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Please send us your own photos by winning every winner if the profit is arrived. The winner of door number 1, the Earrings by doll up sisters, has sent us this photo where they the „ Angel “ bears.  We welcome huge and eagerly waiting for the other winning photos the frontispiece of this article is the last preview on the profits of tomorrow’s advent calendar at the same time. Tomorrow’s, 3 articles, and hence 3 is profits. We wish you all lots of fun at the join!

Trend Tip Bag: Backpacks Are Again Suitable For Everyday Use!

Back pack is back. Finally a trend which is really practical and even back-friendly: the Pack is back. He not only on the catwalks or blogs, but also on our roads is common with old acquaintances from the 90s to see. Let us remember the fashion sins our youth: not to mention the lumberjack shirt – platform shoes, Bell-Bottoms (best of course in pink), Tattookette, shirts and sweaters with colorful Comicprints, Yes, all the fashion trends are back. Kinda weird, but somehow also incredibly cool. And there is the szene – and trend-conscious followers, also known as hipsters who are setting trends, from the simple backpack hipster backpack. Continue reading

Camping Sea Trail On French Beach-Al

French Beach, surfer stronghold, is located on the South coast of Alagoas, in the municipality of Marechal Deodoro, 30 minutes from the capital Maceió. It is a well-known beach in Brazil, marked by an area of native forests and palm trees, as well as a huge barrier reef that form natural pools ideal for the practice of diving, floating and baths. Continue reading

Swiss military Hanowa: Black flagship

Is the new Flagship Chrono Black IP presented completely in black. The name of the new flagship of Swiss military Hanowa says it already about the timer in the stainless steel case measuring 42 mm. Continue reading

Paul and His Deuter Backpack

We in the bag Department see every day so many bags, backpacks, purses, trolleys, travel bags and, and, and. Logically, as the one or the other copy particularly well like us. Even better if we need exactly this piece of jewelry in the bag collection. And we confess: for most of us the bag collection is slightly larger. Therefore, it is high time to introduce the favorite pockets of the bag department store employees here once. Continue reading

Pearl Jewelery: the Natural Jewel in the Portrait

Pearls have been admired for thousands of years for their unique brilliance.

The silky shimmer of these natural treasures knows to excite and attracts looks magically.

Whether in Asia, America or Europe – high- quality pearl jewelery fascinates people all over the world.

Now, in the fourth and last part of this compact jewelry guide, you will learn everything about the coveted treasures of the sea! Have a good read! Continue reading

Hublot: Champion Edition

That Hublot presents a special model in Brazil to the World Cup, is nothing unusual for the connoisseurs of the brand. Finally, the clock maker from Nyon in regularly publish limited special editions on various occasions. However, the the official watch for the next FIFA World Cup is in this round but something truly extraordinary: she’s the first big bang Unico Chrono bi retrograde. First Hublot has a bi-retrograde function, associated with a chronograph function from the mid. Continue reading

Good or Bad Idea? A Tablecloth Slate

Lately in several catalogues and events photos I found with this type of tablecloth that mimics what a slate. Slate is obviously not, because it is a tablecloth… but let’s just say that it behaves as if it and the important thing is that on it you can write and draw with chalk. The issue is that as with many other decorative things, you may have points in favour and others against.

Continue reading

Silver-Colored Party Bags

If you are looking for accessories for your prom dress, I encourage you to see the selection of bags of party in silver that I suggest in this article. Keep in mind that metallic colours, also to be fashionable, are enough versatile and combine super well with any color. Provide a touch of elegance and glamour to your party with these bags look. Also keep in mind that these bags are the best companies and fashion designers. So you don’t see them so that you can choose which you like and of course which best match with your prom dress. Continue reading

Our Packing List For Business Travel

Business travelers are always on the move and hurry from appointment to appointment. More important, it is because that already before the actual trip, everything is well planned and the luggage and the accessories have been carefully selected. Finally the fine thread is on a business trip also possible knitter – and wrinkle-free arrive and be all important for the next meeting this. Continue reading

Maurice Lacroix: Partner of FC Barcelona

Football seems slow as to establish new darling of the watch manufacturer. Hublot with FIFA I reported on the cooperation already. At Baselworld I could inform me immediately announcing partnerships with the world’s popular sprinkler at several stands. The Maurice Lacroix coup is certainly outstanding: the watchmaker has caught the football team in the world in the boat without a doubt best known with the FC Barcelona: 100 million followers on Facebook and 300 million fans around the globe are committed to the Catalans – and thus are a huge audience (any more). In particular, it is important that the Club also in the booming Asian markets has a huge number of fans. Also, so you betrayed me most during the interview at the booth, you can see in the Spanish market potential. Continue reading

Indirect LED Lighting

Since the LED lighting has become popular, have developed new and varied formats, with greater efficiency and performance day after day, powers, flow and color temperatures, the possibilities of integration of the lighting in the architecture of a particular space have multiplied, as well as the possibility of creating new light effects or reinvent the traditional systems and ways to illuminate any space. Continue reading

Hunter Knife and Knife Police-Cheetah

Knives are essential items in camping and outdoor activities. Are very useful in time to build a campfire, prepare food, build a natural shelter and even to cut a cord.

