Baselworld 2013: Cuervo y Sobrinos opts for flat classic

Elegance with a touch of easy Cuban: Historiador flame Abdullah

The company’s own history is a central source for the creation of new models for Cuervo y Sobrinos. The Swiss brand – the brand’s roots lie in the Havana of the late 19th century – is the Latin American soul in their archives an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which reinterpreted with lots of personality. One of the novelties presented at this year’s BASELWORLD, is also based on a model from the old collections: Historiador flame Abdullah, on a extra flat watch is based, the Cuervo y Sobrinos had created in the 1950s and then is like today an indicator for stylish tastes and extreme elegance. The name of the model draws on the special processing of the dial, a precious, exclusive decoration with flame effect (“Flame Ante” is translated “Flaming”). In the perfectly proportioned Rosé gold case an elegant Klassikermit works one of the flat hand-wound movement ETA 7001, with a thickness of just 2.5 mm. Therefore, Historiador flame Abdullah measures just 6.2 millimeters height with a diameter of 40 millimetres. Through the sapphire glass you can see the careful processing of the plant: the circuit board decorated with Geneva stripes, the wheel train bridge with anthracite finish, the blued steel screws. A Louisiana alligator strap completes the look.

Baselworld 2013: Harry Winston and the fascination of the whirl wind

With his collection Histoire de Tourbillon Harry Winston is the question for several years, as the mechanism of the Tourbillon can be more than 2000 years after his invention to develop. Also the recent addition of the brand, which is part of the Swatch Group recently, pays homage to the inventor spirit that comes in all this collection’s timepieces since its launch to the expression. The radical reinterpretation of the Tourbillon theme shows the Histoire de Tourbillon 4 as a true child of the 21st century. The design of the avant-garde and the intransigence of the precision instruments are reflected in their unusual aesthetic. Continue reading

Ulysse Nardin: time is music

Notes become apparent: the sound of tongues and the spinning Stifplatte are attached to the Zifferblat

Ulysse Nardin has a long tradition of watches with musical Interior, the models of Genghis Khan and Alexander the great Westminster Tourbillon minute repeater were ground-breaking. Continues with the current development of a mechanical music clock with automatic winding Ulysse Nardin is still a step. The Strangerspielt upon request hourly “strangers in the night” in clear, well-austarierten notes – and the wrist. The mechanism is modeled after a classic game watch, is seeing their game work through a sapphire glass in action. The development of this wonder plant of the watchmaker’s art has taken over five years to complete. The development of the watch was inspired by the musician and conceptual artist Dieter Meier is involved since 1983 Ulysse Nardin. Continue reading

Chronoswiss: A regulator for the birthday

The brand of Chronoswiss celebrates its 30th birthday this year. In addition, a Vierteljahrhudert is old in the year 2013 of the legendary Régulateur. What so obvious, than to pay a proper tribute to the ticking poster boy of the House – in the form of the new Régulateur 30. The Jubilee clock falls from the typical “Régulateur” frame and surprises with a window at the “12”. Here is the hour in a digital display. The minute display went upwards a piece and overlaps with the display for the second. Continue reading

Baselworld 2013: Eight days for the Gondolo

Classical optics – modern interior: even with the most recent addition is the art déco design typical of the Gondolo Linier preserved. Continue reading

Baselworld 2013: Oris’ master diver in new look

Actually, the distribution of the regulator for watches for divers is ideal, puts but focus on the minutes, not the hours. The diver has exactly his elementary for the safe return of indicator at a glance at his Submaritimen trip. It is therefore surprising that Oris was the first watch manufacturer came only some time ago on the idea to bring one – a diver’s watch with regulator function on the market on the market the master diver. Continue reading

