventures. Continue reading

Survey on Smartphone Use

Almost three out of ten Germans aged 65 and over use Smartphones. Especially Phablets have contributed to the Smartphone boom in elderly people.

Meanwhile, 28 percent of all Germans aged 65 use an Internet-enabled mobile phone. This was the result of a survey on behalf of the IT industry association BITKOM. BITKOM-Chief Executive Bernhard Rohleder sees the reason in particular, that smartphones, apps and mobile Web pages have

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Payphones in Germany

Ten years ago, there were more than 110,000 public telephones in the country, today there are still about 30,000. The phone makes many unprofitable. However, some sites do not go out of style.

They still exist: yellow telephone booths. Or those who have German mark and Pfennig symbols next to the coin slots. Are also curiosities including: in the North Hesse Melsungen is for example a red phone box from England. You all seem to be-like something from the time in the face of the massive spread of mobile phones and telephone booths are taken up less and less. So they disappear in many places.

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HP Elite X3 Windows 10 Mobile

HP increases with the HP elite x a 3 and 10 Windows Mobile back in the Smartphone market. The device is not only fast, but thanks to special accessories also serves as a notebook. A first impression.

After years of abstinence from HP in the Smartphone business is back – with 10 Windows Mobile. HP elite x 3 is with 6-inch display and Spitzenaustattung a real high-end Smartphone, not to but still with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 compete, but business customers speak. There is not only a continuum dock for Windows 10. A notebook extension with display and keyboard to it to a productive work tool for on the way make. Even desktop applications for x 86 Windows to run on a detour. At MWC, we have the elite x 3 tried.

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IOIO Android Plotter

One relies on Arduino, the other on Android, but both structures transform a pop-art, the other in refined line threads in elaborate graphical Unikate – photos of faces.

The developer is as a creator of IOIO boards Ytai Ben Tsvi (say: JoJo-Board) known, extended the Android smartphones and tablets to inputs and outputs to measuring and control. Already 2013 he has knitted a library for motion control trappings, so that you can use IOIO for plotter operation by telephone. Thereby, the pen not horizontally moves along two perpendicular axes, but inside a gondola, which floats against a nearly vertical surface of the characters, two ropes, whose targeted and coordinated changes in length intended strokes pulling the PIN.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Repair

The repair experts have taken apart Samsung’s new flagship. The generous use of adhesive, as well as the placement of individual components difficult repairs when the Galaxy S7.

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Idol 4 with VR in the Box

The idol 4 Idol 4s, making the new top range of Alcatel Android portfolio. Their plastic packaging can be transformed into a VR glasses for the Smartphones with just a few hand movements.

The Chinese manufacturer TCL shows Idol 4 and 4S as the upper class of the newly renovated brand Alcatel Idol at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) the Android smartphones. The highlight here: They come in a packaging which can be rebuild with just a few hand movements in a VR glasses. In addition, Alcatel offers also a VR hub with appropriate content for download.

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HP Elite X3 Windows 10 Phone

If Microsoft itself wants to build a “surface”phone, jumping just HP into the breach: the HP Elite X 3 with 10 Windows Mobile while has no x 86 processor that can be used but with docking station like a notebook.

When PDAs with Windows Mobile were modern, belonged to HP quite successful suppliers, but with smart phones the IT giant did badly. Now

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