This is the new brand of TIM

He launched officially on Friday (15) its new brand in Brazil. The symbol, which began to be exposed to “mysterious” way in street furniture in recent days is the same as the company has adopted in his country in January, when he abandoned the old name Telecom Italia.

The new brand is being used on the official website of TIM from midnight. The operator continues to bet on red, blue and white as the three logo colors, but simplified the symbol, which shall be formed by lines with rounded corners, where you can see a “T” capital.

Despite the change in the logo, there is no technical changes to the products to be offered by TIM, except for the Live TIM name, which is now called TIM Live. The pricing remains the same, and service channels.

According to the operator, the new icon “is redefining the look of the trigram, the three red wave that characterized the previous logo TIM”.Minimalism is a stark contrast to the Hi, which also recently renewed its mark, but adopted 70 different formats with a gradient of very bright colors.

In Brazil, TIM will use the slogan “Evolve is doing differently,” which is the recent changes of the company, such as charging for calls independent of the operator and the lead in 4G coverage.


How to Ventilate Room Without Window

The window is one of the most important parts of home. after all, it ensures air circulation, light entry and ventilation for residents.

However, not all settings of the project are planned with windows. In this case, the question is: what to do to circumvent the lack of lighting and air circulation?

The webpage brings basic tips to help you make a room without windows more enjoyable.

There are two practical solutions in the case of absence of windows in the room structure: the first idea is the good and old reform – trying to make a window appear in the environment.

If you opt for restructuring, an output is the natural lighting. The light illuminates the room from above and not from the side. This is because the idea is to open a opening in the ceiling for the passage of light and, if open, then air. Several zenith elements are available in the market. An interesting alternative is the glass brick with ventilation. This material costs, on average, US $ 25. Continue reading “How to Ventilate Room Without Window”

Netflix Will Produce Original Series on Corruption in Brazil

Netflix announced on Friday (15) that will start producing an original series to treat Operation Lava jet, the largest corruption investigation in the history of the country by the Federal Police. Still not a defined name, the series is created and directed by José Padilha, with debut forecast for 2017.

This will be the second series Netflix totally produced in Brazil, after 3% , still debut in 2016. She joins the many original productions Netflix promised soon – will be only 70 in 2016. As we said, we can expect ever more own productions Netflix, since this strategy is more than creating a large gap, is a way to survive in the market.

The vice president of international original content from Netflix, Erik Barmack says Jose Padilha has talent “turn the events still in progress in compelling narratives” and is “prepared to document this important moment in the history of Brazil.”

According to Padilha, who has directed Narcos and Tropa de Elite , the series “will chronicle the journey of judicial investigators to reveal the largest corruption scheme ever seen in Brazil.” For the director, it was essential that the series was “produced impartially.” He will work with Elena Soares, who will be responsible for the series script.

The exact release date has not been disclosed. Filming of the series also will begin this year with debut forecast for mid 2017.


Terragraph Is Facebook’s Wireless Network Project to Connect Entire Cities

The edition 2016 F8 conference was held this week and in it, Facebook made ​​it clear that continues taking seriously the idea of providing Internet access to the maximum possible places. The company develops various designs for this purpose, as the gigantic drone Aquila. But one of which were detailed in the event’s Facebook Terragraph, which aims to create a without high speed wireless network to connect cities.

Facebook has been testing the technology for some time on its campus in California.There, the company has managed to achieve data transmission speeds exceeding 1 Gb / s (gigabit per second). The current plan is to test the transmissions in the central city of San Jose, Calif, and then do the same in other parts of the world.


What is the secret of Terragraph for such high speeds? Well, the project is based on a wireless technology supported by several industry giants like Samsung, Intel, Sony and Qualcomm: the WiGig.

Relatively new, this pattern can allow connections with speeds up to 7 Gb / s. Such high rates are possible, among other factors, due to the frequency of 60 GHz WiGig. In contrast, this frequency has a serious limitation: it is easily susceptible to blocking by obstacles – it’s very difficult to make the signal through walls, for example. Continue reading “Terragraph Is Facebook’s Wireless Network Project to Connect Entire Cities”

Vivo Will Most Expensive Broadband With Unlimited Franchise

After a strong campaign of users rejecting the changes Vivo in relation to consumption threshold in fixed broadband, Vivo stated late on Friday (15), post on Facebook, details of how will be the company’s plans in the application franchise to subscribers of Vivo and Vivo Internet Fixed fiber.