Baselworld 2013: Bulgari brings Roma

, Bulgari can resurrect a real clock icon with the Roma, limited to 250 copies. At its premiere in 1975 marked the first Bulgari Roma in the watch world. Of modernity, which still dominates the look of the watch, its design was but a recourse to historical and even antique role models: A source of inspiration was the ancient Rome where the Emperor expressing their power and domination by valuable coins. The coins were embossed with the profile of the ruler and the name of his empire and witnessed power of his influence, his strength, and personality. This tradition following on the brand logo, as well as the name of the eternal city – graced a reminiscence of the origins of the House – the bezel of the Bulgari Roma. A cylindrical housing coined the clear and formal design of the clock and at the same time reminiscent of the architectural heritage of ancient Rome. Continue reading

Baselworld 2013: The world fair for watches and jewellery

Stunning: also many new products will enable this year visitors will amaze

The BASELWORLD 2013 starts with a press day today. Until May 2, the beautiful city on the Rhine is the metropolis of the jewellery and watch world. The first highlight is of course the new exhibition centre with its stunning architecture, which was designed by the architectural firm of Herzog de Meuron. Continue reading

Baselworld 2013: Saved with Breitling

With the EMERGENY II, Breitling at the BASELWORLD watch on one has introduced causing successor of his emergency alarm clock. The company with the new timer indicates that the focus in the workshops in Grenchen not only on high-quality watch mechanism is. Because the new over the past five years developed emergency II includes a wealth of innovative solutions and new developments in the field of Micromechanics and microelectronics. Continue reading

Dreams with Gucci

Flowers and flowers, butterflies and bees – nature unfolds in the spring their potential with full force and ensuring a romantic flair and good mood! The Italian luxury brand Gucci captures the wakes and translates them into beautiful pieces. Flora – the name of the collection – plays with delicate flowers and glittering insects and can accept them in feminine pieces of jewellery form. In the choice of materials, Gucci relies on diamonds, coloured gemstones and 18 ct gold, colors are achieved by enamelled surfaces. Of course the classic characteristics of recognition should not be missed – in this case the characteristic Horsebit buckle, which blends harmoniously into the design. Continue reading

Note to me

Ariane Hartmann present.

Caught! If you thought, you can now get an insight into a very private message, you have made a mistake you unfortunately. The jewelry idea of Ariane Hartmann is anything but secret, but absolutely I want to share it with you!

The Düsseldorf and Hagen now based designer gave the floor to the customers in their collection “In the word” and stamping the request message in rings and necklaces from silver 935 or silver gold plated. If you have very much to say, finds rings in different widths, which consist of processed gold and silver strips, which are complete with stamped in the line “Themed design”. In jewellery “Stations”, written life motto is also crowned by a gem. Continue reading

Jewelry Ahoy!

Don’t worry, want to say not goodbye jewellery, we introduce you to some maritime inspirations for the day by the sea or at least for a relaxed urban holiday feeling. The main colors: Blue, white and Red!

Bah & Bell: Marina

Beka & Bell expanded the color spectrum in their Marina collection but a few more shades. The summer collection includes bracelets, necklaces and key chains, which come in the sailing rope look or are finished with freshwater pearls. Who wants to add a touch glamour, combines the best the bracelets and chokers Krispy faceted crystals. As additional accessory quickly another cloth from the new accessory line the trendy Beach look is set to – done! Continue reading

Summer, Sun, jewelry?

If the temperatures over 30 degrees climbing, rings suddenly no longer fit and the clock on the joint must be set slightly further. Earrings prove bathing suddenly impractical, large chains leave their contour when tanning. Summer and jewellery – is that actually? Continue reading

Union Glashütte: Classic split time

Regulators eke out a shadowy existence in the world of watches. Unfortunately, I would like to say, because after all, this Division dates back to so-called precision regulators, long used for scientific purposes and for determining official time. In the watchmaking workshops, they served as reference clocks. To more precisely to be able to read the time, dominated on the central axis of the minute hand, while hour and seconds hand each distributed above and below shot in smaller sections of dial. Continue reading

Breitling: Take off the retro-look

The steel band supports the retro look of the Chronoliner.