There are knives of various sizes and shapes and that I will present today have ideal size to be loaded into belts, backpacks or purses. These are two knives Cheetah brand I’ve acquired recently for use in outdoor activities, the Police and the Hunter. Continue reading

How to Decorate Your Bedroom Best

Secure your sleep and your well-being by decorating the bedroom in a deliberate manner. Byggahus furnishing expert Christel Månsson have unearthed their best tips.

Choose colors you like and that will give you peace. Photo: Mille Notti

The bedroom is a room where you spend much of your time. It is the place that is supposed to provide you with recovery and new forces, and is therefore very important for your well-being. Continue reading

Girard-Perregaux: Happy birthday cat ’ s eye

, My goodness, how time goes by. Still I can remember exactly the aahs and OOOHs of present women as Girard-Perregaux on the SIHH in Geneva the first models of the cat ’ s eye collection presented. We men recorded with rather silent admiration – and quickly judged through our account balances if the home-at-heart love should use one of these wonderful models on the wish list.

Fascination in black and white: cat ’ s eye anniversary with white gold, diamond and Onyx.

Continue reading

Problems Caused by Heavy School Backpacks

Some bulk more than them, that is easily verifiable, just take a spin through the door of any College at the time of entry or at the exit.
Yes, today we stop to see the dimensions of the backpacks of school and especially the weight and what it means on the backs of our children. Continue reading

Hiking Socks: How To Avoid Bulbs

To avoid many worries, it is important to choose good material. And in this article is on the hiking socks we wear our attention.
More than just a piece of fabric, the hiking sock is truly a technical undergarment of high importance, which should not be chosen at random. Continue reading

Best Jewelry to Collect

Collecting useful, beautiful or valuable things and objects created the humanity in the cradle. In some people, the propensity to store is more pronounced in others less. Children gather like – about the characters of the famous Schokoeiern, playing cards, stuffed animals, or just little things that find them out there in nature: for example, stones and leaves. In adults, jewelry is one of the coveted collection objects. Continue reading

Glycine: Legend re-loaded

Only a few brands are so strong with a line connected such as glycine. The watchmaker is celebrating its 100th birthday this year, and over a substantial part of this existence, the airman belongs to the fixed part of the collection. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the pilot’s Watch has seen no evolutionary changes since its first presentation in 1953. On the contrary: it is the glycine team always again managed to reinterpret the theme without too much strain DNA of line. And this DNA is the combination of a 24-hour display with an additional time zone on a rotating ring with two time displays no troubles can be read. Continue reading

Fans of Nail Art

In our opinion, the communication of large signatures the world of the luxury always going too fast, but to promptly inform you about everything what happens we cannot but make us echo of its rtheeases to try to anticipate you all the News. This way, you’ll always be up-to-date or you can let your girlfriends unofr the tree of Christmas. Continue reading

How To Choose Your Mountain Bike Helmet?

Choosing a good ATV helmet can be motivated for two reasons. Either you are a serious cyclist, who understands the need for a mountain bike helmet. Either you take part in an organized “mountain bike tour”, and you are as if you would have to buy a helmet. It is important to choose the right mountain bike helmet because today a mountain bike helmet can be practical, aesthetic and not embarrassing at all. Continue reading

Nail Art Spray

Glaze spray, here’s the product we all expected and that could revolutionize the manicure. Never long pose neither imperfections: spread the glaze will no longer be a problem, even for the less experienced!

Every woman has dreamed at least once in their life: from now on the manicure will never be the same. No more long time of laying, with smears on the fingers and the second and third passed! The revolution is called glaze spray. From today, or rather, from tomorrow, the manicure will no longer be a nightmare, especially for the most inexperienced and hasty who don’t have time to wait on our hands that the nail polish to dry. Who has never dreamed of a Polish that dries instantly? Well, Nails Inc. tried to fulfil this wish of inventing a glaze spray. Continue reading

Bruno Söhnle: With edges and corners

The venerable former Assmann House in the Saxon watch city Glashütte is since the year 2000 home of Bruno Söhnle watch brand. And precisely in this clock Studio also the idea of the remarkable design of the newly presented line Facetta has matured in the last two years, 1957.

Somewhere between round and square: the design of the Facetta 1957 can be be hard. The collection name on the one refers to the year 1957, where company founder Bruno Söhnle in the big clock factory of Heges in the Swabian Wurmberg occurs. The second part of the name, Facetta, in a slightly Italophile tone refers to the exceptional case of the watch. A total of 17 facets has the body and can even meet while Matt and polished surfaces in steep, time in a flat angle. The striking design is meant to reflect life: the constant changing of good and bad times, UPS and downs. Haptic surprising: The clock touch very pleasantly himself. The edge and angle are although concise, but never annoying. The housing is extremely pleasant to the wrist. Continue reading

Modern Briefcase for Doctors

The proposals of the signature bags Marc Jacobs next fall marked a return to classic luxury: clean lines, a range of stylish colours, materials of luxury and rich details.

The Incognito model is an interpretation of a conventional form of the classic Briefcase that used to use physicians who visited door-to-door, but adding those bold details that Marc Jacobs is so famous. A stunning bag for their simplicity, which surely is not long in becoming one of the must have of the winter season. Continue reading