The operator says that broadband contracts established after February 2016 for ADSL or April 2016 for fiber optic connections have, in promotional character, unlimited franchise. Although the regulations disclose that the “promotion” ends on December 31, 2016, Vivo said in a statement that there is no provision for the application of limits.

Vivo also said it will offer “since more affordable plans to unlimited plans.” To date, no option of extra or additional franchises was not disclosed, but the information that there will be an unlimited option is very welcome. Unfortunately, the prices were not informed – remains hope that the value is not equivalent to a dedicated link with price jumping to the thousands of real and inaccessible to most people.

Meanwhile, users are protesting on social networks against change. Several YouTube channels with large audience made a chain with the hashtag #InternetJusta with videos explaining the model problems adopted by operators in Brazil and parodies of the new commercial Vivo. Negative reactions handily surpass all positive mentions in the post Vivo on Facebook.


Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

In the conventional products, there are other versions. Check it!

The purchase of the toilet involves careful planning, since the choice of the piece must be done according to the design of the bathroom and the needs of users. Because there are different models on the market, the decision needs to be even more careful for a sure buy.

Considered one of the most economical option, the toilet box with attached has a certain amount of water in the tank, ranging up to six liters, which allows for less water usage. To the list of benefits, sum up the option with dual drive. Sustainable, the product has two buttons: one intended for liquids, releasing three liters of water, and the other, facing the solid flow releasing six liters of water.

Model that takes up less space by not having the attached box, the conventional toilet has independent discharge (wall-mounted). It is ideal for use in small washrooms. Before purchasing the vessel, however, watch out a few points of attention, as the hydraulic structure of the house. Be concerned to know precisely the extent of the bathroom sewer pipe to identify if there is compatibility with the sanitary bowl. Continue reading “Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom”

Anatel Suspends Limits Fixed Broadband for 90 Days

Operators must comply with Anatel’s determination before applying sanctions to consumers

Anatel published on Monday (18) an interim in the Official Gazette stating that broadband companies still do not apply penalties to consumers after the exhaustion of the franchise until certain conditions are met. The agency asks, among other things, that operators clearly define the limits of traffic in their advertisements with the same emphasis to price or connection speed.

The measure was sent to the Algar companies, Hi, Cable Telecom, Claro, NET, Sky, Vivo, TIM and Sercomtel. Until the rules are met, Anatel determined that the operators do not practice “speed reduction, service suspension or recovery of excess traffic after the exhaustion of the franchise, even if such actions meet forecast membership contract or service plan “.


For franchises are adopted, operators need to inform users that provide a tool to monitor the consumption, the detailed usage history, receive notifications when the limit is being approached and compare prices. In addition, companies are required to educate their employees about the data deductibles and inform its application to consumers. Continue reading “Anatel Suspends Limits Fixed Broadband for 90 Days”

Save Water with Toilet Water Box

Toilet model has versions with dual drive to meet different needs

Choose the toilet model is an important moment not only for the bathroom composition but also to the economy of water – a subject that has become a priority given the current water crisis that the country is experiencing. For these reasons, consider purchasing the toilets with attached box.

Compared to the valve designs, this version is more economical because it has a certain amount of water in the reservoir (6 reaches liters).

The wall discharge model can be activated as needed by the user, with no water limit to be released. So, if triggered by six seconds, this model can spend up to 14 liters. If the discharge is used eight times a day, the consumer has already reached the amount of daily water indicated by the United Nations (UN), which is 110 liters per person. Continue reading “Save Water with Toilet Water Box”

The iPhone was Stolen from Friends and You Have No Insurance?

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Chip In the Brain and Aid of a Computer, a Quadriplegic Man to Move the Hand Back

Ian Burkhart faces the drama of being a young man with quadriplegia. There are about five years, he seriously injured his neck during a dive on a beach in North Carolina, in the United States, which did stop stirring arms and legs. But there is hope: a chip implanted in the brain can cause the man to recover at least part of the movement. In a recent experiment, he managed to move one hand.

The chip is only part of the extensive work of a team of researchers from Ohio State University. The project is essentially to create a bypass, ie a “detour” that restores nerve connections interrupted by injuries.

It’s an idea that fits well for Burkhart, now 24 years old. The spinal cord injury, more precisely in the vertebra C5 prevents the brain it can direct the body to move, contract muscles and so on. What does the bypass is then overcome this limitation from another method of communication.

Speaking so, it seems easy. But to get to this stage, were months of dedication and hard work. Continue reading “Chip In the Brain and Aid of a Computer, a Quadriplegic Man to Move the Hand Back”