The retro look is of course unmistakably at the new Chronoliner by Breitling. Actually, the designer from Grenchen have design a model from the 1950s and 1960s. Even then, Breitling supplied numerous aviation lines around the globe with wrist watches. Because the reliable chronograph pilot could use as supplementary instruments when calculating flight data. Even today, the timepiece with the winged logo on the wrists of many pilots found. Continue reading

Carl F. Bucherer: Gold diver

Added: it will take a few more days, until the diving season starts. Nevertheless, it is already time to look for new horologischen companions for the next descents in Neptune’s Kingdom. Who chooses the new variant of the Patravi ScubaTec by Carl F. Bucherer while also working I now exactly to plan its budget. Because the top version of the 2014 featured collection will cost in the range of 23 700 euros – at least that price in the Switzerland is proclaimed. We deliver an exact price for Germany after the return of the BASELWORLD. Continue reading

Pulsar: Statement for the half pipe

The professional skater Paul Luc Ronchetti is brand Ambassador for the Sport Chronograph collection X of pulsar. Now the multiple participants born in Norfolk, the X Games has got an own clock Edition.

Of Paul Luc Ronchetti limited to 1,000 units X chronograph pulsar presents itself distinctively sporty. Continue reading

Oris: Harmony of dissonance

Deliberate disruption of harmony: the indices between 10 and noon are easily moved.

Also this year Oris dedicates again to a jazz icon a particular Uhrenediton. Inspiration for the this year’s model of the watch series is Thelonious Monk, one of the leading figure of modern jazz. As one of the first jazz musicians monk began selectively dissonances in his music: A style that is characterized by the harmony of tones which is perceived within an otherwise harmonious overall concept as not harmonious. He has also composed one of the most commonly interpreted jazz standards of music history with round midnight. Continue reading

Winner in the advent calendar 2012 – day 10 day 11 / day 12

So love people, now it’s blow by blow! We hereby give the winner of day 10 – known day 12 of our this year’s advent calendar. Imagine a small drum roll … we congratulate:

Winner in the advent calendar 2012 – day 13 / day 14 / 15

So dear! We come today to the winners of day 13 – 15! We congratulate very sincerely and as always with some envy: Continue reading

Statements in glass – jewelry novelties by Leonardo

All rain grey, the spring is reflected in cheerful colours. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips vying for the most beautiful colours and animate to do the same. If the budget for large color gemstone jewelry, the views of high-quality trend jewelry is worth. Continue reading

Fairtrade fairmined – jewelry by noën

Sustainability is the buzz word of the time – as well as in the jewelry in many areas of life. While it has become a matter of course, only after the Kimberley process to use certified diamonds – which are those where there are the official certificates of origin of the country of origin and that demonstrably do not serve to finance wars, as is the case with the so-called blood diamonds – the use of recycled and sustainably obtained precious metals is still in its infancy. Claudia and Malte Schindler have with their brand noën completely the ecological sustainability committed to. Continue reading

Baselworld: these are the trends (1) – Blue

This year we were also of course onsite at Baselworld, to track down the most exciting new creations watch scene. In the coming weeks, we will present the main trends you in loose order. Continue reading

(Polka) Dots & pearls – jewelry by Tanja Friedrichs

To the point: jewelry designer of Tanja Frederick has a real soft spot for the dainty Pearl wire, in which small dots of gold or silver close to close ranks and result in a delicate and decorative image. From a sleek Gallery wire molds them airy balls, wide band rings and plain bangles, let him become ornaments or wrap themselves around. Suitable to the advertising character of the material she calls her collection therefore also “pure ornament”. The forms vary, and get a different character by new details again and again. Only the impression of delicacy remains. The pieces “Méridien de Pearl”, which combined the Perl wire with white freshwater pearls and dark Tahitian pearls belong to their latest creations. The dotted, airy jewelry cage underlines the elegance of the gleaming treasures which have the potential to the summer trend by 2015.